Manicure under a red dress: tips from professionals

A bright red outfit will always remain in the spotlight, because a rich shade is noticeable even from a long distance. Therefore, a girl wearing a dress of this color should understand that her image must be impeccable. At the same time, this is not only about the outfit itself, all in total: a hairstyle, shoes and manicure should be perfect. Do not assume that manicure under a red dress does not play any role. After all, correctly selected color and pattern will be able to complete the image and make it unique.

Options for a bright manicure

Probably, there is not a single girl who would not agree that a bright red manicure for a red dress is perfect. This is not surprising. After all, shades from one gamut are perfectly combined with each other. So, under a red dress, what kind of manicure to do? Nail art made in red, burgundy or pale pink shades is perfect for this. With bright pink color should be careful.

manicure under a red dress
A defiant tone can make the image vulgar, however, if this color is present on the dress, then pink shades can also be used in manicure .
Many stylists argue that nail art should be interesting and eye-catching. So, manicure under a red dress is made in the same color. Nails are also decorated with a golden pattern. This combination makes the image festive and bewitching. In addition, just golden manicure (without adding scarlet varnish) or black is suitable for the red color. All these three colors can be combined with each other, creating amazing images.

Natural manicure.

If a girl does not like bright manicure and prefers natural beauty, then the red color of the varnish will not work for her at all. Now it has become very important to use cosmetics that are as close as possible to natural shades.

manicure under a red dress photo
Wearing a red dress, a representative of the weaker sex can cover her nails with beige, pale pink, peach or just transparent varnish. When using these shades, the girl will look more modest, even despite the bright color of the dress.

The choice of color depending on the length of the nails

A significant role in choosing a tone for creating a manicure is played by the length and shape of the nail plates. Indeed, one shade will simply look gorgeous on long nails, while it also spoils the appearance of short ones.

So, if a girl is the owner of small oval-shaped nails, then, according to stylists, for her there is no better option than classical French manicure in red. At the same time, it is recommended to use natural shades as the main varnish, but for decorating the strip, you can take gold, black or red varnish. A special effect will be obtained if the selected shade is present on the dress. This image combines rigor and confidence.

under a red dress what manicure
If the girl's nails are long and pointed or square, it is best to use shiny varnishes. As an option, a plain manicure can be made under red, but at the same time it is decorated with rhinestones or sparkles. Complex patterns always look spectacular on longer nails.

Colors and shapes for brunettes

Creating the perfect look is not a simple matter. After all, the girl has to take into account all the nuances and features. So, another important factor when choosing a color is the shade of hair of a representative of the weaker sex.

what manicure to do under a red dress
What is the best manicure for a red dress for brunettes? For girls whose hair is naturally dark or dyed, square-shaped nails with crescent-shaped ends (rounded) are ideal. However, not all ladies love these, so they grow nails no more than 5 millimeters.

In the first case, the girl can use absolutely any varnish from the shades described above. Also, brunettes are very shiny with rhinestones and patterns. Their presence will make the image solemn and festive. Such a manicure for graduation under a red dress is ideal.

In the second case, it is best to create a plain nail art with a glossy effect. It is better to refuse jewelry and patterns. Since in most cases a beautiful image requires a longer length. Owners of small nails are suitable for plum, burgundy and scarlet shades.

And of course, regardless of the length of the brunette can safely do French manicure. At the same time, even nails of small length can be decorated with a rhinestone or a pattern. The main thing is not to make jewelry on all nails, it will be enough to stick a decorative element on the ring or middle finger. This option of manicure will emphasize the good taste of the girl.

To brunettes in a red dress absolutely poisonous and saturated colors will not suit. For example, in no case should you apply light green, dark blue or orange colors on your nails that can turn a beautiful girl into a vulgar person.

Colors for blondes

What manicure do a blonde under a red dress? Owners of light curls are much more difficult to make a mistake in choosing a tone. Almost all colors go to blond beauties, regardless of the shape and length of the nails. In this case, everything depends on the girl herself, for example, if she is used to always being in the spotlight, it is best to use black varnish. In this case, it is not necessary to apply it to all nails. The alternation of red and black colors will look more interesting. Or moonlight jacket.

If you decide to paint your nails in one tone, it is recommended to choose a glossy varnish. The bright red dress with the same rich shade on the nails just looks amazing. Such a girl immediately seems surrounding stylish and confident.

graduation manicure under a red dress
In addition to bright colors, any blonde can afford a manicure in pastel colors. Gentle shades of pink, peach, beige and even mint colors will suit a red dress.

The main thing - when choosing flowers, make sure that the decoration has a similar shade. Choosing shiny varnishes, making the image harmonious is much easier, because all you need to do is put on a decoration that matches the varnish.

Nail design

There are no particular restrictions in this case. The main thing is to navigate according to circumstances and not to decorate nails with children's patterns, going to a wedding banquet.

manicure under a red dress for brunettes
So, for various types of celebrations, rhinestone ornaments are most suitable. If the dress is not completely red, but has patterns, then strips, flowers or peas may be present in the manicure. Lace nail art will look great when such decorative elements are also present on the outfit.


Now you know how to make a manicure for a red dress. Photos of some options for clarity and inspiration are presented in the article. Be always stylish and beautiful!


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