Strengthening Nails - The Key to Their Health

It is impossible to make a beautiful manicure on thin and painful nails, it is difficult to reproduce a nail art drawing, and indeed - their appearance does not cause sympathy. But well-groomed female hands suffer a lot if the nails are not put in order, as this part spoils their entire appearance. It is for these reasons that before starting to "bring beauty", you should perform such a task as treatment and strengthening of nails.

Marigolds require protection

What is most of all for our nails? First of all, these are the achievements of our time - washing powders, detergents for washing and cleaning. In addition, a lack of vitamins and an unfavorable environment, that is, constant companions of residents of the urban "stone" jungle, play their role. Owing to these reasons, ladies' claws suffer, often break and exfoliate, lose their natural color and shape, and become fragile. For proper treatment, it is necessary to rid the pens of contact with household chemicals, using gloves when working, and lubricating the skin with a greasy cream after it.

Modern cosmetics make it possible to apply such an original method as gel nail strengthening, which is gaining more and more popularity among female representatives. And this is not surprising - the “claws” cured in this way practically do not change outwardly, they only become stronger and stronger, without peeling off or breaking. With the help of gel, the nail plate can even be extended if the modern fashionista has such a desire.

Tasty and healthy treatment

As for the natural treatment and strengthening of nails, it is impossible without proper nutrition with enough vitamins and minerals. Calcium must be present in the diet, it is best in combination with vitamins of group D, which can be provided with dairy products, dates and figs, almonds and vegetables. Nails require a large amount of iodine, which is rich in spinach, vitamin A in vegetable juices and iron in meat and fish products.

But in addition to internal treatment, external is also required. For this, the nails should be constantly “nourished” with special oil and healing cream. These substances should be used to rub the nail plates, paying attention not only to the contour, but also to the cuticles, which, after softening with an orange stick, can be gently shifted, giving the nails the opportunity to fully breathe. The composition of nutritious cosmetics should include substances such as liposomes, keratin, vitamin C and proteins, which are vital for strengthening the plate and its successful opposition to the harmful effects of the world.

Home care

Strengthening nails at home can be very effective - many tools help, for example, a glycerin compress, which includes a solution of water (75 ml.), Alum (3 g.) And glycerin (25 g.). This compress nourishes the nail plates, stimulates their internal protection against brittleness and gives a natural healthy color. It is also effective to strengthen nails with a compress of olive oil (2-3 drops), diluted with lemon juice (5 drops), which can strengthen and improve nails. But the most effective ways to take care of hands at home are regular massage, which gives elasticity to the nails and skin of the hands, and so-called paraffin therapy, which can improve blood circulation to the fingers, accelerate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the very tips of the nails.

Once the nails are put in order, you can do their decoration - manicure or nail art, but do not think that a one-time treatment was enough. It is necessary to treat these capricious parts of the human body regularly, but with much less difficulties.


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