How to send a parcel - fast, easy, convenient!

Each person at least once, but faced with the need to send a parcel. After all, I want to pamper my relatives and friends with small gifts. After the presents are selected, the question arises of how to send the parcel? The main carrier of parcels in various regions of Russia and abroad is

how to send a package
post office. At first glance, sending a parcel is not difficult: I went to the post office, handed the parcel to the operator, filled out the form and signed. But not everything is as simple as it seems.

Stages of sending a parcel

How to send a package? Let's start from the very beginning.

  1. First you need to come to the nearest post office and find out if they accept parcels weighing more than 2 kg. Such a question would be very appropriate, since not all post offices accept heavy parcels.
  2. how to send a parcel abroad
    You must purchase packaging for your package. At the post office you will be offered two options: a box and a bag. If you are sending the package for the first time or you have limited time, then it is better to choose the option with box. They are different in size, this will allow you to choose the appropriate option. Why is the bag uncomfortable? Before sending the parcel, it will need to be sewn up, and this also requires time and some skill.
  3. After the packaging is selected, it is necessary to properly place the contents in it. It is better to stock up on newspapers in advance, because it is precisely them that will have to fill the free space. Be sure to ensure that the contents of the package do not spill or break. Pay attention to the appearance of the package already packed. The box should remain unchanged. If it is swollen or deformed, most likely, you simply will not accept it.
  4. Next, you will need to draw up a document to send the parcel. In it you must clearly indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, the valid address (both your and the recipient), as well as your passport data. If desired, you can make an inventory of the parcel. To do this, you will also have to fill out the appropriate forms.
  5. Having filled out all the documents for the parcel, it is necessary to indicate on it the same thing that you indicated on the forms. Next, you will need to go to the operator, who in your presence will seal your parcel with tape and tell you the exact cost of the shipment. After payment, be sure to pick up the check and passport and calmly go home, knowing that the parcel will certainly be delivered to the destination.

How to send a parcel abroad?

how to send a parcel to usa
Sending parcels abroad is a bit more complicated than in regions of Russia. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to find a post office in which such packages are executed, because not all offices can offer such services. Next, determine the transport with which you want to send the goods. There are two options: ground or air. The land method is 30-40 cheaper than air rubles, but the delivery time is increased by 1-2 days compared to air. The second option is more expensive, but delivery time is reduced. As an answer to the question of how to send a parcel to the United States, we can advise you to choose air transportation. So she will reach the destination twice as fast.

Knowing all this information, you can easily answer the question of how to send a parcel, and correctly organize its dispatch.


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