How to organize competitions for the elderly?

Today, it is customary to include an entertainment program in most events, but the scenarios are more often focused on younger and middle age groups. It is interesting to organize competitions for the elderly - this is the most difficult task for the presenters, since it is necessary to take into account the physical and emotional characteristics of age. There are several rules that should be followed when conducting similar events for representatives of the older age category:

competitions for seniors
- It is necessary to warn potential participants in advance so that they can tune in and prepare.

- For older people, competitions are best held in the morning (but not early in the morning), because it is at this time that they have more strength and energy.

- The venue for such events should be spacious, it is necessary to provide recreation areas in it.

- When organizing games, contests for the elderly, the facilitator should be more careful and not rush. At this age, the reactions are slow, and any answer is thought out very carefully. Therefore, in order not to offend the participants, you should be very patient.

- If you invite several assistants of a younger age to such a company, then the event will be more lively.

- Active and calm entertainment should be alternated or music breaks should be declared between them.

Fun contests for seniors

If young people are proud of their beauty, strength and dexterity, then at an older age it is more pleasant to demonstrate their intellectual abilities. Therefore, any games in which you can show your mental potential will be perceived with optimism by this age category.

for seniors games contests

Men can be offered to build some tools or fishing tackle from improvised materials. Believe me, the winner who is far beyond ...

Men of this age are unusually gallant, so you can come up with a contest in which they will seek the favor of the lady with beautiful signs of attention (for example: throw a jacket over your shoulders, bring a chair and sit down, give a flower or sweetness, read a verse, invite to a dance, etc. )

fun contests for seniors
Women can be invited to compete in needlework skills: knit as many as possible in a beautiful “living” pattern with twine or “weave” a blanket or bedspread from their team’s clothing items. Practice shows that ladies at the golden age are able to be more active than men, therefore, it is possible to conduct a dance marathon for elimination. For older people, competitions of this nature should be held, taking into account their age characteristics.

Despite some forgetfulness in everyday life, people of mature age have an excellent memory for films, artists, songs, etc. Using modern multimedia technologies, it is not difficult to prepare contests for the elderly: “Guess the film”, “Guess the song”, “Guess the artist” etc. Competitions can gradually develop into an evening of memories or a song concert. If the presenter manages to orientate on time, then you can diversify the program of the event with real funny stories from life, only you should first set the restrictions on the topic and the regulations.


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