How to remove a stain from dandelions from clothes?

For many mothers and housewives, the onset of summer is associated not only with rest, good weather, vacation, but also with the struggle with persistent stains on clothes. Especially often the question arises of how to remove a stain from dandelions, because the juice of this bright flower has a peculiarity - when dried, it forms a stain of a brown hue, which appears not only on light, but also on dark clothes. Fortunately, for many years enough funds have been found to deal with this kind of stains, and on the shelves there are a large number of products that can restore a thing spoiled by dandelion juice.

how to remove a spot from dandelions

How to remove a fresh stain?

To get rid of stains of dandelion juice on clothes, you need to act very quickly before the trace dries. If there is no possibility to immediately stain the stain, then it must be moistened with water so that it does not dry out. A fresh trace of dandelions can be treated with a stain remover for white or colored linen, pour the solution on the place of contamination and leave the clothes in the basin for half an hour, and then stretch it.

Not sure how to remove a stain from dandelions? Slightly dried up traces can be removed with the help of laundry soap, which has passed the test of time and has proven itself perfectly. This tool must always be in your arsenal. Wet the trail with cool water, then carefully soap the place of contamination on both sides and leave the thing to lie for an hour and a half. After the time has passed, stretch and rinse the item with your hands. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

How to remove stubborn pollution?

After the clothes stained with dandelion juice lay for a while, the task becomes more complicated. To get it, you have to try. So how to remove a stain from dandelions?

how to remove stains from dandelions

First of all, it is necessary to make the spot malleable, for this, soak the thing in saline. 50 grams of salt are taken per liter of cool water. Soak the clothes in the solution for at least an hour, then rinse the contamination with laundry soap. White fabric can be treated with a bleaching agent.

To soften the spots from dandelions, in addition to saline, acid can be used. Squeeze out the juice of the lemon juice, if it is not there, take a solution of vinegar in the ratio of 5 tablespoons to a glass of water. When using acid, the fabric fibers will soften and become malleable, this will remove traces of flower juice from clothes.

Household stain removal

At an early age, mothers forbade us to pluck dandelions for the reason that their juice could not be removed from clothes. At that time, in fact, the range of cleaning products on store shelves was very limited. Today, there are no such problems, because with the help of modern household facilities, almost any stains can be destroyed. So how to remove stains from dandelions from clothes?

how to remove stains from dandelions on clothes

Important! Before treating the material with chemicals, test the reaction in an unremarkable area of ​​the fabric.

Special tools

To destroy stains from dandelions, you can use the following tools:

  • Not sure how to remove dandelion stains from your jacket? The type of clothing does not matter. A liquid stain remover (standard or for baby clothes) copes well with traces. This solution is suitable for both multi-colored and white fabric. Apply the solution to the place of contamination or dilute it in water, then leave the thing in the resulting solution. After a while (2-3 hours) wash and rinse the product - the spots should disappear.
  • Not sure how to remove a stain from dandelions? A pencil for removing stains will help you. Similar funds can be found in the department of the grocery store; they cope with the elimination of dandelion juice. To get the effect, soak the product in warm water and treat the area of ​​contamination with a pencil so that foam forms. Leave the item for 15 minutes, then rinse under running water. If the spot does not completely disappear the first time, repeat the procedure.

how to remove stains from dandelions


In removing stains will help:

  • Soap made on the basis of bile. Similar products are also sold in household chemistry departments. This is a specific tool that was created to eliminate stains of all kinds of origin, and most housewives have already managed to appreciate it. Soap the spot where the stain has formed, rub it thoroughly, and then rinse with water.
  • Bleach. Stains left over from the juice of dandelions on white clothes will be perfectly handled by a bleach familiar to most housewives, for example Vanish. Pour the product into the washing machine compartment and set the washing program at a temperature of 90 degrees.
  • You think, how to remove stains from dandelions on clothes? For many it will be a discovery, but with the help of cleaning products, such as Domestos, which are absolutely not intended for washing clothes, you can perfectly cope with traces of dandelion juice. Gently pour a small amount of gel on the area of ​​contamination, and then carefully rub this place with a piece of cloth or hands. Wash the item a little later in warm water, and the juice left by dandelions will no longer spoil the appearance of the product.

how to remove stains from dandelions from a jacket

Folk remedies

Opponents of household chemicals can try to remove pollution from dandelions using old "grandmother" recipes.

  • Potassium permanganate. Prepare a mild solution of potassium permanganate and soak the soiled thing in it for several hours, then rub the stains with ordinary household soap, traces of flowers should be removed.
  • Lemon. Lemon juice helps to eliminate pollution left by dandelion juice. Squeeze the citrus directly on the stain or rub it with a cloth. Leave the item for 10 minutes to lie down, after a while wash it with laundry soap. Dandelion juice is very corrosive, so the first time it can not be washed off. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  • Do you think stains from dandelion juice how to remove? When they are completely new, citric acid will do the job well. Pour a couple of bags of citric acid into the washing machine’s powder compartment and set the washing program to 60 degrees.
  • Vegetable oil. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil at the place of contamination, then carefully rub it with household soap. After some time, wash the laundry manually or use a brush, while paying special attention to stains.
  • "Festal". A few tablets of Festal found in the medicine cabinet will help to easily destroy stains from dandelion juice on clothes. Make a powder from the tablets, apply it to the right place and rub it thoroughly. After a while, wash the item with your hands.

stains from dandelion juice how to remove

  • Personal stain remover. You will need: 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, half a teaspoon of bleach and a couple of teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Gently mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture to the place of contamination. After 15 minutes, wash the item manually with non-hot water.
  • Onion. The bulb will help you cope with pollution. Cut it into two parts and rub the stain on both sides for several minutes. After that, wash the item with washing powder, as you usually do.

Tools at hand

Not sure how to remove stains from dandelions on clothes? An iron will help you! Yes, this kind of pollution can be removed with an iron and a stationery sheet. Put a white sheet of paper on the contaminated place and iron it on top with an iron; subsequently, a print of a spot should appear on the sheet. Repeat the procedure until the tracks disappear completely.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Mix half a teaspoon of ammonia with two tablespoons of peroxide. In the resulting composition, moisten a piece of cloth and rub it with the right place until the stain from the flowers disappears. Then wash the item in clean water.

Petrol. The next recipe for getting rid of pollution with dandelions is to treat the place of pollution with a cloth soaked in refined gasoline. After the stains have been removed, pour a small amount of 5% ammonia solution onto this area. Wait a while (2-3 minutes) and wash the clothes in the usual way.

how to remove stains from dandelions from jeans

How to wash jeans

Not sure how to remove dandelion stains from jeans? Many different methods for removing stains from tissue have already been described above, and each of them is suitable for dried contamination. However, if no more than 2-3 hours have passed from the moment the dandelion marks appeared on the denim, then it can be easily removed using laundry soap and a regular foam sponge. Intensively soap the soiled area with soap and rub it with a sponge for 1-2 minutes, the stain should disappear.


Now, thanks to these tips, you know how to remove stains from dandelions, and you can be sure that the things of your children and not only will be saved. From now on, you don’t have to forbid the children to pick these bright flowers, you can play on the lawns with pleasure, without fear of losing your favorite outfits.


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