Holidays in Loo: reviews of an unforgettable trip

Every time when the vacation is approaching, one willy-nilly visits thoughts about a trip to some amazing place and one wants to relax so that in the future a whole year to reverently remember this. So this time I wanted something special. We looked at many sites of travel agencies, asked friends and as a result decided to stay in Loo, reviews of which were more than flattering and promising. They gathered quickly, bought tickets without any problems and set off on their first holiday day in the chosen direction.

The first pleasant impressions were received immediately upon arrival. Surprised by nature: a fabulous picturesque place - subtropics nevertheless, not every day you see this. We decided to choose a room in the private sector for living, it is much cheaper, and there is more freedom. In general, I liked the village, small streets, neat cafes, a market in the very center, you can buy anything you want, stock up on souvenirs for friends and relatives. By the way, about Loo, we came across all sorts of reviews , sometimes vacationers remained dissatisfied. This fact alarmed us, but the first acquaintance with the village instantly dispelled all fears.

It’s good to relax here, a wide variety of entertainment programs, a great sea and well-groomed beaches, and for thrill-seekers there are a dozen exciting adventures.

Loo reviews

The reviews of various Internet users telling about the rest in Loo claim that lovers of historical antiquities, researchers of the seabed, and horseback riding enthusiasts will find entertainment that interests them here. I want to note that this is actually so.

On the sea coast there are always catamarans, boats that you can rent for a walk, all kinds of watercraft and much more. Most importantly, to relax on the beach you do not need to go far from your place of residence, everything is within walking distance, the only inconvenience is pebbles on the beach instead of sand.

Sights of the village deserve a separate discussion. Beyond the Loo is the ruined temple of the time, supposedly a Byzantine architectural school. Excavations in this area have been carried out since 1987. As a result of studies of the area and structure, a lot of building material was found that was characteristic of the Middle Ages. The architecture of the preserved part of the temple is also interesting. The block picture of the cladding, characteristic of the fortress walls and churches of medieval architecture, red tiles, fragments of stained-glass windows. The location of the temple in this place is not accidental, before the coastal strip was considered as the most successful place for God's monastery.

vacation in loo reviews

Interested in Loo reviews on horseback riding and parachutist rides. Indeed, you get unlimited pleasure from horseback riding through beautiful natural landscapes, you feel unity with nature and a real surge of strength. Parachutes are, of course, the peak of delight. The parachute is offered mainly double (it’s not so scary anymore) and towed by boat on the sea along the coast. Rise to a bird's eye view.

mountain air loo reviews

Separately, I want to say about the mountains and mountain caves. As it turned out, quite a lot of mountaineering enthusiasts gather here, and professionals are not uncommon. A special program has been developed for this category and all comers and equipment is provided for climbing steep cliffs. Those who manage to climb them enjoy the beautiful clean air of the mountains. The mountain air of Loo, reviews of which are also present in the enthusiastic stories of the regulars of this resort village, meanwhile, spreads well throughout its territory, you just have to change the direction of the wind.

In general, a vacation in Loo, reviews of which were contradictory and alarming, was a success and became the main topic of stories for the next year.


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