"Fair Masters": customer reviews

For over ten years, this portal for the sale of copyrighted works has existed. Many found their business thanks to the opening of a store on this site. Someone found a hobby, performing master classes of artists.

A tempting project for the sale of handmade

This trading platform was conceived as a way for artists to communicate and the opportunity for them to sell their work - jewelry or souvenirs. In 2010, the founders of the site, competent specialists in startups and IT-technologies introduced its new version.

The emphasis has already been placed on the commercial side of things. Denis Kochergin, one of the founding fathers, explained this idea this way: the master is a mini-company with its purchases, sales, advertising, rating. Do not do this - fall out of the market segment.

fair masters reviews

But it’s also dangerous to get too involved in selling souvenirs to the detriment of creative development, you will perish as an artist. Sharing ideas is the way out. At the same time, a new thought is overgrown with details that would not have occurred to a single person. Development is evident thanks to social thought.

So started the updated "Fair of Masters", reviews of which were enthusiastic. I had to invest money to buy paid cards of masters, learn to present their products, it is profitable to photograph from different angles.

From a simple storefront for the sale by Alena, Cherkasov's wife, of her work from felt, the site has become an outstanding trading platform. Up to half a million people visit him on a day. City of masters, not otherwise. And even a small country.

Expansion and its implications

So, a new country has appeared. With its Constitution (site rules), with its citizenship and passports (club cards of masters). And even with capital punishment - expulsion from the country for breaking the law.

The site has become similar to Etsy, the American handmade sales portal. It works on the principle of auctions, and all products there are of good quality, because for a bad review they just close the store.

How Russian citizen is not used to such tough business! The mysterious Russian soul protests against those who “measured harmony with algebra”! There were rumors that the "Fair of Masters" had deteriorated, reviews on the Web did not appear to be negative - abusive.

And the administration there is working poorly, and does not inform the owners of the site about the complaint. But they do not know anything and therefore can not do anything. Yes, and they sold their rights to some foreigner, now you can’t find the truth at all.

Do you recognize? Purely Russian moaning. The ministers steal, they do not understand the complaints of the craftsman, they do not reach the priest-king. Yes, and the Germans frowned him, now do not wait for good. Classic!

Customer frustration

In fact, what happened always happens with increasing competition. Entrepreneurial sellers began to sell consumer goods, and not indoshiv. Often made in China. There are interesting reviews about getting "copyright" dresses with fixed tags.

We omit the discussion of the possibility of a homegrown fashion designer placing an order for her models in China and face it. The marketplace is huge, it’s ridiculous to check every potential fraudster. Hoping for the honesty of the seller too.

fair craftsmen customer reviews

However, the "Fair of Masters" is mercilessly blaspheming - customer reviews are full of resentment:

  • Previously, silver jewelry of the author's work was bought on this site, and recently stampings of factory production began to come.
  • Agates bought after a year of being in a box in a closet changed color.
  • Bought boots flashed a month and began to fall apart.
  • Prepaid beadwork has become a print with several beads.
  • The customer transferred the money for the dress before receiving the parcel. The dress never came. The administration dismissed the complaint only.

The scheme of unscrupulous sellers is this: an official purchase is made, and the master removes the item from the window of his store, after receiving a money transfer, the order quickly closes and puts the buyer on the black list. And there is no evidence.

"Fair Masters": seller reviews

There are two types of dissatisfied sellers: beginners and old people. The latter remember the bright times when there were no Chinese fakes, all the masters were engaged in the sale of their works and solved creative problems. And now, they sigh, it's not like that. Forgetting at the same time, who helped them to rise and become famous.

fair masters customer reviews about the site

The second, brand new, opened a store and sat for two years without sales. Disappointed and closed it. They did not study marketing steps or invest in advertising. The "Fair of Masters" was to blame - sales reviews are written by such sellers unflattering. Excuse me, did you come to a trading platform or an exhibition?

Reviews of the masters

Dissatisfied artists leave such messages:

  • Some artists sent their work to buyers. Those, not waiting for cash on delivery, wrote a review, but refused to redeem the parcel. The works were returned to the masters, and they earned nothing.
  • They complain about the paid reviews of competitors.
  • Even after a lot of activity with compiling collections, the result is zero.
  • Some masters characterize the site as a market for creative materials that are overbought from Aliexpress.

Work at the Fair of Masters is a business

how to write a review at the fair of masters

There are people who are successful in communicating with this project. They highlight two points:

  • Buying products on the site.
  • Work in the "Fair of Masters".

The reviews of these lucky ones indicate a lot of hard work and a serious attitude to their own business. These are mainly creative people, but who managed to force themselves to live by the standards of our time.

First of all, they want to remain citizens of this country of masters. Therefore, they unquestioningly correct mistakes, even if the customer made a mistake in size. They know their rights well and respect the rights of others.

Communication on the forum is not considered to be an empty pastime. In the process of a free exchange of opinions, ideas and other information, the horizons expand and the person grows professionally.

how to leave feedback at the fair of masters

A single master, if he wants to be on a level, must engage in self-education and invest in himself. It’s easier to do this in a team of like-minded people.

The breath of time requires additional skills: knowledge of the basics of copywriting and SEO optimization, the ability to work with programs that process photos, and many related specialties. Progress goes forward, who manages to keep up with him, more successfully than others.

Sometimes such people are perplexed when they hear about products that are not for sale for years or reciprocal rudeness. They simply do not bring the situation to such extremes, preferring to start with themselves and keep silent in order to save the client.

Work in the service sector implies such professional behavior. Why should artists stand out? This is illogical.

How to sell at the "Fair Masters"

The Help Center section describes in detail how to create a store, promote it through the keywords in the Yandex line, how to correspond with the buyer and change the order conditions (for example, a different color of the product). Screenshots are given.

Those who managed to adapt to the routine leave positive feedback on the site "Fair Masters." Their tips will be useful for beginners:

  • First of all, do not rush to open a store. "Pit" - a large territory, walk around, look, read the rules, chat.
  • Explore your niche, its potential buyers.
  • Consider seasonality of sales.
  • Having a website and groups in social networks in parallel with the Yama store is justified and will only bring benefits. Although it is forbidden to advertise your sites on the Pit, you never know which product they will buy on.
  • Think from a customer’s perspective: isn’t it difficult to deal with purchases?
  • If everything is clear, ask the old-timers for help and open a store. Consider the mistakes of others.
  • Go shopping.

The owners of the site try to maintain a positive atmosphere, a lot of tips and reminders of courtesy and responsiveness. There is nothing that cannot be negotiated and reached a consensus, says "Fair Masters". Customer reviews that have found their sellers speak for themselves.

How to successfully buy at the "Fair Masters"

In the help section, the site gives instructions on using purchase programs. The difference between the finished work, the manufacture of it to order and the exhibition sample is explained. It is enough to go through the purchase procedure once to understand the principles.

A detailed step-by-step instruction with screenshots will help the beginner. If you contact the author of the product, he is likely to take the trouble to help make a purchase.

There are really quite a few options that arise when buying at the Fair of Masters venue. Customer reviews about the site as not very easy to use. But this is because of the desire to protect customers and take into account possible misunderstandings. For example, you can change the terms of the transaction several times. For the sale of handmade, this is normal - either the buttons are different, then the lining.

job fair craftsmen reviews

Experienced old-timers formulated their tips for beginners:

1. First, a contract is concluded, the purchase goes through the basket and payment is made after the author accepts the purchase.

2. Keep a receipt for the amount sent by bank transfer.

3. Notify the seller about sending the money and take a written message from him at the "Fair" that the money has arrived.

4. When paying in cash, take a receipt.

5. Discuss the color, shape and all the nuances. Allow or disagree with the changes. Write everything through the "Fair", this will help not to confuse you with another customer.

6. Discuss the date of execution of the order separately, constantly ask yourself in what phase the work is performed. Then, if there are difficulties (interruptions in the material), you can correct the changes in time.

How to write a review at the "Fair Masters"

The system of operation of this huge online store provides for leaving customer reviews about the product you like or not. Also leaves a review and the seller. This increases the reliability of the transaction.

The transaction closes automatically when there is a recall, otherwise it will wait 90 days to leave the asset. This is the interface “Fair Masters” - bad reviews or good, but anyone closes the deal. Reviews are voluntary, but convenient. So it's better to leave them so that there is no confusion.

Some people buy a thing without registering, and therefore do not leave a review. Someone was able to register, but did not understand the interface. Obviously, such buyers do not fully understand the importance of recall.

After all, there is nothing complicated in how to leave a review at the "Fair of Masters". Since the seller does not encounter this problem, the instruction for the buyer:

  • If the purchase is framed and accepted by the master through the basket, officially, you can leave a review.
  • We follow the sign "My fair - Shopping", we see our thing that we bought.
  • Click on its title.
  • On the page that opens, click "Write a review."
  • We put a smiley.
  • If desired, write a few words.
  • Click on "Leave a review".
  • In the window that opens, put “OK”.

Not so sad

Not always to blame for unsuccessful purchases or sales "Fair Masters", reviews of which are so sad. The tool is not responsible for who uses it. A site is a tool for sale.

fair masters bad reviews

Summing up the results of communication on the forum on the topic “Bad Site”, one master deduced the principle: according to the law of meanness, an honest master always gets a fraud-buyer, and vice versa.

This is at least naive. We are not entitled to demand decency from others. But to know how to protect ourselves, we can and must. There is a certain ethics of behavior on the “Pit”, as it is called. This is a set of simple rules that anyone can master. Who sold at the "Fair Masters", reviews of this type probably met:

  • Do not rush to order the thing you like until you talk to its author.
  • The most important thing is not the reviews, but those who write them.
  • A conscientious author will never offer to go to another site to discuss something.
  • Buyers will do the right thing if they take a few screenshots of the purchase.
  • Take care of payment receipts.
  • Make a contract with the seller, only after send an advance payment.
  • If the transaction is violated through no fault of your own, act in accordance with the law on consumer protection.

And do not be silent when you see injustice nearby. Collective solidarity can do a lot. To paraphrase a well-known expression, we can say: “Do not be afraid of scammers - in the worst case, they can cause you to lose money. Do not be afraid to lose regular customers - in the worst case, they will go to your competitors. Fear the indifferent - with their tacit consent, our Fair of Masters receives reviews as unscrupulous businessmen. ”

Those who are thinking about selling their hand-made products, but are afraid to set sail on this trading platform because of reviews, let them compare it with other options. Now there are analogues of the "Fair", but they are not so hyped.

Nevertheless, this is the first Russian project of this level, and here there are old-timers and real artists. After all, you can try, learn. And then make your website and do it.

And yet, if you do nothing, nothing will work. Try, dare, learn to sell, learn mastery. Grow professionally. And success to you.

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