LCD "Theater Park": overview, planning features, the builder and reviews

Korolev is a wonderful green city located just 7 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The proximity of the capital, excellent ecology and well-developed infrastructure make it very attractive for investment in construction. New microdistricts are constantly being built in the city, thanks to which its borders are expanding rapidly. At the end of this 2017, the next new LCD Theater Theater is due to enter operation. It consists of several nice buildings in 3 or 4 floors, harmoniously blending into the surrounding landscape. In the process of building this complex, equity holders had to endure many unpleasant moments, such as demonstrations by local residents, curtailing construction, and blacklisting the developer. But at the moment, everything is working out, and the happy owners of the apartments get the keys. We offer detailed information about the Theater Park LCD in Korolev. We will also tell you what those who have already purchased housing here think about it.

LCD Theater Park


The Theater Park complex is located in Bolshevo, on the so-called Burkovsky Fields. This is one of the oldest districts of Korolyov. It was founded in the 16th century, once it was an independent administrative unit, but since 2003 it became part of Korolev. Bolshevo differs from other areas of the city in that it has a very beautiful nature. Nearby is the famous Losiny Ostrov forest park in Russia, as well as the Klyazma River. The official address of the Theater Park LCD in Korolev is: Spartakovskaya Street, section 1a, but each building will be assigned a number after delivery. The area where it is being built is characterized by the fact that there are practically no multi-story skyscrapers, the private sector prevails in architecture, most of which are summer cottages and their lands.

Transport accessibility

In relation to transport interchanges and nodes, the Teatralny Park is relatively convenient. We deliberately wrote the word “relatively,” because the residents of the complex will have to face some difficulties. So, despite the fact that to Moscow, more precisely, to the Moscow Ring Road, you can rush along the Yaroslavl highway in a matter of minutes (the distance from the fork is only 7.2 km), but there is no direct passage from the complex to the highway. To get to the track, you need to make a decent hook through the dam, as the owners of country cooperatives, to which all nearby roads belong, installed barriers and blocked the road. By these actions, they protested that a housing complex appeared on agricultural lands. The remaining road leading through the dam to the Yaroslavl highway, while in poor condition, but the developer promises to bring it in proper form.

LCD Theater Park Korolev

With public transport, the situation is slightly better, as there is a railway station 800 meters from the complex (if you walk along the streets, not directly). platform "Valentine". By train, you can quickly get to Yaroslavl station. The nearest bus stops are also located in the railway area. platforms.


This item is one of the most significant advantages of the Theater Park LCD. In Korolyov, the overall environmental situation is very favorable, since there are no large industrial enterprises polluting the atmosphere. If we take into account that the new housing complex is located in that part of the city where there are many horticultural farms, there are a river and a forest park nearby, and the nearest enterprise (ZhBK plant) is more than 2 km away, then we can say that residents will not have problems with the environment . However, this issue also has its own nuances. Many equity holders and potential buyers are alarmed by the fact that next to the residential complex there is a cemetery that is no longer operational, and unique burials, formed by the ancient Vyatichs and are a kind of archaeological site, are located on the Burkovsky fields. A new complex began to be built right on this place. Another stone in the "garden" of ecological well-being of the new residential complex may be the construction of an autonomous sewer system near its territory, since connecting to central networks causes certain technological difficulties.

Lc theater park reviews


He is engaged in the construction of the LCD "Theater Park" GK "Granel", which appeared on the market for such services in 1992. Reviews about the developer are mixed. Some real estate investors and real estate professionals consider him a very reliable partner. Others have the opposite opinion, which was significantly influenced by the fact that in 2015 Granel could be seen on the black list. Also a lot of questions were caused by lawsuits in which this group of companies participated. Another point that raises questions for the company is that during the installation process, concrete was produced directly at the construction site. Many interest holders expressed doubts about its quality, since no one controlled how much and what workers put into the mixture.

Despite all the delays and interference, the Granel Group of Companies is preparing for delivery. Those who have already received the keys are quite satisfied with the quality of their apartments. It is also impressive to the tenants that the company management promises to build infrastructure and repair the road leading to the Yaroslavl highway.

Design and infrastructure

In reviews of the “Theater Park” residential complex, many future residents emphasize the fact that the complex will consist only of low-rise buildings. This should ensure a relatively calm and comfortable life, since there will not be a large crowd of people. In total, it is planned to build 10 such 3- and 4-story buildings. All of them are equipped with modern high-speed elevators. The exterior design of the cases is very nice, made in brown-beige and white colors. The last floors are attic, which gives the complex the appearance of a suburban village, for example, in Germany or in France. Local areas also adorn the complex, as bushes and trees are planted here, and in summer, numerous flower beds delight the eye. For the comfort of residents in the courtyards of the houses, the builder has built playgrounds for toddlers and corners for sports for children - teenagers. For the rest of the residents, benches are installed in front of each entrance. Separately allocated space for guest parking.

LCD Theater Park apartment

While there is an end to the main construction work, infrastructure facilities have not received much attention. But the general plan includes a medical center, a school, a kindergarten, and a shopping complex. All this is very relevant, since there are few social and cultural life objects in the district. Here, about 1 km from the residential complex, there is the Vivat shopping center, 3 km from the school, and within a radius of 2 km from the complex there are supermarkets Lunokhod, Podmoskovye and Zodiac, as well as a children's creativity center and a clinic.

Apartments in the residential complex "Theater Park"

The buildings of the complex were erected using the monolith-brick technology. The exterior facades are faced with brick of European quality. On the first floors, a spacious and stylish entrance area has been created, where concierge rooms and wheelchairs are provided. Also on the first floors there is a place for the storerooms of the residents.

LCD Theater Park Korolev reviews

Buyers are offered apartment options:

  • Studio ”area S (total) from 25.5 to 26.2 sq. M.
  • One-room S = from 32.5 to 43.1 sq. M.
  • Two bedroom S = from 46.4 to 46.9 sq. M.
  • Three-room S = from 75.1 to 81 sq. M.

Each apartment has large windows, glazed loggias, spacious kitchens (9-14 square meters), and the ceiling height is not lower than 2.7 meters.

In the attic apartments, the ceilings at the highest point reach 4.6 meters.

They surrender without decoration and without internal partitions. The developer performs work only on filling floors, glazing, installing external doors and summing up all communications.


In the Teatralny Park residential complex, prices per square meter correspond to the economy class housing category declared in the project. If you buy an apartment from the developer, you will have to pay from 65,200 rubles per 1 sq. M. total area. For the purchase of housing, a DDU is required.

LCD Theater Park in Korolev
Banks are cooperating with the Granel company on this facility:

  • "Zenith".
  • Raiffeisen Bank.
  • VTB.
  • Sberbank
  • "VTB 24".
  • Transcapitalbank.
  • Russian Agricultural Bank.
  • "Absolute".
  • Promsvyazbank.
  • Gazprombank.
  • "Opening".
  • "ICD".
  • Metallinvestbank.
  • Globex.
  • "Revival."

Each of them offers its own conditions for a mortgage loan. Interest rates range from 10.4 to 12.5%. There is also a military mortgage program.

The developer also offers interest-free installments, which must be paid off before the final commissioning of the LCD.

Construction progress

RC “Theater Park” during the construction almost went into the status of long-term construction, as at one stage all work was stopped. This caused great concern of interest holders for the fate of their money and housing. But the management of GK Granel managed to emerge victorious from the current situation. At the moment

handed over buildings from 1 to 11. Here people get the keys and populate. In some buildings (28, 41 and 27) internal work is being completed. Keys will be issued to residents in the coming months.

LCD Theater Park prices

Estimates of interest holders and experts

There are different reviews about the Theater Park LCD in Korolev. There are people who really like the city itself, and therefore they have a very favorable attitude towards the new housing complex.

Noted advantages:

  • A nice place.
  • Near wonderful natural areas.
  • The proximity of the Moscow Ring Road and railway platforms.
  • Nice LCD design.
  • Buildings are only 3-4 floors.
  • The presence of attic apartments.
  • Good quality of work performed.
  • The presence in the master plan of developed infrastructure.
  • Improvement of the local area.

Noted disadvantages of the complex:

  • Construction next to one cemetery and right on the site of another.
  • No connection to the central sewage system.
  • There is practically no infrastructure yet.
  • Conflict situation with local residents.
  • There is no free and convenient exit to the Yaroslavl highway.
  • Apartments for rent without finishing.

In conclusion, I want to say that the Theater Theater Park in the future should become a place where it will be pleasant and comfortable to live. Today, there are some difficulties, but if desired, everything can be overcome. Important advantages of the complex are and will remain close proximity to the capital and good transport interchanges.


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