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Automation of business processes is a popular service among the largest companies. In Russia, the leader in the number of innovations in business using IT technologies, system integration, and infrastructure outsourcing is Technoserv. Only qualified engineers and IT specialists work in the organization. The feedback from Technoserv employees will help future job seekers understand whether to become part of the innovation team of this structure.

All about Technoserv: development, history

The Technoserv company began its activities in 1992. At that time, new engineering solutions and business automation were not in demand in Russia, as more than 4/5 companies experienced financial difficulties. The development of the company began with cooperation with the Ministry of Railways, one of the high-tech sectors of the Russian economy.

Already in the early 2000s, Technoserv’s profit exceeded $ 500 million. In 2006, the company moved to the international market. Business relations with Uzbekistan and Ukraine began after the opening of branches in neighboring countries.

A year after that, Technoserv was able to double its profit. According to the accounting report, in 2007 the profit amounted to more than $ 1 billion.

In 2008, another high-tech organization, Sputnik Labs, joined the Technoserv group. In the same year, Technoserv acquired a 74% stake in Reksoft, the main domestic software development service provider.

This year was also successful in terms of the development of international relations. In addition to Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Technoserv has opened international branches in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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A year later, Belarus became a partner of the Technoserv company in the international arena. The organization became the sole owner of the Volga Information Technology Corporation.

After 2 years, Kazakhstan became the new partners of Technoserv (the Technoserv Eurasia branch opened in the country) and Kyrgyzstan. IT organization acquired the main stake in BiAi Telecom.

Technoserv's activities in Russia

Since 2011, Technoserv has been the only organization in Russia that provides technical support for the processing and issuance of new generation passports and visas. In addition, the majority of government orders in the field of automation of business processes and software development are received precisely by Technoserv.

From 2012 to 2018, Technoserv took part:

  • in creating an automated system for collecting and processing information for the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation;
  • in the creation and operation of a telecommunication monitoring system for state institutions in Moscow;
  • in the implementation of a large-scale domestic information project "ERA-GLONASS";
  • in introducing a system of virtual jobs for employees of the Pension Fund of Russia;
  • in the information modernization of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

According to reviews by Technoserv employees, the organization is the first in the country to receive the international REBRAND 100 Global Awards.

Prestige and success of the organization

Not only commercial financial companies want to automate production and accelerate business processes. The main customer of Technoserva, according to the results of the 3rd quarter of 2018, was the state. Government orders account for more than 29%.

The second most important customers are telecommunications companies. The share of their orders is more than 23%. The third place among the main customers is occupied by financial institutions (banks, private pension funds, MFIs).

Regular orders and great popularity in the field of IT technologies allowed the Technoserv organization to reach a constant profit of 50 billion rubles within 4 years.

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Since 2015, the company's revenue has not fallen below the specified threshold. The most successful was 2016. The Technoserv company managed to earn 52.4 billion rubles. In 2018, the VTB group of companies purchased a 40% stake in the organization.

Clients of the Technoservice company

To be in demand by the organization and attract the best specialists, it is not enough to have an interesting concept and products for sale. Having well-known customers is what truly symbolizes success.

The Technoservice Group cooperates with the following largest organizations in the country:

  • Gazprom
  • PJSC "Sberbank";
  • "Megaphone";
  • Tinkoff Bank;
  • "VTB 24";
  • Binbank;
  • Promsvyazbank;
  • "Renaissance Insurance";
  • "Mig Credit";
  • "White bird";
  • "M Video";
  • Russian Agricultural Bank;
  • Tinkoff Insurance;
  • Aeroflot;
  • Rosbank.
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Most financial institutions represent the banking sector. This is not surprising: with the advent of online services, more than 1/3 of customers prefer to pay utility bills, make transfers, open cards and arrange loans online in their online bank.

Having a quick mobile application and an automated system for monitoring compliance with quality standards is what financial institutions need to be competitive in their field.

Examples of successful activities of the Technoserv organization

Examples of effective cooperation with banks (based on reviews of the Technoserv company):

  • in 2018, Technoserv helped implement a new project of Sberbank - the unique SberKids mobile application;
  • working with debtors at Rosbank now takes less time, thanks to the automation of the process using IT technology;
  • the provision of services to customers has become 300% faster - such opportunities have become available to VTB after the implementation of a new project in conjunction with an innovative organization.

More information about what and how Technoserv specialists managed to implement it can be found on the website, in the section "Success Stories". For example, an article on automation of processing loan applications of Tinkoff Bank indicates that, thanks to Technoserv, application processing now takes no more than 15 minutes. This is the maximum time for consideration of the borrower's profile when loading the system at several thousand applications per hour.

The average time for considering a loan application at Tinkoff Bank is now no more than 5 minutes. It was possible to achieve such results by optimizing the main process in the bank - online processing of applications for loans and credit cards. Since the bank does not have branches, online services are its main way of attracting customers and making profits.

According to Technoserv employees, the development and implementation of the system took no more than 10 months.

Employer Requirements for Applicants

The company, which occupies a leading position in Russia in the field of automation of business processes, carefully refers to the selection of personnel. Employees of Technoserv have passed more than one test for a successful career.

Technoserv’s requirements include:

  1. Profile education. The presence of a diploma is a prerequisite for hiring an organization that requires not only full return from employees, but also qualifications.
  2. Personal interest in the development of the organization. Each employee of Technoserv should do his job with the maximum benefit for the company. It is encouraged to offer fresh solutions regarding the development of new areas or the implementation of projects.
  3. The presence of mandatory qualities. A member of the Technoserv team must be active, purposeful, responsible.
  4. Teamwork. It is important for applicants to show that they are able and willing to work in a close-knit team. Leadership is an advantage in employment, but they should not be higher than the interests of the Technoserva team.
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According to reviews of Technoserv employees, a prerequisite for hiring is to go through a polygraph. A lie detector is able to weed out those who pursue selfish goals or have previously been implicated in dubious stories. Having a work book without comment and severe reprimands is an advantage.

Technoserv does not have strict requirements for work experience. But an employee who has certain knowledge will have an advantage over those who can only submit a diploma of education.

How to become a member of the team?

According to employees' reviews of Technoserv in Saratov, more than 4/5 of employees were accepted into the company without experience in high technology and process automation. Proficiency testing is carried out by testing.

In order to get a job, applicants must go through all stages of testing, including the polygraph, and wait for communication with the HR manager. Before passing the tests, potential employees talk with the head of the department, who tells them about the features of work and brings them up to date.

If the decision on employment at Technoserv after communicating with an employee of the company has not changed, then they must submit their documents for verification by security officers. Since Technoserv operates in the field of computer technology, the company's security service must provide data on the absence of a criminal record from applicants.

Entries in the workbook also matter: those who have previously been fired under Art. 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (loss of confidence), there is practically no chance of becoming a member of the Technoserv team.

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After checking the company’s security service and passing the tests, applicants should wait for a solution. According to reviews by Technoserv employees in Moscow, the notification period does not exceed 2 days. If, after the communication period has not been received from the managers of the Technoserv organization, the applicant can call the personnel department. A feedback number is given after completing the required hiring course.

Is it easy to get a job at Technoserv? Opinions of applicants

According to reviews of the Technoserv employer, there are vacancies in almost every city. There is information on the web about the device in the organization. Every 10th review is dedicated to staff turnover.

According to reviews of Technoserv in Saratov, the organization has strict requirements for new employees. Not always beginners manage to easily join the team. More than 2/3 of those who quit complained about complex relationships with superiors.

But most of the employee reviews about Technoserv are positive. Despite the big "flow", the team reigns in a friendly atmosphere. Competition is always present, but it is an impetus for the implementation of business plans and the implementation of significant projects.

It’s not easy to get into Technoserv, but those who succeeded are very pleased with their work. The conditions provided by the organization are comfortable in every way. This is often told at interviews when applying for a job at Technoserv. Beginners should try not to just fulfill their duties, but develop in a well-known and reliable company.

Conditions for Technoserv employees

For the business to produce results, employees should be provided with the most comfortable working conditions. The Technoserv organization has everything to make employees happy. According to the reviews of Technoserv employees in Saratov (one of the largest regional branches is located there), the company offers the following:

  1. Comprehensive voluntary health insurance program. Insurance allows you to receive high-quality medical services in trusted centers. As part of the program, Technoserv employees can choose a medical facility near their home or work to be examined, treated for no extra cost.
  2. Corporate cellular communications. This allows you to reduce the cost of regular calls within the team, as well as customers.
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For development and career growth, Technoserv provides:

  1. Development within the company. Courses are taught by leading experts, leaders in their industries.
  2. Passing training with partners. For advanced training, it is recommended to take courses not only at Technoserv offices.
  3. For self-development, company employees can take English courses at a discount.

Cooperation with leading financial institutions has its advantages: Technoserv employees can purchase goods and services at a discount at specified points of sale. The discount amount is set by the partner of the organization. To take advantage of the offer, you must bring along any document confirming work at Technoserv (for example, a pass or an employment contract).

Opinions of employees about work in Technoserv

Half the success in any business depends on the team - directors, managers and ordinary employees. In the high-tech organization Technoserv, the selection of personnel is carried out very carefully. Not all applicants can become team members. But those who are fortunate enough to join the ranks of the organization are happy to share their views on working conditions on the Internet.

At Technoserv in Saratov, workers like a comfortable office. It is located on emb. Cosmonauts, d. 5. This is a modern and convenient business building.

To get a job in an organization that accepts thousands of orders from the state, the largest financial companies, you need to go through a rigorous selection process, including a lie detector. As employees of Technoserva noted in their reviews, the weakest participants are eliminated at this stage.

After passing a polygraph in Saratov, applicants work on passing the test. Tasks are not for everyone. More than 2/3 of those who left reviews about Technoserv note that they are obligatorily checking future employees for stress resistance.

All employees must have a set of specific qualities. Strict management always monitors the implementation of instructions and punishes for the slightest deviations from the norm. In the company "Technoserv" it is important to economically relate to the fixed assets of the company. They affect the budget of the enterprise. According to reviews of Technoserv, those who waste wasted paper and ink for the printer are punished by management.

About pay: an inside view

Employees often comment on salaries, benefits and other employer suggestions. Technoserv is the organization that always transfers funds without delay.

But according to reviews by Tekhnoserva Consulting employees in Moscow, wages are below average. In the regions, wages are 98% lower than in the capital. Remuneration for such a significant company is one of the components of its reputation. But not all employees are happy with how their work is evaluated.

Of the negative aspects, it is worth noting more frequent processing. In 85% of cases they are paid, but not always the employee can rely on compensation for time spent in excess of the established limit. Reviews about the employer of Tekhnoserv Consulting indicate that managers and IT specialists are ready to work overtime only on condition of 100% payment of these hours.

Career Opportunity at Technoserv

Salaries of leading specialists are higher than the average for Russia. TOP managers, whose responsibilities include the conclusion of significant agreements and full control of the transaction, receive more than 1 million rubles a year.

technoserv company employee reviews

“Dream job” is unattainable for many team members, despite the fact that almost every employee has career prospects at Technoserv. Applicants will find out about this even before passing through the polygraph, in an interview with the head of the department. According to the reviews of Technoserva Consulting employees, in some departments there are more prospects than in others.

The possibility of career growth over 2 years of work depends on the leadership and personal aspiration of the employee. Not all talented professionals, engineers, and managers become team leaders, mentors, or department heads. According to reviews of Technoserva Consulting employees, it is important not to argue with the authorities. Active participation in the development and implementation of projects is welcome.

A priority in business is the implementation of significant projects. According to the reviews of Technoserva Consulting employees, these are not only government orders, but also applications from banks such as Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB24, Rosbank, etc.

What does not suit the technoserv workers?

Despite the availability of prospects, not everyone in the employer is happy with the team. Complaints described on the Web are advisory rather than critical. They can be fixed within 1-2 months.

One of the main complaints is the distance from the metro in Moscow. But the office is located near the station, which, on the contrary, is convenient for other employees.

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Salaries do not suit all employees, but they are always paid without delay. Salary consists of salary and bonus. The salary is about 70%, the bonus usually does not exceed 30% of earnings. Ambitious and motivated employees write in their reviews that according to the results of effective work they can appoint a bonus of 2-5 salaries. Such incentives are paid to those who helped with the implementation of an important project, responsibly treated the fixed assets of Technoserv and did not violate labor discipline.

In general, the opinion of Technoserv employees about their employer is positive. Work in a company in any region is considered a prestigious occupation, and regular salary payments cannot but rejoice. "Technoserv" offers VHI, full social services. package and corporate training programs. All this allows you to grow to the head of the department or project manager after 1 year of work in the company.

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