How to fix an electric kettle with your own hands? Causes of malfunction and repair

Today, electrical appliances are in every home, because they allow people to live in full conditions and save time. Such installations include electric kettles. They heat up the water in minutes. But during operation, a variety of breakdowns occur.

Not everyone is ready to carry such a device to the master, because it also needs to be found. But how to fix an electric kettle with your own hands? This is not a difficult process if a person knows how to hold a screwdriver in his hands. Before you start the repair, you need to understand what the main reasons lie, as well as what kind of breakdowns are.

how to fix an electric kettle

Please note that all equipment must always be handled carefully - then its service life increases. Buy better quality products from well-known manufacturers.

Types of Breakdowns

Breakdowns can be as follows:

  • Leaks.
  • The device does not turn on.
  • The lid broke.

These are the main problems people come to the workshop with. But you can restore the integrity of the entire unit with your own hands. To do this, take into account any available instructions and begin work. If there is no experience, you can not skip more than one point, because we are talking about an electrical unit. Statistics show that more than half of all people throw a broken kettle, but you can always try to restore the device.

Principle of operation

To understand how to fix an electric kettle, you need to know its work system. To heat the water, a special electric device is mounted on the bottom. Depending on the manufacturer, its shape is diverse. For mounting, special bushings and metal screws are used, which are firmly fixed to the waterproof seal.

how to fix an electric kettle switch

The shape of such security features is diverse. It can be a washer, gasket, sleeve. When this element breaks its tightness, water leakage begins. In order for such a breakdown to be repaired, you just need to replace this component. They are sold in a store. In order not to make a mistake, you have to take a kettle with you or remove this element.

Before you fix an electric kettle, you should understand the principle of operation. When water is heated, steam is formed - this is a natural process. He, in turn, exits through specially formed bends. And in this process, the principle of operation of the entire unit is important. Because if it comes to the biometric plate, then the toggle switch is automatically activated. The device turns off.

how to fix an electric switch

What is on the teapot:

  • Indicator and button block. Thanks to this addition, you can know what the temperature of the water is now and create conditions suitable for work.
  • Unique water level sensor. It shows the level and is able to transfer data to the application.
  • Two heaters. They are necessary for spot heating and complete.

These are the functions that every teapot has. Although today, manufacturers, trying to occupy a large part of the market, are coming up with other opportunities to make the unit's operation more convenient. In addition, there is always a protective element. Its main task is to turn off the kettle when the water boils. It also works if, by mistake, the item was started without fluid. Thus, the manufacturer is trying to protect users from accidents (for example, from the fire of the device).

Statistics show that it is empty kettles that often turn on. It was accidents that prompted manufacturers to create such additional conditions for the operation of the entire device. Therefore, modern kettles are considered to be completely safe.

What needs to be checked before repair?

Before you fix an electric kettle, it is worth checking the obvious things:

  • The plug must be plugged in and the corresponding start button pressed. Often the problem concerns plugs and sockets. Sometimes the connector goes side to side. It turns out that power is not supplied from electricity.
  • Incorrect fixation. This sometimes happens, but rarely. It is better to exclude it from the rules.
    like an electric kettle switch

When these reasons are checked, but the unit has not started to work, it is worth continuing to work. If an electric kettle breaks, how to fix it? In order not to create a more complex breakdown, you need to perform simple steps.

What actions should be performed?

It is important to disassemble the unit, but without making a mistake, and remembering the whole procedure. What you have to do:

  • The base of the teapot is removed - this is the lid.
  • After that, you need to remove all the fasteners. They are on the handle of the kettle. It is necessary to unscrew carefully so that the thread remains in the same form. They are often spoiled, so sometimes you have to purchase new ones.
  • The handle is carefully removed from the kettle. Sometimes you have to make an effort. But it is important not to break the installation itself.
  • Before you repair the Tiffany electric kettle, you must remove the beam. It is from the same material as the unit itself. This is an important component of the entire structure.
  • Next, you need to go over the entire surface and remove any plastic components that interfere with the analysis.
  • The kettle switch is removed.
  • Next, you need to visually evaluate the biometric plate so that there is no damage on it. If something is discovered, then this is the reason why the kettle does not work. If there are no defects, you will have to continue troubleshooting.
repair electric kettle switch

After you disassembled the entire installation and did not find the problem, you need to continue the search.

What do you need to pay attention to?

Sometimes the kettle starts to work slowly, the water is heated inefficiently. The difference may occur over time, but why is this observed? The fact is that scale accumulates on the heating element, and its operation decreases several times. If an electric kettle breaks, how to fix it? You can solve the problem with the help of special cleaners. They are sold in stores. After the purchase, you should refer to the instructions, because it is different for each model of the device.

The fact is that everyone creates descaling agents according to their own principle. The application process will depend on the composition inside. Therefore, answering the question of how to fix a broken electric kettle, one should not exclude such a situation as plaque formation. Some try to clean it with a sharp object, but this solution will not bring the proper result and the heating spiral can be damaged.

Another unexpected point that is not a breakdown is the open cover. If it is not tightly fixed, the kettle will not turn on. Work does not start because the steam that goes through the hole can be blocked. This rarely happens, but it happens. And the hole is clogged with that plaque of lime. The steam has no passage to the biometric plate, and nothing happens.


How to repair an electric kettle if it does not turn on? This is not uncommon, and it is worth understanding why it arises. It also happens that the switch simply fails. The reason is ambiguous - this happens because the signal to the biometric plate is blocked. The simplest reason is that the pusher is locked in the wrong position. But there are breakdowns of the plate itself, due to damage.

But is it possible to fix an electric kettle with such a breakdown? It is already more and more difficult, and not everyone will be able to cope with the task. It should be noted that when the switch is out of order, only a professional can help. It will be required not only to correctly perform all the actions, but also to have the necessary spare parts.

repair electric kettle

The actions of a professional may be as follows: he will have to change the element. The procedure itself is not complicated, but you need to find where the switch is located. How to fix an electric kettle switch? Most often, this toggle switch is on the handle. If so, it is easy to deal with, but if not, it will not be so easy. The difficulty is that the teapot has many different fasteners.

In addition to the bolts, there are some details - they also have to be removed, and then installed in place. So that the procedure does not drag out, you will have to remove the handle and the cover of the unit itself. These steps will help answer many questions and make recovery easy.

How to fix the problem?

There are statistics according to which masters can tell what problems most often arise. If the electric kettle does not turn on, how to fix it? Since the switch is constantly in operation, it breaks down for many. Do you really have to go to the master? Not at all. The recovery procedure itself has several stages.

It is important to inspect the item. If it is cracked, then without replacing it it will not work to return the unit to operation. Finding such parts is not always easy, because many simply get rid of such a teapot, do not repair. This means that there is not much demand for parts.

Sometimes just a button fails. There is a special spring. It stretches, and after that it will be difficult to work with the launch of the unit. When parsing, it will become clear what is the main reason. Replacing it is not so difficult. But when something is done wrong, then even after assembly the situation does not normalize.

How to fix the lid of an electric kettle?

Sometimes it just stops closing, because of this, the device does not turn on. You need to figure out why it happens that way. It happens that scale is gathered on the rim, and it becomes a barrier between the lid and the kettle. In this situation, you will have to do a rinse using special tools. The principle of action of such substances is the same. It is required:

  • Pour into a kettle, pour water.
  • Boil it.
  • Drain.

If nothing has changed, you will have to repeat the procedure. As all the masters say, it is better not to allow this than to do the restoration afterwards. Preventive cleaning procedures will not be superfluous and can extend the life of the electrical appliance. There is no big difference in how to fix a Vitek electric kettle or any other. Also in the instruction manual is always a lot of useful information. The manufacturer is trying to talk about weaknesses and suggest how to solve some problems in the work.

Please note that when using special chemicals for descaling, safety precautions should be taken into account. Such products are very aggressive, so the work is done with rubber gloves. In addition, the kettle itself must be thoroughly rinsed with running water. The inner surface must be completely rid of the remnants of this chemical.


This is another problem that many face. The kettle is used frequently, so water leaks are simply inevitable. But how to understand this problem? First, it’s important to understand why this happens:

  • One of the common causes is a violation of the sealing of the plastic case. Another reason is the failure of the water indicator. You need to give him a visual assessment. Often, small cracks are just visible. It is from them that water begins to ooze.
  • Another reason when the heating element loses its original stiffness. If an electric kettle leaks, how to fix it? Everyone can cope with this problem by simply tightening the available fasteners.
  • Leaks sometimes occur due to wear on the seal. How to fix an electric kettle if it leaks? In this situation, even pulling all the fasteners will not help to remove the breakdown. In this case, water cannot be heated, otherwise a short circuit may occur. Leaks will stop when replacing the seal. This is the only solution that is relevant in the fight against this breakdown.
  • The worst damage is the formation of gaps at the bottom of the kettle. Not everyone is ready to understand that his kettle is seriously out of order. This happens for various reasons, but they all boil down to one - careless handling of the device. In such a situation, it will definitely not be possible to solve the problem independently. Carry the device to the service center does not make sense, since few of the masters will restore such a device. Of course, if the kettle is expensive, then you can spend money on its repair. But this is the case when it is better to buy a new one.
how to fix a kettle switch

There are many reasons why an electrical device fails. Before panicking, it is worthwhile to exclude elementary errors during operation.

To summarize

It is possible to repair an electric kettle in half of all cases. Each device has its own operating principles, and if they are violated, breakdown cannot be avoided. But if something happens (water flows, the button starts up, it doesn’t turn off independently), you should not continue to use the device. This may cause a short circuit, fire, and other problems.

Starting repairs, you need to be prepared for any situation, which means that you need to prepare the right tool (screwdriver, soldering iron, knife, electrical tape). In the process of repair, do not make sudden movements, because the teapots are plastic, which means fragile. Parsing them, it is worth remembering the sequence of work, otherwise it will be difficult to assemble again.


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