Brown manicure manicure: design ideas with photo

Brown nail polish is a great alternative to black. It looks more restrained and also goes well with different shades and styles. Therefore, this color is more and more popular. Thanks to a wide palette of shades, the design can be made as bright saturated, as well as more delicate and sophisticated.

plain brown manicure

Color combinations

A manicure with brown varnish will look beautiful both in a plain design and complemented by other colors. They must complement each other so that the design looks aesthetically pleasing:

  1. Nude shades blend perfectly with brown, allowing you to create interesting coffee patterns.
  2. Golden also looks beneficial in such a combination and is suitable for evening manicure.
  3. With white - a win-win combination, suitable for any style. Especially if it's a shade of dark chocolate.

Of course, you can use other colors to create beautiful patterns. But they must be in harmony with each other so that one of them is dominant.

stylish brown manicure

The most popular nail art options

Nail painting is becoming more popular. He is chosen not only for evening nail art, but also in order to add a twist to the image. What options for drawings for manicure with brown varnish are most often chosen:

  1. Coffee patterns - you can draw both a cup and grains. Some create complex drawings on their nails, like experienced barista on a froth of coffee.
  2. Chocolate is the very first thing brown is associated with. Therefore, any design on the theme of sweets will be appropriate.
  3. Autumn - most often draw bright leaves on a dark brown background. No less popular are the images of foxes and squirrels.

Of course, you can depict flowers and delicate lace on your nails. Laconic geometric pattern is already a classic in the world of nail art.

brown manicure with geometric pattern

Lace moon design

A manicure with brown varnish, complemented by an openwork pattern, looks sophisticated and makes the image more elegant. It is best to paint them with white varnish in this version, because darker shades will not look so profitable against such a background:

  1. To make a moon manicure, attach a semicircular stencil to the area of โ€‹โ€‹the hole.
  2. Cover the rest of the nail plate with brown polish.
  3. With a thin brush, white, draw beautiful patterns that look like lace.

For greater solemnity, decorate the monograms with small rhinestones or a rim of the hole. This will be a decoration for your nails.

beautiful pattern manicure

Knitted design

Manicure with brown gel polish can be done in a cozy, "knitted" design, perfect for the cold season. For greater effect, use "velvet sand" to add a pleasant texture. Patterns that are used in knitting are transferred to the nails, for example, a โ€œpigtailโ€:

  1. Coat the plates with the desired shade of brown.
  2. Then start applying gel polish. A feature of this technique is that each element of the drawing must be applied separately and wait for it to dry. Then the pattern will be neat.
  3. "Velvet sand" also needs to be applied to each element separately, removing excess brush.

But even without this powder, the design will look unusual and attract the attention of others. You can add small neat rhinestones - it will become more effective.

Coffee Style

Beige-brown manicure with gel polish is the most popular combination of shades, which can be varied with interesting patterns. It can be combined with matte and glossy effects, which will make the design more original:

  1. Paint one half of the nail with a matte varnish of a saturated brown shade, the second with glossy beige. The border can be made not just straight, but slightly rounded to make it smoother.
  2. Drop on the bright half with brown varnish and stretch it with a needle or a toothpick.
  3. If you used varnishes with a glossy effect, then you can apply a top coat on top.

You can make the above pattern on a pair of marigolds, and on others - a plain background with one of the shades used. This pattern is similar to the pattern on the foam of coffee.

beautiful brown manicure

Autumn design

In the photo of a manicure with brown varnish you can see a variation on the autumn theme. Of course, you can use stickers to create a neat design. But you can draw it yourself with a thin brush:

  1. Coat your nails with a dark chocolate shade.
  2. On one draw a maple leaf over the entire area. To simplify the drawing process, you can use a stencil. For maple leaf, use a bright color (red, orange). Or make a background using the ombre technique. To do this, apply the desired colors on a small piece of the sponge and transfer them to the nail.
  3. On a pair of marigolds in the upper part, draw small colorful leaves and circle them with black varnish.

Such bright colors will look more effective on a matte texture. The design is not too provocative and is suitable for restrained and elegant outfits. Of course, the clothes should be one of the shades used in the creation of manicure.

manicure with a pattern of autumn leaves

With casting effect

The design of brown manicure with gel polish can be combined with modern techniques. For example, casting - using foil. Gold is best combined with this color. You can do the casting on the whole nail or mark it with a pattern.

For this, a piece of foil is attached to a dry coating. Then they are removed with a sharp movement. Or paint the desired pattern with varnish, and then attach the foil and do the same manipulations. You have got a luxurious stylish manicure. Of course, it will look more spectacular if your outfit is brown or gold.


One of the most popular techniques used in nail design. You can make such a manicure with brown gel polish. It will turn out not too gloomy, will keep its laconicism and restraint. To create it, use special stencils that allow you to make the design neat.

Choose a lighter background than for the smile line. For her, you can use glitter varnish. A design made in such a calm range, with the addition of a small amount of sparkles, will become brighter and more spectacular. The thinner the โ€œsmileโ€ line, the more elegant the French will be.

french in brown shades

After looking at the photo of a manicure with a brown gel polish, you will see that it turns out to be completely boring, beautiful and without the use of a large number of bright colors and rhinestones. A design made in such a gamut is most often chosen in the cold season. But it all depends on how you decided to decorate your nails.

Brown is one of the favorites among those who prefer a restrained, formal-business style in clothes. A large palette of shades allows you to make a beautiful manicure for any length of nails. And combining it with fashionable techniques, you can create an interesting and stylish design.


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