How to become the best friend, girlfriend and wife

Millions of women in the world are interested in the question - how to become the best friend, girlfriend and wife for a beloved man? How to become such that he could never stop loving and leave, so that his whole life would be devoted to a single woman?

Dreams of an ideal life

Each of the fair sexes dreams of a man who, appearing like a prince from a fairy tale, paints gray everyday life with bright colors, will carry his princess in his arms, blow off dust particles and associate all plans and desires only with her. After all, establishing a romantic relationship, everyone hopes and wants to carry their feelings through life. But, unfortunately, this does not work for all couples.

how to become the best
Parting is coming, and with them tears, disappointments, stresses, depressions, and then, like a glimpse of lightning on a dark night, a passionate desire arises in my head to turn into a woman ideal in all respects, who will be able to become a manโ€™s girlfriend, girlfriend, lover and wife in one person. She will give him happiness, and he will fall in love with her again and again. But how to bring the plan to life? How to become the perfect dream woman?

Hero Halo

Every man who respects himself, because of instincts laid down by nature, considers himself to be the leading one, the main one and the duty to protect and protect his woman. Your goal is to help him to show his chivalrous qualities in real life, constantly admiring his strength, courage and repeating that with him you feel "like behind a stone wall." Never humiliate him, believe in him and inspire. The success of a man is directly dependent on his woman. A smart companion, knowing how to become the best for him, will direct his partner on the right path and support him in the hours of failure and doubt, and he will pay her back a hundredfold: a rich, pleasurable life and endless admiration and adoration.

More optimism

A girl with a radiant smile and sparkling gleam, filled with positive and vital energy is a godsend for a guy, she will attract him like a magnet and drag him more and more. First, you will lure him as a person with whom it is very pleasant to talk and be near, and then laid-back friendship will grow into something more when he realizes that next to such a positive girl he can defeat all life problems. And you, in turn, having a clear idea of โ€‹โ€‹how to become the best friend for him (and then your beloved), will be able to 100% meet all the expectations of a lover.

how to become the best

As for the grouchy, ever-dissatisfied women, who blame everyone and everyone for their failures and are ready to pour negativity and whining into the man who ventured to approach, they most likely do not have a long romantic relationship.

Less criticism and comparisons

Any man is unlikely to be flattered by the daily criticism of his appearance, sagging belly, small salary and not the most brilliant mental abilities. And even more so, a comparison with the boyfriend of a friend, an athlete-neighbor or a handsome man from the cover. Instead, let him feel the most attractive, necessary and desirable for you. Men, like women, are characterized by inferiority complexes. Painfully perceiving the constant pressure of his passion and not knowing how to become better than others for her, he can simply leave, considering this the best way out of the current situation, where he got the role of a scapegoat.

Luxurious appearance

Take care of yourself, trying to look stylish and elegant. If he chose you not by his beautiful face, but by his rich inner world - this does not mean that you should not dress beautifully and dress, because he appreciates the naturalness and naturalness of girls. This is an erroneous opinion. A well-groomed woman will do good not only to herself, but also to her partner. And a few admiring glances directed at you will only strengthen the relationship - he will be proud of you and realize that in his hands is someone else's dream!

how to become better than others

Thus, another way to become the best friend, girl or wife is to always look charming and well-groomed.

Sincere interest and attention

Actively take an interest in his life, hobbies, work and problems. At the same time, try to listen to him carefully, with interest, without interrupting or violating the monologue. A partner who shows increased attention to what is expensive for a guy and knows how to listen, he will exalt on a pedestal. While a girl who does not fall silent for a second, tiresome with senseless and stupid chatter, no guy wants to see twice.

Mind matters

A common stereotype that a woman should be beautiful, sexy and not necessarily smart is absolutely devoid of meaning and credibility. If a girl is savvy in many fields of knowledge, well-educated and educated, knows how to maintain an interesting conversation, she is already included in the category of sought-after ladies.

how to become perfect
A frivolous blonde who reveals her amazing lips solely to say another stupid thing, and a girl prodigy full of knowledge, capable of plugging all the scientists of the world into a belt, are equally deprived of attractiveness for potential boyfriends. Stick to the golden mean - and he will fall in love with you again and again.

Freedom as a way of attraction

The following rule about how to become the best companion of life is: give your beloved a sip of freedom and do not hang a stumbling block on his neck when he wants to sit with friends in a bar, go fishing or play online tanks. Men are by nature arranged so that, having been away from their beloved for a while, they feel a more acute desire to be next to her again.

No matriarchy!

No man will enjoy the โ€œknight in a skirtโ€ - a woman who constantly tries to take power in relationships and at home, loves to rule and is compared with her beloved in a set of masculine qualities. Unless, of course, this is henpecked or "man", accustomed to the iron female hand and the lifelong role of a slave.

how to become a best friend
A real macho wants to see a tender, affectionate, slightly capricious true woman next to him. He wants to surround his beloved with care, affection and attention, in order to feel necessary and strong with her. And he absolutely does not need the Amazon, stopping the horse on a gallop, and the super-lady, tearing into a burning hut.

Now you know how to become the best friend, girlfriend and wife for a loved one. As you can see, nothing impossible and supernatural is required. Neither the parameters 90-60-90, nor the ingenious mind, nor the efforts to save the world - just a little sensitivity, responsiveness and the ability to be a real woman!


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