How to become an organizer of joint purchases? Feedback on the work of the organizer of joint purchases

If you are looking for a comfortable way to earn money without leaving your own home, then working as an organizer of joint purchases using the Internet is what you need. Moreover, you still get the opportunity to buy various products for yourself at low prices.

What is the meaning of such earnings?

How to become an organizer of joint purchases
Joint purchases are a great opportunity to save some money by skipping the period of retail sales, where the biggest price increase occurs. In everyday life, the abbreviation SP is also often used, therefore do not get lost when you meet a similar combination of letters. Joint purchases are carried out by a group of people who want to buy the same goods or, for example, products from one manufacturer at wholesale prices. Often it is in such situations that the question arises: “Why not organize joint purchases?” , as well as: “How to become an organizer of joint purchases?”.

For example, it is possible to purchase 50 units of goods at a cost significantly less than the market. For one person, such a big purchase is useless, but if you find another 20-30 people who wish, then there will be a prospect of profitable to buy the right thing.

What needs to be done in order to become an organizer?

Co-organizing work
Most likely, you have a question about how to become an organizer of joint purchases. We are telling.

Initially, you need to decide exactly how you will work: you can engage in this type of activity as an individual or legal entity. An organizer of joint purchases can talk about this in detail. Reviews are such that it is better to register as a legal entity. In this case, you need to register and get all the necessary documents, and register with the tax service. But the pluses of the second option exist:

• Your opportunities will increase as some contractors do not work with individuals.

• Customers trust in such organizers is much higher.

• All contention is resolved in a judicial proceeding, and the chance to win increases.

Then you will need to choose the Internet source through which you will work. For example, you can use a page on the Internet, a forum topic, or your own site. It is comfortable to be an organizer of joint purchases using the Internet, because there is no need to coordinate your own actions with a moderator. However, the circle of customers is significantly narrowing.

Forum is the most famous shopping site. You need to create your own topic and send it for review. It is possible that the topic will be paid, and you will need to transfer part of your own money to the moderator.

To date, there are sites for organizing purchases. This method is probably the most correct. If the site has worked well, then between the organizer and the client a trust is formed that insures against various risks. After you have registered on the site or made your own topic on the forum, you can start shopping. If the thought “I want to become an organizer of joint purchases” has not disappeared, we read on.

Benefits in organizing a joint venture

I want to become an organizer of joint purchases
The advantages in this case are obvious, and the main superiority is just in value. You can purchase the necessary goods at a ridiculous price. However, the organizer of the purchase gets another bonus - a financial reward for personal work.

This can be a normal percentage of the transaction price or a discount that is provided by the seller. In the first episode, there is a chance to establish a commission equal to the necessary fraction of the order value. As a rule, the price of work does not exceed 20 percent. When a contractor offers a discount to the organizer for the purchase of a large number of goods, you can put the difference in value in your pocket.

Risks in the organization of their activities

You need to know that before becoming an organizer of joint purchases, you need to assess the risks involved. As a rule, they are directly related to the order through the global web and the delivery of goods. Customers do not see the products live, therefore, upon their purchase unpleasant surprises can await them. Plus, there may be a mismatch in the scale, colors and properties.

Co-organizer reviews
Well, another subject on which the triumph of acquisition depends is the carrier. If transportation is delayed, then the organizer of the joint venture will almost always hear the reproaches.

What can I buy?

You need to offer products that are in high demand.
The most popular products are:

- household and household trifles (here everything else includes towels, small appliances, dishes);

- childen's goods;

- clothes and shoes;

Co-organizer taxation
With clothes and shoes you need to be careful, there is a big risk and a very serious one. The downside is that those who offer shoes at low wholesale prices are often forced to buy them in sizes. This means that you will need to order the same shoes with all existing sizes. This option is not for everyone.

A few tips for organizers

• Warn customers that you are not personally responsible for the quality, size, shades of the product and transportation.

• Before collecting orders, review all contractor details. It will not be superfluous to find reviews about him. Call the seller himself and ask him for the comparative properties of the goods, you also need to learn in detail about the possibility of returning the marriage and delivery conditions.

• Work only on a prepayment basis from customers. It would be nice to open a separate card account to which you need to credit funds for the acquisition.

• Clearly and diligently write down all information about orders so as not to get lost during the sorting of goods.

• You can give an order only upon presentation of a passport and, as a rule, a receipt for payment.

• Coordinate the place and time of receipt of goods with absolutely all participants in the joint venture.

The most important thing is not to forget that joint purchases are entrepreneurial activities conducted by the organizer of joint purchases. Taxation, in this case, is an integral part, which is regulated by applicable law.

I would like to clarify another important point. Before you start this business, you need to analyze many points. The important thing is not how to become an organizer of joint purchases, but for what you want to become one.


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