Causal body - what is it? Thin bodies. Human energy envelope

According to such teachings as yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah, Sufism, etc., a person is not only the physical matter that we all see, but also the vital energy that envelops our body in the form of peculiar “nesting dolls”. The energy envelope of a person may not be visible to many. Each of these “nesting dolls” is called a subtle body and has its own metaphysical purpose. The first subtle body in the human aura is the causal body. We’ll talk about him today.

Causal body - what is it?

It is often called spiritual, karmic, or intuitive. The vibrations of the karmic body are much higher than those of other bodies, while it is the thinnest of them. For many, causally, the body is only partially developed or not developed at all. For such people, the spiritual body does not go far from the physical. And for those who are spiritually developed and have awareness, the aura of a karmic body can reach considerable sizes. At the same time, it does not acquire an oval shape, but a round shape among spiritual people. This circle surrounds a person with its light and is a kind of locator for receiving karmic signals.

Causal body

The more balanced the subtle bodies of a person, the easier it is for him to receive intuitive messages. The latter, by the way, are served to us regularly, but not all of them perceive them correctly. The spiritual body receives higher energy and makes it available to other bodies: mental, astral and etheric.

Human aura

Many people wonder how to learn to see a person’s aura ? This question is as complex as simple. There are light exercises that allow you to see the aura of objects and people. All are based on relaxation and concentration of vision. Many people believe that the ether layer that you can see through these exercises is an optical illusion, and ordinary people should not get carried away with such issues. However, here everyone decides which point of view to adopt.

Much more interesting is what we can really feel when we are next to a spiritually developed, enlightened person. Remember, have you ever experienced a feeling of inexplicable calm, security and serenity, going to another, perhaps even a stranger? It intensifies with approaching a person and weakens with distance. At this moment, you were thinking about how to learn to see a person’s aura? Of course not. It must be felt, not seen, and this ability is given to all of us from birth. Of course, people who have devoted their lives to the study of spiritual practices are able to see a lot, but these are other matters.

Functions of the causal body

The main function of the causal body is to form events of the dense plane, that is, the physical world. Applicable to a person, these are the acts and actions that he performs, as well as the events that occur in his life thanks to those around him. Usually the lion's share of these events is predetermined in advance. This is due to errors and shortcomings of past lives, as well as programs that are laid at birth. Nevertheless, some of the events are subject to us. The karmic body is not fatal. Therefore, if desired, a person can change a lot. Sometimes these changes are more than dramatic. To understand how it is possible to influence the causal body, we will analyze its basic properties.

How to learn to see a human aura

Event shaping

As already mentioned, the main function of the causal body is the formation of events. Thus, all our ideas, thoughts and desires become possible in the physical world due to our karmic energy. Moreover, our energy of life often implements the plans and ideas of other people. For example, a worker using his own energy implements the plans of the boss. The desire of the child to get a new toy encourages parents to buy it. The same can be said about the wishes of the wife in relation to her husband, and vice versa. There are many examples of such interactions. It is noteworthy that when we use our own energy to realize other people's plans, our consent and desire are not necessary. It all depends on the development of man, as well as the state of his subtle bodies and chakras.

Effect on time

This is the second property endowed with the causal body. All events inevitably occur in time. In the day of each person 24 hours. This is completely inevitable. However, quantity does not always mean quality. Each has its own time density. Someone is going to hang a picture on the wall for a month, for which he only needs to hammer a nail in the right place. Well, someone in a week manages to open several art galleries in different cities. A person's ability to make money can also be attributed to the properties of the causal body.

The power of the karmic body

Our spiritual body can be either strong or weak, and at the same time organized or chaotic. The stronger it is, the more events take place in a person’s life, and the more organized it is, the more complete these events are.

The energy of life

Causal Body Chakra

Any vibrations arising in the causal body are mainly associated with the viduhsha chakra. However, as with any other subtle body, aspects of other chakras may also appear on it. The nature of events occurring in his daily life depends on which chakra dominates the karmic body of a person.

For example, those with the Muladhara chakra balanced, live stably, do not feel the need and are always confident in themselves. The Svadhistan chakra provides life with pleasure, comfort, a search for pleasure and the ability to value what a person already has.

The Manipura Chakra helps a person build life plans and quickly achieve their implementation. People with developed “Manipura” try to systematize everything around them, organize their time and space. Such a person is able to control not only himself, but also other people. His word carries weight, it is always followed by deed.

A person with developed Anahata chakra feels love for everything around. She can encourage him to disinterested help to other, even completely foreign people. The Vishudha Chakra is responsible for the self-expression of a person in creativity. Such a person can create depending on the degree of inspiration. Nevertheless, everything that he undertakes is done in good faith, with impeccable quality.

Clairvoyance of upcoming events, prophecy, healing and other magical abilities are observed in people with developed chakra "Aja". Such a person often sees prophetic dreams.

And finally, the Sahasrara chakra allows a person to see the pattern, the highest plan and perceive current events as signs and omens. Such a person does practically nothing on his own. Throughout life, he professes reactive rather than proactive behavior.

Thus, all the above chakras to one degree or another create the causal body of a person.

Human energy envelope

How to develop a karmic body

Training of the causal body is directly related to its main function - the formation of events and their implementation. Do not forget about time. An extremely important characteristic of the life of a person is the density of his time. One and the same period of time can be spent on experiences, emotions, dreams, actions, and more. How a person spends time depends on the direction of his attention. Here a simple rule works: where attention is directed, the energy of life, and therefore time, goes there. By itself, attention always tends to the subtle bodies, which are more developed in humans.

We often notice that those who studied well at school and university cannot get comfortable in life. At the same time, trochiks and avid truants find their destination without problems and, having successfully mastered it, create a brilliant career. Moreover, often these same troechniks become leaders of former honors students. This trend has been observed for a long time, and for sure, in various manifestations it was relevant centuries ago. And the point here is not at all that someone is decent and honest, but someone is the other way around. People who achieve success dishonestly, we do not consider. What is the reason for such an amazing, at first glance, trend?

Spiritual body

As already mentioned a little above, our attention is directed to the more developed subtle bodies. Excellent students study all the time, which means they develop a mental body. In the meantime, the Threes are involved in sports, tourism, attend creative circles and perform other actions aimed at developing a causal body.

From this we can draw a simple conclusion: attention should be paid not only to training, but also to specific actions. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that this activity be directly related to work or vocation. It happens that the time spent in the gym is more useful than the read book of the great author recognized throughout the world. It is worth developing harmoniously, and in addition to obtaining theoretical knowledge, you need to pay attention to live communication and physical activity, because, as you know, a healthy body has a healthy mind.

The last phrase, by the way, can be perceived in two ways. It is noteworthy that both interpretations are equally interesting. The first is that physical health (the body) is an important component of psychological health (spirit). And the second, on the contrary, says that without psychological health there will be no healthy body. Judge for yourself how you can call a healthy person with a pile of muscles, who, for example, disrespectful to children. And, on the contrary, is a healthy person successful in spiritual practices, but not able to bring a bucket of water to his house? Thus, the spiritual and physical principles in each of us are closely related. That is why many teachings involve the knowledge of the spiritual through the physical, and vice versa.

Every time you get the idea that in order to succeed you need to replenish the store of knowledge, the mental body tries to turn your attention to its side. It does this constantly, thereby proving its importance. Is this good or bad? If everything in life is harmonious, it’s good, because knowledge is always useful. But if you understand that your causal body is poorly developed, then, of course, it’s bad. It is important not only to know something, but to be able to bring it to life, and even better - to gain experience in this direction. As the saying goes: "A drop of practice is more important than the trough of theory."

Thin bodies

To develop a spiritual body, one must first assess its potential. In this case, your well-being, as well as effectiveness and, very importantly, the scale of actions can serve as a good indicator. People with a strong causal body can easily carry out large projects, realize unprecedented dreams and constantly surprise others. If the causal body needs training, try starting with small tasks, such as cleaning the table. Be that as it may, it is important to feel the measure, to show restraint and perseverance.

The most important thing is the speed with which you are able to move from desire or thought to a specific action. The shorter this period of time, the stronger your body is developed causally. Try to act as soon as a desire or an idea arose. Otherwise, the process will stop in the mental body and may never reach the point. Remember how many times a phenomenal idea came to you at first glance, but instead of checking it, you made the decision to study the matter more deeply. And studying it, you began to doubt and as a result completely abandoned this business. The reason for quitting a case can only be a negative result (and even then not always). If it is not there, but there is speculation, this is not a reason to postpone the idea for later! If the idea is large, it should be divided into parts / stages / tasks.

In addition, certainty is crucial for the development of the causal body. For example, if a student is going to wake up in the morning to watch TV and then take lessons, then laziness probably reigns in it. And when in the evening he decided that he would wake up at 7 o’clock, watch a new series of his beloved film, and take lessons at 8 o’clock - this is a clear plan and a clear manifestation of the power of the causal body.

Karmic body

Imbalance of thin bodies

If you look at the physiological problem from a holistic point of view (the soul and body of a person as one mechanism), you will notice that separately there are no physical or spiritual ailments. Again, the proverb about a healthy body and mind is recalled. Any imbalance affects to some extent the entire body of a person. Violations are often associated with the chakra, which is responsible for a certain mental state and a certain physical organ.

A simple example is constipation, which affects many modern people. In fact, it symbolizes a person’s inability to free himself from anything. If you dig deeper, most people with such a violation carry a certain psychological burden. They are closed to feelings (love, anger, etc.), are dependent on someone or something, cannot get rid of old ideas imposed by someone, and so on. This is a simple example, but it clearly demonstrates that subtle bodies are firmly connected to the physical body.


Today we learned what the human energy envelope is and got to know better the causal / karmic / spiritual body. In conclusion, I would like to note that we must not only see, but also feel, and the spiritual and physical aspects are intertwined much more closely than it might seem at first glance.


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