What is birch bark for a craftsman?

Our country has always been famous for craftsmen, handymen of all trades. From the usual materials, they created real objects of art, as well as things for household goods. Today, such crafts are mostly forgotten, and those that remain work for the tourism industry. Crafts are the main souvenirs that travelers take home to all corners of the globe.

what is birch bark

In Russia, birch bark products have long been popular . What is birch bark? In fact, this is the outer part, the upper layer of the birch bark. Its outer side, as a rule, has a white color, a little grayish. But it also occurs in a pinkish-brown hue. The inner layers of this material range from yellow to brown.

What are they made of birch bark? Any student will easily answer this question. First of all, these are traditional peasant shoes - bast shoes. And also - baskets, boxes, dishes, various utensils, weapon parts. In addition, in Kievan Rus it was used as a paper for writing: the famous birch bark letters date from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries.

So, what is birch bark, sorted out. But why was she so popular with the people? Because it is quite light, plastic and affordable material that holds heat well and allows air to pass through. In processing, it is simple and unpretentious, and it also perfectly protects against dampness and cold. Therefore, not only shoes were made from it, but fishing boats were sheathed to them. Bulk products, and even milk, were stored in special containers made of birch bark .

Many people are interested in not only what birch bark is, but also how to decorate objects from it. This material was widely used not only in Russia, therefore, each region, each people had its own tradition of decorating products. Carved and openwork carving, simple carving, embossing, painting, scraping were popular at all times, multi-layer weaving also looks original.

what make of birch bark

Birch bark is a natural, environmentally friendly material that can be obtained in the forest. However, there are certain rules for collecting it: you can cut the bark from a tree only in the spring, when the plant wakes up from hibernation and the juice begins to move in it. In our latitudes, this is typical for May – June, respectively, then you need to go to the forest.

What is birch bark? This is a warm type of wood, which not only is not cold to the touch, but also has a positive energy. Many people claim that they calm down, tune in to positive after holding items made of it in their hands. A rim made of birch bark normalizes pressure and relieves fatigue. And its appearance is always unique, since it was made and decorated by hand.

do-it-yourself birch bark products

Before, each person knew how to make birch bark products with his own hands. Today, this ancient, but completely uncomplicated craft can be learned if there is such a desire. Of course, you need some skill, patience and an experienced teacher, and the first product can hardly be called a masterpiece. But the process of work itself will give you great pleasure, put your thoughts in order, and return you to the roots. And over time, skill will increase, and friends will be asked to do for them a traditional Russian crafts.

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