Omsk Hippodrome: history of origin, services and sale of horses

Dear residents of Omsk! Are there horse lovers among you? If so, then you can try yourself as a rider. After all, next to you is the Omsk Hippodrome, which offers horse riding training services.

Many are shy, considering themselves to be over-age, full, incapable, and inventing many more excuses. Do not need this, there is a desire to ride a horse - go for it!

A bit of history

The Urals are majestic and proud, with its mountains and plains, rivers, beautiful nature. And the first full-fledged hippodrome in this area was the Omsk hippodrome.

It all began a long time ago, at the end of the 19th century. Then there were still real merchants in the world, honest and with an excellent sense of humor. Not all of them were to be traded, it was necessary to rest somehow. On this question, the opinions of the merchants were divided: they preferred a diverse, not always understandable to ordinary people. For example, for a peasant, a horse is a nurse, and for a merchant - entertainment. Among the owners of the best racehorses were such merchants as Mariupol, brothers Lipatnikov, Carpet. All of them were united by a reverent attitude towards pets and a great love for them.

In 1888, the Omsk Hippodrome was built. The city authorities allocated a site for him, and the local nobility was going to stare at the beautiful horses of local breeds. At that time, equestrian business had not yet gained such popularity, for true connoisseurs and connoisseurs of breeding was not the meaning of life. Much more important are the working qualities of the horse, checked at the racetrack.

Horse rental


Nowadays, races at the Omsk hippodrome attract a huge number of spectators. So huge that it does not accommodate everyone. Itโ€™s no joke - the capacity is 400 people, and almost two thousand people come to see the races. Of course, the area needs to be expanded, but there is neither money nor space for this. Although it is supposed to transfer the hippodrome to another place, the idea can be realized only in 2025. Unless other, more important problems appear.

Summer race

Is it just horse racing?

The horses at the Omsk hippodrome are very beautiful, and the order is with character. Therefore, anyone can take riding lessons, do not be afraid of horses. An animal participating in the competition is unlikely to be rented. And rolling horses, habitual to dialogue with people, differ in friendliness.

In addition to riding lessons at the Omsk hippodrome, there is a hippotherapy center. It treats sick children suffering from cerebral palsy.

And running again

Horse sales

Often offers Omsk racetrack young seminary year for sale. This phrase refers to litters obtained in the previous year, during the covering of the mare. But not only foals can be purchased, excellent mares for breeding are sold. And with stallions itโ€™s a little tight, horse lovers themselves need them. A good stallion-producer is very expensive, and if we are talking about a racehorse, then the prices are in the millions. But also a lot depends on the breed, at the Omsk racetrack you can meet numerous Russian horses. The greatest preference here is given to the Oryol trotters, of course. These are very hardy animals, characterized by a special, unique exterior. In the photo you can see what the Oryol trotter looks like.

Oryol trotter


Probably most of the inhabitants of Omsk know where the legendary hippodrome is located. For those who did not think about this issue, as well as for guests of the city, we publish the address: 1 Panfilova Street.

Instructions for beginners from coaches

The desire to learn horseback riding is very commendable. But compliance with some rules is simply necessary. This is especially true for those who have just begun to take their first steps in communicating with the horse. This instruction was developed by hippodrome trainers, we recommend that you stick to it:

  1. Never approach the horse from behind. It will fly into the stomach with hoofs so that at best you will find yourself in a hospital bed. At worst, music will play in the house, but the victim will not hear it.
  2. The ability to drive a horse is very necessary. We heard the words โ€œthey took a horse and led him thereโ€, we are not at a loss, but take the animal for a reason. At the same time, we strictly monitor that he does not drag on the ground. We go next to the horse in such a way that its face is behind the rider, but we do not block the path of the horse. In extreme cases, you can go on the side of the horse so that it is at the right foot of a person.
  3. To sit in the saddle is not as easy as it seems. It is in the films that brave heroes take off on a horse with ease and grace, and a person without a stretch will not be able to repeat their feat. Landing is carried out as follows: a person stands on the left side of the horse, takes on the mane of the animal, holding the occasion. We put our foot in the stirrup, the second sharply push off and, holding on to the mane, throw it over the saddle. Once settled on the back of the horse, we place both legs in stirrups. Done, you can go. Just do not try to hold on to the saddle when landing, it will turn over. A rookie rider will be on the ground.

Now you know about the Omsk hippodrome, buying horses and rules of behavior when communicating with horses.


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