How to establish a sleep regimen: effective methods, the effect of lack of sleep on the body

Healthy sleep is one of the important conditions for the well-being of any person. It should be long enough. Then all organs of the body will function correctly. Failures in the mode can lead to serious consequences. These include a deterioration in intellectual functions, various ailments, and nervous disorders. Therefore, the question of how to establish a sleep mode is relevant.

The importance of following the right regime

The daily routine is determined by several factors. These are individual needs for the duration of sleep, age category, physical characteristics, working conditions, habits. We should not forget that any violation of circadian rhythms affects well-being. Pain in the head, poor performance, weakness - many people experience similar symptoms.

drowsiness at work

In connection with this situation, the question of how to establish a sleep mode is quite natural.

Why are circadian rhythm failures dangerous?

Today, due to the fast pace of life and hard work, many are constantly faced with a violation of the daily routine. The lack of night rest for a long time affects the body. Overwork and impairment of mental activity are not the only consequences of failures. Chronic violation of the regime leads to dizziness, loss of consciousness, hemicrania. Mental health suffers. As a result of overwork, the character changes. There is aggression, depression, symptoms of depressive disorder, hallucinations may develop. People who, for one reason or another, are often deprived of a normal night's rest, have a high risk of stroke, excess kilograms, tumors, diabetes, and infections.

How to establish a sleep mode?

fatigue after sleep

To answer this question, we must first understand the mechanisms of this process. They are described in the next section.

What causes a feeling of vigor after sleep?

In the absence of circadian rhythm failures throughout the day, a person feels rested. What explains the surge of strength? During sleep, all processes and reactions in the body slow down. Most of the brain is in a passive state. CNS organs get rid of substances that have accumulated over the previous day. Thanks to this, their normal activity is restored. How many hours of sleep does an adult need? This issue is being studied by experts in the field of somnology. Studies have shown that adults need to rest for at least 7-8 hours. Better to go to bed well before midnight. However, this norm varies depending on the characteristics of the person. Six hours is enough for one, at least ten hours for the other. For many, circadian rhythm disturbance is a problem. After all, some allow themselves to watch TV until midnight, get up late during the holidays or holidays. Restoring a normal daily routine can be difficult. How to establish an adult's sleep mode? First of all, a person needs to find out what hours it is advisable to go to bed and wake up. You should not go beyond this framework both on weekdays and on weekends. But not everyone succeeds in following such a rule.

How to establish a sleep mode? What if he lost his way?

Establishing the correct routine

Circadian rhythms are broken in many. This is facilitated by shift work, the birth of a child, business trips.

sleep on the plane

It should be remembered that the daily routine must be restored gradually. How to adjust the sleep mode of an adult? First of all, you need to abandon physical activity in the second half of the day. Mental activity is also not worth it to do 2 hours before lights out. If during the day a person feels overwhelmed, he can lie down. But the rest should not be long. The optimal sleep time in the first half of the day is 60 minutes. In older people, circadian rhythm disturbances are so serious that a person is forced to consult a doctor. At a young age, you can restore the regime yourself. To do this, you must follow simple rules.

Useful Tips

There are many tips on how to establish a sleep mode. Here is some of them:

relaxing bath
  1. Perform a specific procedure before you go to bed. For example, listen to calm melodies, take a warm bath with aromatic oil or foam.
  2. Lay clean and comfortable linen on the bed, wear comfortable pajamas or a spacious nightgown of soft natural fabrics.
  3. Provide fresh air to the bedroom.
  4. Choose a quality mattress. It should not be very soft or too hard.

You can use other relaxation methods (for example, meditation techniques).

Other tips

There are also recommendations on how to establish a sleep regimen with the right diet. Firstly, in the second half of the day it is not recommended to eat a lot of food. It is advisable to abandon drinks containing caffeine, alcohol-containing products. In addition, in the evening you should exclude pickles, smoked meats, spicy and fatty foods. Such dishes are slowly absorbed, provoking a feeling of heaviness. Before going to bed, you need to give preference to fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, cereals, vegetables.

proper diet

Circadian rhythm failures can occur as a result of temperatures that are too high or low. Dry air, heat or cold interferes with the functioning of the organs of the body. As a result of the restoration of forces does not occur. The temperature in the room should be within twenty degrees Celsius. Optimum humidity must also be maintained.

Before going to bed, you can take a bath with plant extracts (mint, chamomile, lavender), which have a relaxing effect.

There are cases when it is not possible to restore circadian rhythms even if these recommendations are followed. Then you should consult with a specialist and take medications to combat insomnia. However, do not abuse such funds. Some of them are addictive.

Features of circadian rhythms in childhood

The baby's regimen and adult's daily routine vary greatly. In newborns, sleep has the following features:

  1. The child needs to rest for many hours. Infants only awaken when they are in need of food.
  2. A two-month-old baby can already understand the difference between day and night.

For normal development, the child should spend a lot of time in a dream. The number of hours that should be set aside for rest depends on age.

baby sleep

As a result of the influence of certain factors (gastrointestinal upset, the appearance of the first teeth, loud sounds), the infant's circadian rhythms are disturbed. In such cases, the child often does not distinguish day from night. How to establish a sleep mode for a newborn? This question is relevant for many young parents. Indeed, violation of the regime affects not only the condition of the child, but also the well-being of other family members. To normalize circadian rhythms, you must adhere to such tips:

  1. Wake up the baby early. Do not let him rest in the daytime.
  2. Create conditions comfortable for going to bed (ventilate the room in advance, ensure a quiet environment, exclude noisy activities).
  3. One of the ways to establish a sleep pattern in an infant is to follow a certain procedure (feeding, bathing, staying in the same bed with parents, moving to a children's bed).
  4. It is necessary to abandon unnecessary rituals that some babies get used to (sucking a dummy, bottle or finger). They prevent the baby from fully resting.

How to establish a sleep pattern of a child of three years of age?

At 3 years old, boys and girls are in crisis. A kid who used to be flexible can become stubborn and moody. And this often manifests itself in the reluctance to go to bed at the right time. Persuasion of parents does not work. Any attempts to lay a son or daughter end in hysteria. Therefore, many mothers are interested in the question of how to establish a sleep regimen for a child at 3 years old. First of all, the baby should be taught to relax in his bed. You can put a soft toy on the bed.

baby sleep

The rest and wakefulness regime should be the same both on weekdays and on weekends. In addition, it is necessary to exclude active classes in the evening.


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