Beautiful DIY candy box: step-by-step description, photo

Holiday ... And what is it? In the understanding of any person - an adult or a child - this is a gift, a wish, an atmosphere of joy! But in this way you can make any day festive! And to give absolutely optional expensive gifts - sweets are quite suitable. It is only necessary to pack them correctly and unusually!

Beautiful handmade candy boxes made by yourself will be a wonderful solution!

And, if you think about it, the festive occasions in our lives are endless - birthdays, then the New Year's Eve, then March 8, etc. And this only means that being able to pack gifts is important for everyone!

This becomes especially noticeable before the New Year holidays. Everyone needs to be gifted, but I want everyone to remember this joyful moment for a long time.

Just handed out things will not leave a bright trace in memory, will not be able to create an entourage, and factory finished packaging is not always affordable! How to be It’s so great to please your loved ones, and a cute box will certainly help! It is she who is the first that the gifted sees.

So what's the deal? Do it yourself gift boxes yourself - for sweets, small and large things, toys ... In this way you will add uniqueness to the most modest gift.

Tools and materials necessary for work

To create holiday packages you will need to purchase:

  • Cardboard. It should be very tight, even corrugated, from boxes from under household appliances.
  • Paper. Here the choice is huge - from the usual color to the one used in scrapbooking, foil, pastel, double-sided, beer, packaging, etc.
  • Whatman. On it you can personally apply any patterns and ornaments.
  • A pack of dense paper napkins with a matching print.
  • Satin ribbons, various braid, laces, becheva, sisal.
  • Beads, beads, buttons.
  • Masking and double-sided tape.
  • All kinds of adhesives - from a pencil to a hot glue in a gun. In the arsenal should be present transparent quick-drying - for decorating boxes with beads.
  • Rulers, pencils, compasses or round objects.
  • Puncher, punch - for punching holes in cardboard.
  • Templates of all kinds and sizes will also come in handy.
  • Felt sheets, fabric, felt, cotton.
  • Lurex, sparkles.

In general, you can decorate the surface of the box for chocolates with your own hands as you like - here everything depends only on your preferences and taste. The only condition is that it is necessary to decorate in moderation - sometimes nothing is better than too much!

Tips for making gift boxes from experienced craftswomen

He, in fact, will be only one: you should not start your first work from the expensive paper that you prepared for your box. First, start with the usual tight - so you will understand in what places to make cuts, how best to bend, how to assemble the package. It will also become clear whether the container is suitable for such sizes or whether it can be slightly reduced (increased) in one place or another.

box with a lid

Listen to this recommendation, and there will be less cost and frustration in your work!

Simple box in the form of a square or rectangle

This is a universal packaging suitable for any gifts. It is possible to put everything into it - sweets, cookies, soap, jewelry, etc. Naturally, the size and design must necessarily correspond to the present. Also orient the gift to the style of the event - a romantic date, New Year's Eve, birthday ... You can withstand the postal style by wrapping the box in wrapping paper and pasting stamps on it. Paper in a small flower looks great - it will create a mood of tenderness. In general, to each his own!

So, we create a DIY box for chocolates with the simplest manufacturing technology! In this case, we will not do a separate cover.

First, decide what size box we need. Then we make all the drawings on plain paper. We cut and try to bend, evaluating the correctness of measurements.

In the case of an incorrect decision, you just need to draw a pattern by changing the dimension.

Having adjusted to the necessary form and having come to the final template, we transfer it to the main paper or cardboard. With the help of scissors we cut out.

We push all the bends with a blunt narrow object, for example, with the ends of scissors, bend along the resulting groove.

We attach double-sided tape to the joints, although it is possible to glue with simple glue - as you prefer.

We glue and decorate the surface with any improvised means.

Done! Put a present and tie a ribbon!

Origami paper box

This gift box is created without any patterns, pencils and scissors. To make it, take a simple sheet of cardboard - preferably not the thickest one - and bend it according to the scheme. The lid is made in exactly the same way, only the sheet is taken with sides 4-5 mm larger.

origami box

An important condition here is only the square shape of the sheet. After spending just a few minutes, you will get an excellent and neat box for sweets, made of cardboard yourself!

Packaging with lids

The necessary tools are common here:

  • Sheets of cardboard.
  • A piece of pastel paper.
  • Lace or twine.
  • Scissors with a wavy edge and ordinary.
  • Decor - beads, sequins.
  • Glue, pencil, punch.

The walls of these boxes are double. Dimensions depend on the size of the gift.

square box

There are 2 assembly methods, try both. To do this, we will do the top and bottom in different ways.

  1. So, we put a gift on cardboard and outline the contours. Next, draw a detail around the box itself.
  2. We squeeze each bend line, helping ourselves with a ruler, bend everything and glue it.
  3. We will cover the corners bent in the box with another wall and glue everything completely.

The advantage of this assembly option is that it gives very neat corners. It is not recommended to do very small boxes this way - a double fold gives a rough look to the product.

We leave the bottom of the box to dry, and we will take care of the lid.

It should be larger than the bottom, so 5 mm should be added to each side.

The differences in assembly are that the corner parts will need to be trimmed. This gives more elegant corners and a lighter look.

The process is similar to the first. When gluing, use glue and clamps to fix the double walls.

That's it - the box is ready, it remains to do the decor!

Here, the options are endless, depending only on your imagination! You can simply paste over the box with beautiful paper, or you can add flowers, beads, lace, etc.

Envelope, bonbonniere, case

But is it really necessary to spend precious time gluing, drying and finishing the packaging? No, of course! Do-it-yourself paper box for chocolates doesn’t have to be tight. Only a beautiful picture is important.

Similar boxes are made from a piece of thick paper. The main thing here will be the use of very sharp scissors and the correct folds in the right places.

Let's start!

For example, an envelope is the easiest to make.

envelope template

Transfer the above pattern to beautiful double-sided paper and cut it out. Now fold it in folds and close by folding together all the elements or bandaging it with a ribbon.

Packaging cases look insanely stylish, concise, suitable for men.

template for case

Although brightly decorated, it is excellent for a women's gift!

Bonbonniere - a special box!

pattern for bonbonniere

Translated from the French language means "candy store". Such custom boxes are quite an expensive pleasure! Yes, this is useless! They are made easily and simply with their own hands.

Curly boxes

Such packaging models are better suited to women's presentations. But this is not necessary - depending on how to decorate them and what to put inside.

Even after the passage of time, it’s a pity to throw out this box for sweets, made of cardboard with your own hands. They perfectly serve as caskets for small items, a case for needlework, etc.

Such packages are made in the form of hearts, circles, ovals.

Let's try to assemble one of the simplest forms ourselves.

  1. The first step is to draw a circle of the required diameter. We need to cut 6 blanks in the amount of four from corrugated cardboard and two from paper. Still need 3 stripes of thick paper with a length equal to the length of our circles. In width, they are all different - one is equal to the height of the box, the second is narrower by 8-10 mm, and the third is the height of the lid.
  2. The second step is to glue 2 circles of corrugated cardboard and glue paper on top.
  3. The third stage: the first and second strips of the sidewall are glued with a shift along the oblique (diagonal) somewhere around 10 mm.
  4. Now we take the bottom and in a circle we glue on it a double strip of cardboard, with the beautiful side up.
  5. We will do the same with the lid by gluing the narrowest strip.

Such a box for a bouquet of sweets made by yourself is perfect. Only its sides should be made a little higher than just for sweets.

heart shaped box

Decoration of the box is not required, it can simply be tied with a ribbon.

Cardboard Cake Box

The next packaging option is perfect for an event where a present is prepared for everyone. A few cardboard pieces of cake look great together on a dish in the form of a paper cake.

How to make a candy box in the shape of a dessert with your own hands?

Using a compass or some round object - plate, for example, draw a circle on a piece of cardboard. Next, we adjust the template to the desired size and cut it out.

boxes in the form of pieces of cake

Below is a template for making one piece.

cake template

Everything is cut out, glued, and then decorated with paper flowers, felt fruits, beads, etc.

In the same way, you need to create several “pieces”, decorate them and put them into a whole “cake”.

Box- "cake" of felt and plastic

But this idea is perfect for a non-separable "cake". Such a box for do-it-yourself sweets is done very quickly.

We will need to acquire a plastic container or another flat container - round, square, curly - it does not matter.

Also needed is a felt suitable for color, satin ribbons, double-sided tape or glue, synthetic winterizer, beads.

From the material we cut out two parts equal to the surface of the container, and two strips for the box and the lid.

Glue each felt detail onto plastic with tape or glue, hiding the joints at the joints with ribbons.

Decorate in the style of a confectionery, put sweets inside and give!

Do-it-yourself Christmas candy box

Traditionally, it is customary to give sweets for the New Year. And for the box you can’t come up with a better shape than a fabulous house!

So, stock up:

  • Thick (about 2.5 mm) cardboard.
  • White whatman.
  • Glue PVA and glue gun.
  • Clerical knife.
  • Scissors.
  • Masking tape.
  • Tassels.
  • White paint.
  • With a pencil.
  • Decorative napkins in New Year's style.
  • Colored paper.
  • White cardboard.
  • Lace.
  • Satin ribbons.

Creating a box for chocolates with your own hands in the form of a house is absolutely easy. It will just be necessary to carefully cut out each detail, and then put everything together.

gift box - house

For perfectly even edges of parts, they need to be cut only with a stationery knife. Although if the thickness of the cardboard is less than two millimeters, then you can do it with one pair of scissors.

When decorating surfaces, pay attention to the original shades of cardboard - the wall is glued with napkins using decoupage technique and can remain dark, but on the roof there is an imitation of snow cover - it is better to paint it with white acrylic paint or glue whatman paper before gluing the napkins.

The interior of the box-house is done using cloth or multi-colored paper. Thin felt looks great.

In order to assemble the entire structure, it is necessary to cut out all the parts.

house templates

Then, using silicone glue, they fasten the bottom and sides of the house, gently smearing each rib and pressing it to the others, observing fixation at a right angle.

From the inside, we glue everything with strips of masking tape, strengthening the entire frame. We finish the internal walls after the glue has completely dried.

At this stage, it will be most convenient to do the pasting of the front side with napkins.

We apply very thin PVA glue to each wall and apply a layer with a pattern. We smooth everything carefully, avoiding breaks.

With the walls finished, we begin to deal with the roof. Paint it with white paint and glue napkins with snowflakes print.

The edges of the roof are decorated with a lace strip, beads and artificial snow.

We glue it on only one side of the house, the second part will be used as a box cover.

Pour candy to the top - and a great gift is ready!

DIY handmade candy boxes

This box in the form of a bag is made simple. For her you need:

  • A small piece of corrugated paper.
  • A4 paperboard.
  • Ribbon.
  • Glue gun, plate, scissors.

First draw a circle using the plate on the cardboard. Cut a half from it and glue a conical shape from it.

Attach the corrugated paper to its edges, slightly scraping.

That's all, just fill the cone with sweets, and tie the top with a beautiful ribbon.


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