Tarot Card Relationships

The layouts on the Tarot cards are accurate and truthful. This is not just a prediction of the development of the situation, but a whole philosophy that helps to see the reasons for what is happening. The interpretation of lasso depends on the issue and position. Relationships on Tarot cards for relationships are the most popular of the existing ones, especially among girls. Let's consider some of them further.

Tarot Layouts

How to ask a question

The alignment on the Tarot cards for relationships or any other topic begins with a specific question. To do this, take the deck in your hands, shuffle it, mentally asking a question, presenting the image of the person with whom it is associated. If it’s hard to imagine, put a person’s thing or photo nearby. In order for the hands on the Tarot to be true, a calm state is required. The less emotion, the more accurate the result.

It is better not to take the deck if you feel unwell or with a fever. The cards on the Tarot cards must not be drunk. Do not ask the same question multiple times. It is possible to reformulate the question regarding the situation only when in the first scenario this moment was missed or remained not fully disclosed.

alignment on tarot cards for relationships

What to look for when wondering about relationships

Consider what you need to pay attention to when making love cards of Tarot cards:

  1. Presence of cards related to the senior lasso in the layout. They show the underlying causes that led to the situation.
  2. On court cards, especially on kings and queens. They show the fortuneteller, reveal his personality and the identity of the partner in the pair, as well as people who may be important for resolving the situation.
  3. The prevalence of suits in the layout. The relationship of the cups is very good for relationships, as they are responsible for emotions and feelings. For example, the suit of swords refers to logic and intelligence. Pentacles (coins) show a specific result, which is good in the layouts for career and finance.
  4. The value of the Tarot cards in the layout depends on whether the lasso lies directly or inverted in the position in which it is located.
  5. There are no positive and negative arcana in the Tarot deck. The perception of the situation makes them good or bad. In each lasso, there is hidden advice for the fortuneteller, a direction for his self-development.
  6. The interpretation of the layout depends on the interpretation of the values. Each tarologist not only memorizes the meanings in books, but feels a deck. And these feelings provide more truthful information.
  7. When interpreting the layouts on Tarot cards, each card cannot be interpreted separately. The layout is read comprehensively. So, death does not necessarily mean a breakup. It can mean the end of the old form of relations and the transition to a new stage.
    fortune telling on tarot cards for the future alignment

Three card layout

A simple layout of the Tarot for the near future. However, its simplicity does not mean futility. It is perfect for beginners. Mentally ask a question and, if necessary, limit the time frame. You can lay out the cards in a fan, or you can simply draw it from the deck. Draw three cards at random. The first map is the past, the events that led to the situation. The second card is the current situation. And the third is the events of the future.

The alignment of the relationship of the lover

Consider the alignment on the Tarot cards for a relationship with a loved one.

It involves 7 cards. The first card is laid out in the center. From the right side from top to bottom the second, third and fourth cards. The fifth, sixth and seventh are laid out one by one from bottom to top. The values ​​of the cards in the layout:

  1. The attitude of the partner to the fortuneteller.
  2. Thoughts of a partner about a girl.
  3. Intentions and plans of a man regarding the development of relationships.
  4. How to behave guessing in order to get a positive result.
  5. What you should pay attention to.
  6. Future events.
  7. Total.
    Tarot card layout for the near future


Fortune telling on the tarot cards for the future. The “Relationships” layout will show what the partners will receive from the relationship and what the outcome will be. It unfolds like this.

Cards 1 to 8 are placed in 2 columns. In the first of them, cards: 1, 3, 5, 7. In the second -, respectively, 2, 4, 6, 8. From top left to right, cards 9, 10, 11 are laid out. Consider the value of the tarot cards in the layout:

  • cards 1, 2 show the sexual satisfaction of each partner;
  • 3-4 - feelings in a pair, emotions in relation to each other;
  • 5-6 - thoughts of each of the partners regarding the relationship in a pair;
  • 7-8 describe what two get from an existing relationship;
  • 9-11 - prospects for the development of relations, their outcome.

"I'm in a relationship with my beloved"

The layout will show how your partner perceives you. It is laid out by a pyramid. Above is the first map. The second and third cards are located on either side of the first card. Four cards are laid out in the next row, and five in the last row. Interpretation of the values ​​of the alignment:

  1. What are the relationships now.
  2. The behavior of a woman in a relationship.
  3. As a woman sees a partner.
  4. What qualities a woman needs to develop to improve relationships.
  5. Character traits that a woman needs to remove.
  6. What are the character traits of a fortunate partner?
  7. Character traits of a woman that her lover does not like, his fears about relationships.
  8. What woman will become as a result of the internal work done on herself.
  9. Which partner would like to see a woman in a relationship.
  10. What kind of girls he likes.
  11. What kind of girls does the partner avoid.
  12. What kind of relationship will be in the future.
    Three tarot cards

"Cinema for two"

This layout on the Tarot cards gives quite detailed information regarding the relationships and feelings of partners to each other, and also shows the hidden. Consider how to decompose it correctly:

  • in the center is laid out the deal identifier;
  • cards 1-14 are laid out in turn in two rows;
  • 15 the card is between 5 and 6;
  • The 16th is laid out between cards 7 and 8.

Consider the interpretations for the alignment:

  • Signifier - the name of the film, a scenario of relations in a pair;
  • 1 card - a characteristic of a woman;
  • 2 map - a characteristic of a man;
  • 3 - mask of a woman, hidden from the partner.
  • 4 - a mask of a man that he hides from a woman;
  • 5 - director: woman, the role assigned to her by a man in a relationship, her expectations;
  • 6 - director: man, his view on the role of a lover in a relationship;
  • 7 - actress: the role of women in relationships;
  • 8 - actor: male role in a relationship;
  • 9 - she is a critic: the girl’s discontent in a relationship;
  • 10 - he is a critic: the reasons for his dissatisfaction and discontent;
  • 11 - "Oscar" for a woman - which gives in a relationship;
  • 12 - Oscar for a man - his contribution to the development of the couple;
  • 13 - "Galosha" women - the worst acts of a girl that can be expected;
  • 14 - "Kalosha" men - the worst acts on the part of the partner;
  • 15 - impromptu - unexpected events;
  • 16 - prize for a couple: what a man and woman will receive from the development of relations.
    the value of tarot cards in the layout


Non-positional disposition describing the multifaceted spectrum of feelings that a partner experiences. It is laid out like this:

  • 1 map - in the center;
  • 2 map - to the left of 1;
  • 3 map - to the right of 1:
  • 4 card - the lowest;
  • 5 card is laid out under 1, above the 4th.

The interpretation of the layout:

  • 1 card is what formed the situation;
  • 2, 3, 4 cards supplement the information of 1 card;
  • 5 - the sacred meaning of the situation, the result.

The layout of "Love"

Another alignment on the Tarot cards - the near future with a partner, will help to analyze feelings and understand the reasons for his actions. It is performed using two signifiers: male and female. Consider the positions of the cards:

  • Signifiers are laid out in the center;
  • 1 card is laid out above the signifier of the fortuneteller;
  • 2 map - on the left;
  • 3 map - on the right;
  • 4 card - under the signifier, as a result, a cross should turn out;
  • similarly, the cards for the partner's signifier are laid out.

The interpretation of the cards in the layout:

  1. How a fortuneteller experiences a feeling of love.
  2. What a fortuneteller is looking for in a partner.
  3. What traits of the partner most attract the fortuneteller.
  4. Desired outcome of the relationship.
  5. How a partner feels love.
  6. What traits attract him to the fortuneteller.
  7. What the partner is looking for in fortuneteller.
  8. The desired outcome of the relationship through the eyes of a partner.


With the advent of the Internet and its possibilities, love at a distance has become commonplace. This layout of Tarot cards for a situation when a partner is far from a fortunate one will help not only to look at the prospects of the relationship, but also to see what his beloved person is experiencing at the moment, the situation that he has developed. Consider the layout of the layout:

  • 7 cards are involved in the layout, which must be arranged in 3 rows;
  • in the first row there is a signifier card, the first and second;
  • in the second row are cards from the third to the fifth;
  • in the final third row - the sixth and seventh.

Interpretation of values ​​in the layout on the Tarot cards "Separation":

  • the signifier represents the personality of the person about whom the question was formed;
  • cards 1-2 - feelings of a loved one at the moment;
  • 3 - what happens in a loved one's life;
  • 4-5 - events that await a loved one in the near future;
  • 6 - what the partner will feel in the future in relation to the fortuneteller;
  • 7 - meeting time.
    tarot cards situation


In fortune-telling on Tarot cards for the future, the deal for reconciliation occupies a special place. During the conflict, I want to know how soon the quarrel will be resolved and whether there is an opportunity to restore relations. This layout of Tarot cards for the situation is just right for viewing the possibility of restoring broken relationships. It decomposes like this:

  • first, the question is asked and the signifier is laid out - it can be selected from the deck at random;
  • 1-4 cards are laid out from the bottom up;
  • 5, 6, 7 - laid out obliquely from 4 cards so that 7 is to the right of the signifier;
  • 8 the card is laid out to the left of the signifier;
  • 9 - above the signifier.

We turn to the interpretation of the alignment on the reunion Tarot cards.

  1. The hidden reason that led to the quarrel, the gap.
  2. The obvious reason for the gap.
  3. What is happening at the moment.
  4. How the situation will develop in the near future.
  5. Actions to resolve the conflict.
  6. Unwanted actions.
  7. How partners fit together.
  8. Possible future partners.

The layouts on the Tarot cards for the near future can be simple and complex, but they are only advisory in nature and advice. The decision regarding the future of the relationship, its prospect, remains a guessing one. An emotional attitude is important. A positive perception of the situation, confidence in a positive result brings positive options for events. If the fortuneteller is sure in advance of a negative result, even in a positive scenario, the desired events can move forward in time or the forecast turns out to be false.

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