How to clean suede from salt? Practical recommendations

Suede shoes are attractive to everyone - quality, comfort, softness. But in rain or snow, it gets wet, from the salt, which is strewed with roads, unappealing spots appear on it. But if you want to look beautiful and feel comfortable in frosty weather, we still put on suede boots or boots. To make suede shoes always look perfect, they need to be constantly and, most importantly, properly cleaned. But how to clean suede from salt?

First of all, after purchase, shoes sewn from suede need to be treated with a water-repellent protective spray that will prevent it from getting wet and protect it from salt and dirt. To achieve a better result, the first spray treatment is best done three times, since cleaning suede from salt is subsequently a rather time-consuming task.

Returning home, before cleaning the suede from salt and dirt, it must be well dried. To do this, crumpled newspapers that absorb moisture well must be placed inside the boots or boots. Never dry suede shoes from a battery or heater, as they will lose their shape. Dry boots are cleaned with a special eraser or brush. If there is no brush, you can brush your shoes with a crust of rye bread.

Suede cleaned from dirt and salt should be held over the steam for two minutes (you can use a boiling kettle). This will help to fluff and straighten the villi, as well as to clean out the remaining dirt. White streaks from salt are removed with a soapy solution. To do this, lather a damp sponge with soap without dyes and clean the shoes with it. Foam from soapy boots is washed off with a clean sponge. Washing powder is not suitable for such purposes, as it changes the structure of the skin and its color. Instead of soap, you can also use ammonia diluted with water, in which a soft cloth is wetted.

After wet processing, the shoes need to be dried again, and after drying, combed with a special brush and treated with a colored spray that restores the color of suede. It is also useful to use a water-repellent spray that creates an invisible layer on the shoes, protecting it from dirt, salt and moisture. It is better to apply it in the evening, and not before going out.

In some cases, before cleaning the suede shoes from salt and heavy pollution, immediately after the street, while still wet, they should be washed with soap and water, using a toothbrush instead of a sponge. Shoes are dried after this procedure and no white stains remain on it.

In cases where suede is covered with mold, it must be cleaned with a cloth dampened with gasoline. Traces of colored drinks, such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi, are cleaned with a special brush and steam, and glossy areas can be restored to their original appearance with ammonia, in the amount of ΒΌ cup, which is diluted in half a glass of water. A piece of clean cloth soaked in such a solution should be applied to the shiny places, and then rinsed with water acidified with vinegar (in proportion: one teaspoon of vinegar per liter of water).

There are also methods that teach how to clean suede from salt, dirt and mold: 10% ammonia is diluted with water in a ratio of one to four and clean the suede with a piece of fleece, which changes as it gets dirty. After cleaning, suede should be wiped clean with a cotton swab dipped in water. You can add a little vinegar to the water at the rate of one teaspoon per liter of water. And here is another way: you need to dilute a teaspoon of soda in a glass of milk and clean the contaminated areas of shoes with this mixture.

Now we all know how to clean suede from salt, dirt and other unpleasant things, so winter boots or boots made from soft and beautiful suede will always look like new. Pretty suede boots will cheer up their hostesses for a long time.


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