What kind of business can I do? Top 6 Ideas

Some believe that it is impossible to do your own business in principle. Others think that it is very difficult and do not consider such a thing to be profitable. In fact, this is not so. And the ideas listed in this article that have already been put into practice will prove it. So what business can you do?

1. Soap production

Entrepreneur Dennis Anderson in 2007 began cooking natural soap directly in his apartment. He did not think about what small business you could do. To this case, he was prompted by a love of chemistry in college. Over time, the hobby turned into a business and expanded so much that Dennis soap began to be sold in 50 states, as well as in Sweden, France, Singapore and Malaysia. Anderson is still cooking his soap at home. Only he replaced his cramped California apartment with a house in Oregon.

what business can you do

2. Children's clothing

Children's clothing is one of the most attractive markets for billions of dollars. To imagine its volume, just think about who you buy things most often: for yourself or your child? Jenny Ford, becoming a young mother and going on parental leave, began to reflect on what small business you can do. Having thought it over carefully, she opened her own firm, Monkey Toes, specializing in tailoring children's clothing. Jenny sews all things on her own. And he does it very successfully, as many sales representatives have already concluded a contract with her.

3. Shop in a social network

Hakan Nizan from Turkey made websites for small companies. Having predicted the social trend of the global network, he immediately realized what kind of business you could do. Nizan developed an online store with the option of linking to a page on a social network. In 2007, an enterprising Turk opened his own company for this service, the headquarters of which are located in Hakan’s apartment.

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4. Thematic blog

If you have your own blog on the Internet, then don’t even think about what business you can do. Hundreds of bloggers are already making good money on this. For example, young mother Michelle Mitton. For more than six years, she has been keeping an online diary on motherhood. About 2,000 people visit it daily. At first, Michelle kept a blog exclusively for herself, but as soon as he became popular, she received many profitable offers from advertisers. Mrs. Mitton even wrote a book about blogs and bloggers.

5. Consultations for MBA applicants

There are many MBA programs. They all differ, and certain business schools are valued far more than others. It is in these schools that everyone wants to go. But this is not so simple. Faced with a problem when enrolling in an MBA, Stacy Blackman realized what business to do. She quickly opened a consulting company and began to help applicants. Stacy is now one of the best MBA consultants worldwide.

what small business can you do

6. Women's sports portal

How do you like women's boxing, football, hockey or rugby? Many will say that this is all for everyone. However, with each passing day, interest in women's sports is growing, and there are practically no sites that qualitatively cover this topic. Anne Guffigan closed this gap by launching a thematic portal a couple of years ago. The interest in the resource is huge. Hundreds of sites link to it daily. And Ann only coordinates his work.

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