Pythagoras system: calculation and application

Numerology is an interesting and unique science. And all because numbers have a big impact on our lives. This is especially true for the date when a person was born. The Pythagorean system (psychomatrix) is a kind of numerological horoscope that allows you to determine the main character traits. Through simple calculations, you can find out all the strengths and weaknesses of the personality. And you only need a date of birth and the ability to perform small arithmetic operations.

Pythagoras and numbers

The greatest Hellenic sage claimed that one could only know the world by knowing the numbers that governed him, and he was well versed not only in mathematics, but also in philosophy and mysticism. Pythagoreans (followers and students of Pythagoras), studying the world, found that everything in it is interconnected. And the main link that unites everything is the number. If you make simple manipulations with him, you can learn a lot about a person, about his strengths and weaknesses. In addition, Pythagoras used only single digits (0-9) to know himself and the world around him. Each of them has a special power and characteristic. The Pythagorean system is based precisely on single digits.

Pythagorean horoscope


In order to make the square of Pythagoras and find out what qualities a particular person possesses, for a start some calculations should be made. To calculate the psychomatrix, write down the date of your birth, for example:

February 17, 1987 - February 17, 1987 - this is the first row of numbers. The second will consist of 4 numbers. Let's try to calculate them:

  1. The first number is the sum of all the digits of the first row: 1 + 7 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 35.
  2. The second is the sum of the first: 3 + 5 = 8.
  3. The third number - from the first you need to subtract the doubled first digit of the birthday: 35 - 1 * 2 = 33.
  4. To get the fourth number, you need to add the numbers of the third: 3 + 3 = 6.

Thus, for calculation according to the Pythagorean system (numerology), we obtain two rows of numbers:

  • 17021987;
  • 358336.

Pythagoras Square

The numbers obtained in the calculation must be entered in special cells. To do this, draw a table of 3 x 3. From the obtained rows, you need to enter all the numbers in the corresponding cells. So, a unit occurs 2 times, a deuce - 1, a triple - 3, etc. If, however, there is no digit, a dash should be put. Be sure to check the table, the number of numbers in it must match the number recorded in the rows. Zero is not written to any square.

Pythagoras number system

Explanation of Values

The numbers in each of the squares have their own unique meaning. The more squared the numbers turned out, the more pronounced this or that quality.

  1. Units are a strength of character, a will.
  2. Two denotes human energy.
  3. The three are responsible for the exact sciences.
  4. Four is human health.
  5. Five denotes logic, intuition.
  6. Six shows a tendency to physical labor and a degree of earthiness.
  7. Seven is luck.
  8. Eight stands for responsibility.
  9. Nine is mind and memory.

In the Pythagorean system, lines, lines and diagonals also play an important role. Each of them is responsible for certain areas of human life. But first they evaluate the psychomatrix and begin, of course, from one.

First square

The lack of units in a person indicates that he has neither strength of character, nor will. These are people who rarely act on their own. Usually there is a strong personality next to them, to which they listen. Interestingly, such people are not born often. Only starting in 2000, were individuals born without units.

Calculation according to the Pythagorean system

One unit (1) is dropped by a person who is a refined egoist. From any business, he benefits for himself. But it cannot be said that his willpower is highly developed. He will be active only in the most extreme cases.

Two units (11) are characteristic of people who lack praise. They often talk too much about themselves and their virtues. They have willpower, and they can show character, but only in some situations. In order to achieve high heights in life, two units are few.

Three units (111) are strong and strong-willed individuals who care more about others than about themselves. They are always ready to help and give advice. Such personalities make progress in their careers and, with all their kindness, do not allow them to "ride on themselves."

Four units (1111) are very demanding and purposeful. They know exactly what they want and often achieve this. But if in the second square such a person does not have twos, then his own ambitions, he most likely will not be able to realize.

Five units (11111) and more in the Pythagorean system are quite rare. Such people are real dictators. They tend to subjugate other people. They like to give commands, but they rarely listen to the people around them. Sometimes a surplus of units gives the exact opposite effect. A person can be weak-minded. He constantly doubts everything, is shy and rarely gives vent to emotions.

Second square

Deuces in the Pythagorean system by date of birth are responsible for human energy. Their absence indicates that the person is rather passive. He does not like to act and, as a rule, relies on chance. Such people need energy supply, and therefore often draw energy from other, stronger people.

  1. Such people are a little lazy. They do not like physical labor too much. They try to avoid conflicts and quarrels, so as not to spend an already small amount of energy. People who have only one deuce in the Pythagoras system by date of birth will benefit from playing sports. It is there that they can draw on the missing energy potential.
  2. This combination indicates that a person has enough energy to do everyday business, go to work. If a person does not feel this, then a channel is open through which all energy flows out. In any case, two deuces are enough to realize your dreams and fantasies, you only need to make a little effort.
  3. If you have three deuces in the Pythagorean system by the date of birth, then you are an energetically very strong personality. Such a person may have well-developed extrasensory abilities or the gift of healing. Very often, such personalities have many friends.

2222 and more. Energy is in full swing. It is important for a person to share his energy with others. For this reason, he should choose a profession related to helping or training other people.

Third square

Exact sciences and decency - that is what the troika is responsible for. Its absence in the square indicates that it will be difficult for a person to be given sciences, especially mathematics and physics. But, on the other hand, these are very decent people. They love cleanliness and order.

Pythagoras system by date of birth
  1. Broad and controversial personalities. Exact sciences are easily given to them, but they are not particularly willing to do this. A lot in their life depends on their mood. If a person wants to, he will turn the mountains, but if there is no desire, no one can force him to do anything.
  2. Two triples in the Pythagorean system by date of birth indicate the ability to exact sciences. Such people have an analytical mindset, with 99 an excellent memory and a great future.

333 and more are unique and incredibly capable people. But on the other hand, they are arrogant and arrogant. They can be stingy and detached towards others. Most often, these are single people.

Fourth square

Human health is a very important factor. But, in addition, the fourth square can tell about a person’s resistance to various stimuli, the sequence of actions to achieve certain goals and the ability to organize oneself correctly.

The absence of fours in the horoscope according to the Pythagorean system indicates very poor health. This means that a person is not recommended to engage in heavy physical labor. People who do not have a four should be attentive to their health and properly organize their daily regimen. They are very irritable, not always consistent in actions and inattentive in details.

  1. One four means that a person has normal health. If he does not expose himself to danger, he will be able to live a long and happy life. Such people like to plan their actions. They are good strategists, but prim it is not very accurate in everyday life.
  2. Such a person has a lively temperament and excellent health. If there are more than two units when calculating in the Pythagorean system, they can show despotism towards others. They are resistant to irritants, organized and very responsible. Two fours also say that a person loves order and comfort.

444 and more are very strong and active people. It is vital for them to play sports, otherwise they can spend all unspent potential on festivities and bad habits.

Fifth square

If there are no fives when calculating according to the Pythagorean system, it means that a person rarely turns to his logic and intuition. He will have a rather difficult life, filled with many errors. The channel of communication with space and the subtle world is closed, and it is almost impossible to open it.

Pythagoras system by date
  1. The dreamer. He may be interested in the humanities. He has an open channel to other worlds, but he is very poorly developed. If you do not make certain efforts, many mistakes will be made in life. If at the same time the personality in the psychomatrix has 11 or 22, then he can easily develop logic and intuition.
  2. Extrasensory abilities are well developed. Such a person can see prophetic dreams, anticipate certain events. But he does not see a way to solve problems, he just knows that this should happen.
  3. Almost clairvoyant. They feel well what is going to happen to them or to the people around them. Very often they act as intuition tells them.
  4. These are real psychics. They are well aware of upcoming events and know how to avoid them. But at the same time, individuals in whom the Pythagorean number system includes more than four fives can be quite indifferent to life and to what is happening around them, as if they have their own unique world

Sixth square

Six in the psychomatrix is ​​one of the most difficult numbers. Its absence indicates that a person is not inclined to physical labor. He can work perfectly with his head, and in this way make money.

  1. One six characterizes a creative person. A person can engage in sports or physical labor, but not for too long.
  2. This combination indicates that the person is sufficiently grounded. He does not like to dream and lives by the rules. Physical labor is easy for him.
  3. This is a strong and at the same time alarming sign. People who have three sixes in the psychomatrix of the Pythagorean numerological system, very purposeful and strong. They are not afraid of physical labor, but at the same time they most likely have excellent logic. They easily manipulate other people. If such a person does not have deuces, then this is an “energy vampire”. Such a person can annoy many, provoke conflicts and thereby energize them.
  4. This combination suggests that in past incarnations a person worked very hard. He is very hardy and strong. He can handle any job.

Seventh square

In many cults and religions, the number 7 was endowed with a special meaning. It was believed that it was associated with luck, luck. If there is no seven in the calculation according to the Pythagorean system, then in life such a person needs to rely only on himself and his strength. Such a person will be in search of himself all his life.

  1. The man is quite talented and in his life there is a share of luck. But at the same time, he can get his luck only through creativity.
  2. Such a sign indicates constant luck. These people are really lucky. The person has many talents, but in addition, in every situation they are accompanied by luck.

777 and more are extremely rare. But such people are very kind and open. They try to surround themselves with such people. Their incredible luck is connected with openness and honesty. If a person with three or more sevens is cruel to the people around him, he will lose his luck.

Eighth square

Eight in the numerical system of Pythagoras by date of birth means tolerance, the presence of internal principles, a sense of responsibility and compassion for a person. The absence of this number in the psychomatrix shows that a person easily falls into anger, does not tolerate pressure from the outside. Compassion is not characteristic of him.

Pythagoras system
  1. The person is quite responsible, but only when it is necessary for him personally. He is not too patient and shows compassion only to the closest and kin.
  2. This combination in the psychomatrix indicates kindness and a sense of responsibility. This is a man of duty. He feels his responsibility and significance. You can really rely on him, he will never give.
  3. Such people have all the qualities of 88, but at the same time, the truth is very important for them. In any situation, they try to find it, even if it will be to the detriment of others.

8888 and more are identified with 1111. In other words, such people require responsibility from others. They often show despotism, which prevents them from communicating with other people.

Ninth square

Nine in the calculation according to the Pythagorean system by date of birth shows how developed a person's mind and memory are. The absence of 9, but at the same time the presence of more than two sevens indicates a happy and carefree life. Moreover, a person will practically not need to do anything for this.

  1. A man is quite forgetful, but at the same time he is kind to others.
  2. Good memory, thoughtful and balanced decisions when making any questions. It is important to note that people who have 99 in the Pythagoras numerical system remember not only good, but also bad. If you strongly hurt such a person, it will not go out of his head for a long time.

999 and more - such people undoubtedly possess superpowers. Their unique memory and sufficient development of intuition (at 55+) allows them to draw strength and inspiration from space, as well as to see things that are inaccessible to the people around them.

Lines and Diagonals

The square of Pythagoras contains a lot of information. So, in it we see 6 lines and 2 diagonals:

  • 1, 2, 3 - self-esteem.
  • 4, 5, 6 - the degree of commercialism.
  • 7, 8, 9 - talents.
  • 1, 4, 7 - the ability to focus on goals.
  • 2, 5, 8 - attitude to the family.
  • 3, 6, 9 - habits and attachments.
  • 1, 5, 9 - spirituality.
  • 3, 5, 7 - sexual needs.

In this case, each characteristic enhances its effect depending on the number of digits in the line. So, in the example described above, the largest number of digits in the rows:

  • 1, 2, 3.
  • 3, 5, 7.
Pythagoras numeric system by date

And this means that a person has a fairly high self-esteem, but not overestimated (since no more than six digits). And the second row indicates that the person has a high need for sexual relations. Such people really need closeness and affection. They cannot exist alone.

The smallest number of numbers in the line is 4, 5, 6. This means that the person is practically not mercantile, the person is not looking for benefits in relations with friends and relatives.


The use of the Pythagorean system in personal relationships can also be a great success. To do this, you need to compare all the squares and lines of both partners. Particular attention should be paid to the lines of “attitude to the family” and “spirituality”. The ratio of numbers is also important. For example, in one union there cannot be many units (more than 5). That is, if both a man and a woman have four of them, then disagreements will constantly arise in such an alliance. Since the unit symbolizes the character, and each partner is quite pronounced, most likely the family will have a constant struggle for leadership.

But sixes should, on the contrary, have similarities. After all, if one person is down to earth and the other has a creative beginning, it will be incredibly difficult for them to find a common language. Compatibility according to the Pythagorean system can really show whether partners are suitable for each other, but only if you can correctly interpret the values.

Of course, it should be understood that the development of personal qualities of a person is influenced by many different factors, such as:

  • education;
  • the environment in which the child grows;
  • genetics.

The numerical system of Pythagoras shows only the potential of a person, namely, what he is really capable of. But in reality, the personal qualities that the psychomatrix shows can be very different from what actually happens in a person’s life.


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