Custom Pasta Cookies - New to Promotional Products.

Many people think that pasta is something like spaghetti. Nothing like this! This appetizing, enticing delicate aroma, delicious cake. It has a French origin and is very popular in Europe, although the USA has its own analogue. It is called macaroon (macaroon).

Custom pasta baking will help you get more than just dessert. It will be an ideal and effective element of the image of the company. Macaron mini simply melt in your mouth and leave a lasting impression in the soul of any representative of the target audience!

Try a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea and you don’t even have to go to France. The full feeling that you are sitting at a street table in one of the Parisian cafes!

Custom Macaron: Premium Product

Logo pasta

The company produces such pasta mini, once tasted that it is impossible to refuse the repetition of pleasure! A delicacy with a delicate taste came to us from France.

Custom-made pasta production is one of the most unbreakable and effective advertising moves. We produce desserts in any volume. It should be noted that in the homeland and throughout the European continent for a long time it was considered a pleasure intended only for aristocrats. Today we bake dessert for everyone.

Why is this product so popular? First of all, he is unbroken. Marketers and advertisers know how highly you can enhance your company’s image with this versatile product. Macaron:

  • will become a real advertising tool, if applied in a branding campaign;
  • it will help to significantly promote goods and / or services;
  • Despite its small size, it will raise the status of the company to a tangible height.

This is truly an amazing product that works for your company! We put a logo or any other elements of corporate culture on pasta, and sweetness begins to form a sweet sensation for your target audience.

How it works? We all understand that any positive emotions are connected with something. This is human psychology. Imagine how much positive will be caused by the name of your company or the name of the product you have produced for the target audience that has already tried pasta! He will highlight your logo among competitors at the subconscious level. The victory in the competition will remain with you.

Professional baking: pasta with custom logo

The company for many years engaged in the production of delicious and original products. With the logo, we produce custom-made chocolates and chocolate sets, “Comme il faut” and “Expanse” candies, chewing gum, portion sugar and much more. A mini pasta with a logo is one of our new products, and it works especially efficiently.

Hurry up to take advantage of the indefiniteness of this worthy product. Few companies still produce and order pasta to order, and therefore this marketing move is particularly effective.

Of course, we still produce a variety of delicious products, and therefore the choice remains wide. Ready to shape gift bags. At the same time, pasta baking with a logo is really a novelty in the Russian market. Do not miss her.

We bake mini pasta in sets of 3, 6 or 12 pieces. The volume of the order is not limited. We already interact on an ongoing basis with many professionals and company owners. We are pleased to expand our customer base, and therefore we invite you to profitable cooperation:

  • AXO and departments providing exhibition, corporate and other events;
  • marketers and employees of advertising departments (agencies);
  • reasonable business owners and any responsible persons.

We sign contracts with enterprises throughout Russia. For the convenience of our customers, we have opened factory representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, in Yoshkar-Ola.

We produce macaron mini in workshops with well-equipped production lines. Foreign technologies and natural components are used. Products are certified. The assortment of flavors is wide. Our customers choose by:

  • color (pink, turquoise, yellow and others);
  • weight, size of the package and the pasta itself, filling (a wide range of tastes);
  • printing and packaging (CMYK colors);
  • with a circulation of 480 pieces - additional possible options (relief stamping, embossing, silk-screen printing, Pantone).

How to place and receive an order

We accept requests by phone or online. Upon receipt of the application for pasta baking with the logo, the specialist responsible for each individual order will offer a layout that meets the wishes of the client.

Dates for the production of dessert products vary and depend on a number of parameters. The minimum baking and product delivery period is from 15 working days. With this in mind, we always recommend placing an order in advance, especially if it is timed to holiday dates or significant events in the country.

Our manufacturing prices custom macaroni with logo client companies are also varied, but they are always available. A system of discounts has been developed for regular and wholesale customers.


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