Where can I get a technical opinion on the condition of the structure?

What kind of document is this and why might it be needed? Technical inspection of the building is carried out in order to determine the condition of the building at the current moment, to identify defects, to find out operational characteristics, to predict the quality of the building for the future. In the design organization You can order not only design services, but also a technical examination of any building, after which you will receive an opinion that complies with all standards and laws.

When may this document be needed?

The design company examines the technical condition of the structure, all of its supporting and enclosing structures for further operation or possible reconstruction. This service is in demand at any stage of the building construction. For example, you need a project for the reconstruction of a building, but before proceeding directly with the design, you need to conduct a complete engineering survey so that the design team has the most complete picture of the structure. Or, for example, you decide to redevelop the premises in a building. This cannot be done only on a whim, but it is necessary to conduct a technical survey to begin with. Indeed, in the process of work, the load on the walls may increase or you will remove those partitions on which the integrity of the building depends, and, therefore, the safety of the people inside it. Also, when acquiring a house, industrial building, apartment, unfinished project organization will make a technical conclusion about the operational characteristics. If you are planning to complete the construction of a building that has stood for a long time without any intervention, this conclusion will also be required. Very often, the survey is carried out when registering a transaction for the sale of real estate, as this allows you to evaluate the object.

Our company employs trained specialists who, with competence, will fit any task, conduct a technical survey of the building at the highest level, according to the results of which they will draw up a report. It will contain not only an analysis of the state of the building, but also recommendations for improvement, if necessary.

How is a technical survey carried out?

This happens in several stages. First, experts go to the site, evaluate the duration and complexity of the work. Then, preliminary information is collected on the time of construction of the structure, the period of its operation, etc. After that, the employees of the design organization inspect the structures visually, produce instrumental, measuring works. At the next stage, verification calculations are performed. This is a very important stage of the technical survey. It identifies existing defects, deviations from the norm, soil sediment, temperature exposure and much more. This is not the whole list of services and work that performs project organization .

Based on the results of the survey, you get a conclusion that sets out all the conclusions about the work done, about the possibility of operating the building at the moment, about allowing the load to increase, about the condition of individual structures (walls, roofs, foundations), about existing defects and how to eliminate them. Be sure to contact the design organization to obtain the relevant documents. You will avoid penalties and be calm about the condition of the building and the people in it. Also, the technical report will allow you to rent the premises without problems, sell it and carry out any other actions.

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