Where to find coins of the USSR?

Experienced numismatists always know where to find interesting exhibits. Although a novice collector's search may be confusing. Therefore, a logical question arises, where is the best place to find coins?


Where to find coins

The Internet, one of the best resources for coin collectors. Forums of collectors or lovers of antiquity is a good option where you can find coins. Periodically studying user messages, there is a chance to find interesting offers for the sale of money of the USSR period.

Live communication and discussion of each instance is a definite plus of the forum. Among the many posts, a beginner numismatist will surely find interesting, and most importantly, useful information. Users will not only tell you where to find coins, but also provide advice.

There are also shortcomings, because a forum is primarily a means of communication. A large number of fasting significantly complicates the search for coins. An unpleasant feature will be a huge competition. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the forum themselves are not averse to buying interesting exhibits.


Where to find old coins

By far the best place to find coins would be online bidding. At the auction, the collector will meet a huge range and will be able to choose the most interesting. At the auction there are not only common representatives of the era of the USSR, but also the rarest specimens.

The auction can rightly be considered the best place to find old coins. The buyer will undoubtedly have plenty to choose from. The same coins are found at the auction, which significantly increases the chance of acquiring a lot. Increases the chance of purchase and less competition. Auctions are good because an inexperienced numismatist will receive all the information about the coin. Security is also monitored, and accordingly the ability to buy a fake is reduced.

There are significant drawbacks to bidding. At the last moment, a more frisky collector can steal the desired exhibit. Often, buyers wait for the last minutes and even seconds to place a bid and win the auction.

Bulletin board

Where to find old coins

On the Internet there are many sites for messages about the sale. Most often on the boards posted proposals for various "trash" which they decided to get rid of after cleaning. However, there are also really curious goods. A bulletin board is a place where you can find old coins at low prices.

The main advantage of buying in this way is the cost. Some sellers do not have information about the coins and as a result, put them out for a penny. This is not common, but with good luck, you can become the owner of rarities almost for nothing.

There are also certain risks with this method. First of all, this is a huge number of scammers issuing copies for real coins. Therefore, you should carefully study the future purchase and, if necessary, require additional pictures of the lot.

Payment problems are also present. Many sellers demand money in advance. The buyer can only hope for the decency of the sender or refuse the desired coin. In the conditions of a small amount of product information, ordering on bulletin boards is very risky.

Specialized resources

One of the easiest ways to find coins is by visiting seller sites. Usually, such resources as sell and buy exhibits. The site has the opportunity to find money of different states, prices and mints. Everything is done for the convenience of the buyer and is extremely simple.

Ease of use of the resource and a large selection of goods make this method very attractive. The buyer will not have to spend time waiting for the end of bidding or communication with the seller. It adds to the attractiveness of payment transparency and clear delivery conditions. The buyer is given the opportunity to pay for the order upon receipt.

For convenience, you have to pay and this is the main drawback of coin sites. Sometimes the exhibit price is overestimated by about 50%, which hits the wallet hard. Perhaps this is the only unpleasant moment when working with such resources.

Social networks

Where can I find coins

Sites intended for communication will also work for other purposes. A social network, of course, is not the best place to find old coins, but with enough time it can fully pay off. On the resources there are many groups of collectors in which offers for sale skip.

It is impossible to find rarities on such resources, but sometimes interesting little things appear. Looking through social networks, you should not hope for a quick result. The search for the necessary coin can drag on for days, or even weeks.


Where can I find old coins

Specialty stores, it is the place where to find old coins is not difficult. In antique shops are real rarities. Naturally, shops are significantly inferior to sites and auctions with a limited range. The selection of goods will be small, but really exciting.

The problem with antique stores is overpriced. The cost of the same coins on the Internet and in the store varies significantly. The range also leaves much to be desired, coins in perfect condition, rare guests of antique shops. The seller can hold an excellent exhibit without putting it on the counter.

Numismatist clubs

A meeting of collectors is a good option where to find coins. In the club, a novice collector will easily find not only common money, but also rarities. In addition, each visitor can get advice from experienced numismatists. Unfortunately, clubs are common only in large cities.

Buying coins directly from numismatists is primarily beneficial at a fair price. Collectors with great pleasure get rid of repetitive exhibits. As a result, the cost is more than acceptable. Naturally, you should not hope for a coin for nothing.

In addition to acquiring money, the club can get a real estimate of the exhibit. Useful acquaintances will also be useful. Perhaps a loyal numismatist will inform about the sale of a coin of interest to a buyer.


Where to find coins of the USSR

There are many places to find coins. Surprisingly, however, the most ordinary market will also be interesting to numismatists. Among the many goods there are tents with antiques. In addition to books, samovars and figurines, there are also finds of interest to numismatists.

The main problem is the search for places where antique dealers are located on the market. At the first visit, the buyer will have to spend a lot of energy, time and nerves. It will be especially difficult to find sellers in a large market.

Junkers often have great exhibits. Although the assortment depends on people who want to sell coins. Sometimes a product is not updated for weeks, but a similar situation arises in antique shops.


Reading the notes in the newspaper’s sales section, you can stumble upon anything. Surprisingly, such an obsolete method sometimes brings unexpected results. Many people still have not mastered working with the Internet and simply do not know an alternative to newspapers. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find rare and unusual coins in an advertising column.

For a beginner numismatist, there is an alternative way to find rarities. You just need to stick up announcements and wait for calls. Naturally, there will be a small number of calls from sellers, but you can definitely get a few offers a week.

Soviet money

Where can I find old coins

Things are much simpler with where to find coins of the USSR. Almost every person has money released in Soviet times, and most are ready to get rid of it without hesitation. After talking with friends or relatives, you can become the owner of several kilograms of round.

At first glance, it seems that the money of the USSR is absolutely useless, but this is not so. Some coins cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. We are talking about silver as well as gold items. However, even the simplest coppers are of interest to many numismatists.

At online auctions and forums there are kilogram lots of Soviet coins. Most often, these are already viewed and selected money, unrepresentative values. Although there are simply those who want to get rid of the "trash".

The choice

Deciding on a place to search for coins follows from their capabilities. Some methods require investment of extra finance or time. Some options vary by location. It is doubtful that the inhabitants of small towns will find a numismatist club or a large antique shop.

If you take the search for coins seriously, you should try each method. Even the most underrated method can bring unexpected and pleasant results.

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