Boat trip Notte Bianca: photos and reviews

Every year, the demand for one of the most attractive types of recreation, a river cruise, is growing. An unforgettable walk, thanks to which it became possible to enjoy the magnificent nature, sun and fresh air. Such a journey makes it possible to recharge with incredible positive emotions and learn a lot. And if at the same time you choose a comfortable luxury motor ship with the best service for your trip, then the trip turns into a real fairy tale.


River cruises are distinguished by duration. Two or three-day cruises are very convenient and suitable for those who want to spend their weekends as interesting as possible, forgetting the everyday hustle and bustle. For a couple of days you can visit several cities of Russia at once.

And for those who want to see all the beauties of the capital, you should opt for the Notte Bianca luxury motor ship. After all, what could be better than spending your day off with tremendous pleasure and unforgettable experiences. It has now become possible to see all the sights of a wonderful city with the highest comfort.

Boat trip Notte Bianca


A distinctive feature of the ship is its history. Due to the maximum comfort and high service on board, many meetings between President Vladimir Putin and famous politicians were held. Notte Bianca was visited by George W. Bush and Angela Merkel.

The motor ship Notte Bianca was built in 2014 and attracts tourists with its novelty and uniqueness. Unlike other similar motor ships, there are two comfortable lounges on board. One of them is located on the lower deck. This room can accommodate about 70 people, and the design and modern design leaves no one indifferent. The combination of yacht style with natural oak gives a special appeal. The second banquet hall is located on the upper deck. And thanks to the presence of heating and air conditioning, you can relax and feel comfortable in any weather. Therefore, any celebration will be held at the highest level.

luxury motor ship Notte Bianca


The motor ship Notte Bianca, whose photo can be viewed on the official website, is completely glazed, which makes it possible to enjoy the beauties even in inclement weather. One of the main advantages of the ship is its smooth ride, which allows you to be on board with the greatest comfort and feel great. Having booked a separate VIP cabin, you can enjoy the journey in a secluded setting. A cabin with a separate entrance is located in the bow of the ship. And the amazing view from the window creates a romantic atmosphere. This cabin is ideal for business meetings, negotiations, and can also become a separate room for children. Indeed, recently, the Notte Bianca has become in great demand for children's theme parties.

Boat trip Notte Bianca. Reviews

Anti-piracy party

Every weekend on the boat, the company “28 Gnome” holds a unique, unparalleled show for children.

A new unforgettable quest made an incredible impression and became a real hit of the season. A boat trip Notte Bianca becomes as interesting as possible. Young guests from 4 to 12 years old are involved in a unique adventure with the search for real pirate treasures. Everyone can follow the pirates and find out the secret of the river devil.

anti-pirate quest on the ship Notte Bianca

The theater and entertainment program is conducted by professional actors and experienced animators who do not disregard a single child. Thanks to this fascinating quest, children can compete in tug of war, participate in various competitions, and pass exciting tests. During the game, they meet and help the ghost of the pirate Henry, who tells the little heroes how to find all the lost parts of the map hidden throughout the ship. Putting on pirate clothes and applying an aqua makeup will help participants to feel the whole incredible atmosphere and completely immerse themselves in a fairy-tale world. All the relevant atmosphere and realism of events help the children to open up and follow the pirate Henry without hesitation, getting closer and closer to their cherished goal.

Notte Bianca motor ship Moscow

And most importantly, during this wonderful game, the children will understand that friendship is the most valuable treasure in the world and make sure that good always conquers evil. At the end of the show, each little participant is expected to have very interesting gifts and an interesting boat trip.

The anti-pirate quest on the boat Notte Bianca is a real find for a great vacation.

The event lasts an hour and a half. And so that adults do not get bored while waiting, they are given the opportunity to visit a comfortable restaurant and enjoy a wonderful trip with a cup of delicious coffee.

A restaurant

On board the ship there is a fully equipped bar-restaurant, which offers guests a choice of several menu options: children’s, for a picnic, buffet, banquet or all-inclusive dinner. Here you can taste incredibly delicious dishes of European cuisine.

Motor ship Notte Bianca

The picnic menu includes light snacks. Guests can enjoy shrimp, pancakes with salmon or cheese, canapes with grapes, tartlets with Olivier bacon and tartlets with cod liver and cheese.

The all-inclusive menu offers a wide selection of salads, cold dishes, hot dishes and incredibly delicious desserts. There are no restrictions on the approach to the buffet. The bar offers several types of drinks - lemonade, green and black tea, fruit drinks, coffee, and it is also possible to use a wine list.


And for those who want to celebrate a wedding or anniversary in a romantic setting and make this day unforgettable, the comfortable two-deck Notte Bianca is ideal for this. It is equipped with everything necessary for the celebration: a DVD system, karaoke, TV, WI-FI, professional multimedia equipment, multi-level lighting, microphones, air conditioning, barbecue, barbecue, a fairly large dance floor, wardrobe, and is fully furnished with soft, banquet and deck headsets.

Motor ship Notte Bianca. a photo

Vivid impressions, spectacular photographs, lively changing landscapes, a surge of positive emotions and, of course, comfort will make this day unique and unforgettable. And all the guests will be in incredible delight.

Excursion is a great gift

Notte Bianca cruise can be a great gift for friends and relatives. If you want to surprise your family, then you definitely need to take the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate, which is valid for eight months. A bright and beautifully designed designer envelope will definitely raise the mood of the recipient. An original gift will appeal to absolutely everyone. And to activate the certificate is easy, it can be done via the Internet.

Boat cruise Notte Bianca


The most magical beginning of the day - a wonderful trip on the boat Notte Bianca. This is a good opportunity to enjoy the fascinating panoramas of Moscow, look at the historical part of the city, magnificent temples, architectural masterpieces and recharge with positive emotions for a long time.

Motor ship Notte Bianca. reviews

A magnificent boat trip Notte Bianca, reviews of which are mostly positive, begins at the Krymsky Most pier. Next, the ship goes to the Sparrow Hills, Gorky Park and the monument to Peter the Great, then you can enjoy views of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral. The final stage will be the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment and Novospassky Bridge. After which the ship turns around and returns to the point of departure. The whole journey lasts two and a half hours.

Motor ship Notte Bianca. Reviews

The advantages of such a journey can be listed endlessly. This is a wonderful atmosphere, great mood, tremendous pleasure and a fascinating pastime.

Having familiarized yourself with the schedule in advance, you can choose the most convenient time for yourself and go on a small trip.

The reviews noted that a very interesting route on the ship Notte Bianca. Moscow with all the attractions is accessible to tourists for viewing!

The cost depends on the selected program. The price for a ticket, which includes only an excursion program, will be minimal and will amount to approximately 600 rubles per person. A child under 5 years old is free. If you choose the program on the all-inclusive system, you will have to pay about 3000 rubles per ticket. This system works from Thursday to Sunday. A trip with the Anti-Pirate Quest entertainment program will cost 990 rubles for a children's ticket and 1100 for an adult. The ticket price includes a light lunch consisting of snacks and drinks.

Boarding the ship begins forty minutes before departure. And it is better to come in advance if you have a gift certificate or a discount coupon. It will take a little extra time to exchange it for a ticket at the box office.

The only drawback of such a trip, as noted by the reviews, is that if for some reason the client refuses it, then the cost of the paid excursion will not be returned to him. Therefore, you should be more careful about choosing the date and time of the upcoming trip.

Forget about the hassle and bustle, spend your weekend unforgettably!


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