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More than twenty distance learning courses, five online services, seventeen reference systems, one hundred and twelve electronic and print professional publications - all this is Aktion-ICFER. Employee reviews say that they are pleased to bring such benefits: more than half a million accountants, human resources, lawyers, managers, financiers, teachers, doctors and employees of government institutions use the company's products, only one hundred and twenty thousand specialists are trained at distance courses at the same time. Almost one hundred thousand users are registered monthly on publishing sites. Ninety-five percent of all revenue comes from subscription, of which thirty-eight percent comes from digital subscription. One hundred and fifty partners at the Aktion-MTsFER company. Employee reviews name their places of presence: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

Aktion McFair employee reviews

Where does success come from?

The basis of success is a huge amount of work for which everyone is responsible. Attention to detail is the most important quality of all Aktion-ICFER services. Employee reviews tirelessly repeat that the main thing in their work is responsibility for everything that happens in the assigned project, independence of decisions and actions.

It is not customary to make excuses and complain here. Plans turn into a project, a project into a product, all problems find solutions, and ideas become reality. As a result, all one hundred and twelve editions flourish, help systems are overheating from requests, and all twenty-three services are never wasted.


Half a million subscribers are always active, and twenty-six applications work on the Google Play and App Store from Aktion-ICFER. Employee reviews suggest that good developers are always needed here to develop existing products and create new ones. Good marketers and editors are also constantly needed, since the work is planned for many years to come, and there are a lot of it. There are enough open jobs, but not everyone can take on Aktion-ICFER (Moscow). The selection of employees is carried out exclusively strictly.

For example, in addition to site editors, expert editors are required: for budget accounting, a financier (probably for the magazines "Financial Director", "Commercial Director" or for a tax magazine). You also need an expert, editor-expert on taxes and accounting, correspondents, financial experts. The Aktion-ICFER group of companies will also be glad to good developers who write in the languages: C #, Angular2 / JS / jQuery. We need C # programmers, ASP.NET, Javascript, marketers of various specializations, designers, and even a marketing director. You can contact directly to Aktion-MTsFER. Address: Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya ul., Building 5a, building 8. Employees are so carefully selected here that subsequently they become more expensive and more important for customers for the company.

magazine financial director

Magazine "Financial Director"

The practical journal is dedicated to financial management and is the only professional publication on the market for general and financial directors. Also, accountants, auditors and consultants, that is, all those who are involved in the financial management of the company, read with benefit. The authors of the magazine are financial directors of foreign and Russian companies, consultants and experts who tell about their own experience in solving the most pressing problems.

More than fifty specialists are involved in the creation of each issue. There is only experience in a monthly journal, only practice in each text, there are also documents available for download in the articles that you can’t do without, and there is even a "Regulations Library" for the same purpose with all the basic tools of a real financial director.

Aktion mtsfer media group


This magazine is one of the most sought after products of Aktion-ICFER. Training in the "School of the financial director" on its pages is gratefully received by all subscribers. And there are far more than sixty thousand subscribers since 2002, when he appeared. Business media did not previously know the audience so demanding on quality. But here they are only happy. The Aktion-ICFER media group cherishes this publication very much, and therefore the attitude to filling its headings is corresponding.

These are analysis and reporting, financial analysis, management accounting and reporting, value management. The format heading "Budgets and plans" contains a clear sequence of the actions that need to be performed. Here is tax planning, where you can find help in managing the company's tax burden. The section on efficiency and optimization, in which the magazine "Financial Director" talks about employee motivation, automation, optimization of business processes, cost reduction is extremely useful in practical work. And much, much more is still here, it’s simply impossible to list all the headings, but you really want to tell at least the most important thing about each. A very useful and one of a kind magazine.

journal personnel

"Personnel business"

One hundred twenty thousand subscribers has this magazine. It was his media group "Aktion-ICFER" that was intended for managers and specialists of personnel services, as well as managers and directors for personnel, for employees of human resources departments of state institutions. Every month, in each issue, practice is given in the application of labor legislation with sample documents, articles relating to labor protection, personnel management, and many works devoted to the resolution of labor disputes. With the help of the magazine "Personnel Case" specific work tasks are solved in materials where each council is supported by a reference to the legislation and the experience of leading Western and Russian personnel officers.

Labor legislation is covered in the rubric of the same name, where all information is operational: each change in the law is explained in detail by the first persons. Readers get advice on all issues that relate to the practical application of legal norms. Here are suggested ways out of the most complicated disputes, recommendations are given regarding the resolution of labor disputes in court. In the rubric devoted to the topic of HR administration, all the nuances of paperwork related to HR procedures are analyzed with specific examples. Here there are step-by-step instructions on the standardized forms of documents and their completion, sample forms are published that do not have approved forms, and typical errors are also sorted out. The heading "Personnel Management" is filled with fresh management ideas with new trends in the field of personnel management. Specialists are armed with effective methods that are necessarily tested on the experience of the best HR services of foreign and domestic companies.

Novodmitrovskaya street

Education Centre

In the Education Center of the Aktion-ICFER Group of Companies, conferences and seminars, business breakfasts, advanced training courses and webinars are organized for specialists from such various fields as housing and communal services and urban economy, accounting and taxes, public finances, public procurement, medicine and pharmacy, education, culture, personnel. The audience is always going to be special, with a high degree of involvement directly in the educational process, and in an equally active exchange of their own experience. The events bring together students who are not trained from scratch, but professionals who need to have reliable, complete, regularly updated information in order to quickly respond to all changes in the regulatory, legal and legislative framework.

The educational center operates under license, students at the end of training receive a final document according to the continuing education program. This is either a professional retraining diploma or a professional development certificate. These documents have corresponding protection (five degrees): a seal with the signature of the director of the Aktion-MTsFER non-governmental educational private institution for additional professional education, a unique identification number, special printing techniques, and watermarks. There are more than sixty educational programs, and therefore you can find what a specialist from any field of activity needs. The educational center in Moscow is located: Novodmitrovskaya street, house 5a, building 8, on the fourth floor.

organization of conferences and seminars

About online publications

At present, Aktion-ICFER has a ring of sites slightly smaller than the rings of Saturn. And this is almost a joke. In fact, there are a lot of sites - there are more than six hundred of them. And their number is growing weekly. A huge audience is reached, and at the same time, the relevance of all behavioral profiles is maintained. And all because almost all of these sites, in addition to being news, each in their field, carry an extremely important reference load. How much does the news live on the Internet? Its existence is not even calculated in days.

It’s been calculated that in thirty-six hours any news ceases to be relevant, that is, it dies. Those who read it forgot about it, perhaps even faster. Therefore, the archives of any online publications are, if not a dump in many millions of diverse texts, then a giant mass grave. So respectful - after all, people worked. But - nothing more. But reference books do not live like that at all. Everyone knows Wikipedia. In this largest repository of knowledge, not everything is also relevant and lively, but most of the materials, even after fifteen years, are in demand. And it can be argued that this will be so in fifty years.

business media

How do readers come

All because this knowledge is basic. They can be specified. But they do not become obsolete. The Aktion-MTsFER media group produces exactly the same long-lived products. All published texts provide a true and unambiguous answer to those questions that arise for professionals in their practical activities, and in a variety of specializations. It provides ready-made recommendations, comprehensive information, guaranteed correct information (most often applied, which is especially valuable). Only ten percent of visitors to these six hundred or more sites go through the home page. A lot of people use search engines, asking a highly specialized query. For example: "Dealer agreement. How to draw up?" or "Financial service. Number of employees" or "Insurance premiums. Calculation 2017."

This is not always the real headline of an article published in Aktion-ICFER, but contextual words are always in the headings, and therefore, in the very first links the reader sees material that fully meets his needs. The publications of this media group are very similar to the encyclopedia of professional knowledge - from the manager’s directory in various institutions and organizations (there is even a beauty salon management) to the same monthly teacher’s or music director’s directory, where there are notes of songs for the children's choir. Consider a few more such examples.


For accountants, auditors, and financial auditors, Aktion-ICFER offers thirty publications that are published in new and better quality at least once a month. Here are the most burning topics, because in the world of accounting, norms and rules are adjusted very often. This resource is invariably popular also because all the help systems and services in this section are aimed at solving certain practical problems that accountants face daily. These are constantly changing even the legislative systems of taxation, accounting, contributions, and subscribers receive all the latest clarifications directly from the Ministry of Finance.

But the main thing is how to spend money for the company in order to remain profitable. It is from here that the ordinary (and experienced too) accountant learns everything about the latest regulations regarding VAT, transport tax, how new payments are filled in, how to communicate with the tax office, everything about income tax ... Absolutely necessary knowledge, the most complete and completely reliable. Even on Wikipedia you can sometimes get fake, but this is not possible here, since high-level professionals work on each topic, not journalists who make a living.


For lawyers there are also quite a lot of publications, including monthly magazines, and online services, and help systems. An in-house lawyer has an excellent practical magazine, Company Lawyer, and the Counterparty Checker service provides dossiers based on eighteen sources. For tax professionals - the magazine "Tax specialist". The monthly publication on the practice of resolving labor conflicts has already been mentioned, these are highly demanded "Labor disputes", and disputes in arbitration courts are explained by the magazine for lawyers "Arbitration Practice". There are also materials for criminal law experts: the criminal procedure will ensure the practice of prosecution and successful defense.

The Corporate Lawyer talks about the best legal professionals , and the magazine Competition and Law has been created for them. This, of course, is far from all. It should be noted that subscribing to any of these publications is not cheap: from ten thousand rubles. A good lawyer is clearly not enough for one magazine. Nevertheless, the demand is huge, and the number of subscribers is growing day by day. All this speaks of the enormous in volume and remarkable in quality work of all employees of the Aktion-MTsFER group of companies.

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