How to make arches from balls: methodology and recommendations

Any holiday will become brighter and more elegant if the room in which it is held is decorated with balloons. Unfortunately, organizations involved in such design take very expensive for their services. Therefore, people are often interested in how to make arches from balls on their own, trying to save money without losing a festive mood. Fortunately, this is entirely possible, although it cannot be said that it is very simple.

how to make arches from balls

How to make an arch from balloons: stationary method

More simple is the construction of the main entrance using a ready-made base. If the porch or door has a similar frame (and in many restaurants and banquet halls a fixed base is provided), then the matter is greatly simplified. If it is absent, before making arches from balls, you will have to buy a frame - in garden stores a wide range of these designs, all sizes and different outlines is presented. It is inexpensive, made of thick wire, so transportation to the place of work will not be. If the legs seem shaky to you or they are not intended for installation, but for digging in, the structure can be screwed to the nearest post.

A drawing is being developed in advance (if you intend to use balls of different colors). Elements are inflated and wound in the desired order to the frame. In the case of a stationary base, it does not matter what you inflate: it is durable and will hold the pattern, even if the balls are filled with air. The main thing is to prevent gaps so that the frame is not visible anywhere.

how to make an arch from balls with your own hands

Aerial arch

A more complex technique, how to make an arch from balls with your own hands, involves the use of a very thin rope and helium. It is better not to use fishing line, unless you are firmly confident in its strength. The required length of the twine is measured, taking into account the segments by which the arch will be fixed in the bases. One end is immediately tied to the base with several knots so that the rope does not detach and does not fly away with the balls. Elements in turn are inflated with helium and fixed at the end of the rope, which is not yet tied (of course, you should step back from the edge by the distance necessary for subsequent fastening). Balls are wrapped either with scotch tape or with wire, which is used by florists, and both of them are not stretched. Just in case, it is better to wind several layers. As new balls attach, the rope will rise so that the balls will not cling to anything on the ground or floor.

Before making arches from balls, you need to wrap them with corrugated paper or thin ribbons: since helium is used, and individual elements are not pulled close to the base, twine that is not properly formed will spoil the whole view.

When all the balls are fixed, the free end is firmly tied to the second base. If you wish, both bases can be masked with flowers or other design elements.

Multi-color design

Another option, how to make arches from balls on an easy basis, suggests using balls of two colors. Some are inflated with helium and pull the structure up, others with ordinary air, balancing the former and making it possible to make the arch more dense.

We draw your attention to the fact that the β€œrope” options are mainly used indoors. On the street they will fluctuate too much under gusts of wind.

how to make an arch from balloons

What you need to know

For the first time collecting an arch from balls, you need to take into account a number of points.

  1. All elements of the same color must be of equal size. To comply with it, a measured hole is cut out in cardboard. It will be more convenient to use the template if you put a box on it.
  2. Using helium, remember that it will be blown away by the balloon inflated after 10 hours, so you need to prepare the elements immediately before assembling the structure.
  3. Having launched balls of different shades, it is necessary to plan their pattern in advance. The most successful and easily executed are strips and spirals.


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