Bench press lying on a horizontal bench: types, execution technique, standards

Bench press is not only one of the classic physical exercises, but also a kind of personification of bodybuilding. It is no coincidence that in various films and books both positive and negative heroes, fond of sports, primarily pay attention to this particular type of physical activity. The bench press lying on a horizontal bench has gained its popularity precisely because of its ease of implementation and the ability to train without special equipment.

correct bench press

Bench press

The bench press is one of the fundamental strength exercises aimed at the development of muscle groups of the shoulder girdle, as well as the pectoralis major muscles. It is thanks to the regular implementation of this exercise that you can quickly gain high-quality muscle mass in the chest and shoulder girdle, as well as get a beautiful back relief, since the bench press lying positively affects the straightness and health of the spine, which is responsible for the handsome posture of the man.

Also, regular regular narrow bench press lying directly affects the expansion of the chest of the man and the strengthening of the trapezoidal shape of the body.

Movement mechanics

Performing a bench press exercise in a horizontal position does not require much effort. For its full implementation, only the Smith bar and simulator is needed, which is a bench of two interconnected parts, one of which is able to tilt. The angle of inclination is adjusted using a special device.

bench press lying on a horizontal bench technician

To perform the exercise correctly, you should lie face down on the bench, spread your legs wide, set the barbell at the level of your pupils, and then jerk it up, holding your hands in this position. After a few seconds, the bar should be lowered to the chest. The exercise is complete.

As we can see, the bench press technique is quite simple and does not require much effort.

An important indicator of the correctness of this exercise is a burning sensation in the muscles of the chest, as well as heaviness in the hands.

french bench press

The right technique

It is no secret to anyone that if the exercise is performed incorrectly, you can not only not achieve your goal, but also harm your body.

barbell bench press

When doing the bench press in horizontal position, it is incredibly important to fully follow the instructions, performing the exercise not for the sake of a large number of repetitions, but for the quality and safe development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Barbell press by man

The correct technique for performing the bench press includes: the correct setting of the arms, the correct position of the body on the bench, the correct position of the legs, the correct movements when manipulating the bar.

The position of the hands when working with a shell plays a key role in the exercise, since the purpose of the lesson is precisely the development of the muscles of the hands. Hands should be held straight, elbows bent at a right angle, gently lowering them down under the weight of the bar. The projectile should be taken with a wide open palm, tightly clutching the bar of the bar with a tense fist.

Also, the payload during the exercise depends on the position of the body on the bench. With a horizontal bench press, you should lie down on the bench, tightly pressing your shoulder blades to its surface and spreading your legs wide. The back and head should completely fit on the bench, since the back of the bench will be the fulcrum.

Correct leg position is also fundamental when performing this exercise. The legs should be widely spread apart and put, straining the entire area of ​​the foot, which is the second fulcrum.

But the main guarantee of the beneficial effect of exercise on the body is, of course, the correct movements when manipulating the projectile. The bar should be kept at the level of the pupils, pushed forward with a strong movement, slowly lowered to the chest, then again repeat the entire cycle of movements. You should constantly monitor the angle of the elbow, as well as the stable position of the hands, slowly and accurately lifting the bar.

bench press

Particular care must be taken with the French bench press lying down, as this type of exercise is the most traumatic among those presented.

Right breathing

An important criterion for the correct execution of any sports exercise is proper breathing. With the right breathing rhythm, the muscles are uniformly saturated with oxygen, therefore, they do not lack it and work correctly. Also, with even breathing, there are no symptoms of overwork or shortness of breath, which adversely affect both the result of training and human health.

proper exercise

Sports equipment

To perform the exercise "Bench Press on an Inclined Bench", a standard barbell with a straight bar is best suited, providing an even distribution of the load on the athlete's muscles. You should start training using light weights, gradually increase the load. The best option to promote active muscle growth is to increase the load by 1-2 kilograms per week, which will lead to a gradual increase in total training weights.

Paired training can be another approach to increasing the load, when an athlete takes a record weight for himself, and his assistant insures, holding the barbell from above. When performing a bench press with an assistant, the athlete has the opportunity to “shock” the muscles with an unusual weight and sharply stimulate their growth.

french bench press with barbell

Effect on the muscles of the body

The bench press lying on a horizontal bench has a positive effect on several muscle groups at once. The first and largest group are the large muscles of the chest, the load on which positively affects their relief and elasticity. The second most important are the muscles of the shoulder girdle, prone to an active increase as a result of regular training, which leads to a sharp increase in their volume, rewarding the man with a flat posture and broad powerful shoulders.

bench press lying on a horizontal bench

The third important group, which is positively influenced by the bench press lying on a horizontal bench, is the back muscle group. When performing this exercise, the spine straightens, the athlete acquires an even posture, supported by strong developed muscles.

A healthy body and a beautiful figure largely depend not only on a genetic predisposition, but also on hard work on yourself.

If you use the correct barbell bench technique while lying on a horizontal bench, it is likely that your muscles will change as soon as possible, gain relief and become strong.

Back grip bench press

A similar bench press on an incline bench is very similar to a classic bench press. The exception is only the hands turned out by the back. This position of the hands increases the load on the muscles and gives a positive effect in the shortest possible time.

When using the reverse grip, the load falls on the front muscles of the shoulder girdle, which leads to a sharp increase in its volume as a whole, as well as to the accelerated development of the pectoral muscles.

Bench Press with Arched Back

A similar bench press lying on a horizontal bench is also a variation of the classic bench press and differs from it only in that the athlete’s back is torn off the bench, which provides additional tension to the spinal muscles and increases the load on them. Only the athlete’s legs and nape become the fulcrum, which also strengthens the muscles of the neck and calf muscle groups.

Bench press upside down

Another variation of the classic bench press, distinguished by the position of the legs. When doing the bench press upside down, the entire load falls on the buttocks and shoulder blades, since the legs do not hang from the bench, but rest against its edges and lose the load, ceasing to be a fulcrum.

When performing this exercise, the load is evenly distributed in the area of ​​the hip joints, removing unnecessary kilograms from the athlete's hips and giving his figure a classic male trapezoid shape.

Bench Press

Working with the barbell without using any weights is also an important component of a workout before doing the bench press. Such exercises help to hone the technique of the exercise, to correct deficiencies in the clarity of movements or the smoothness of work with the projectile.

Bench press with chains

This exercise differs from the classical press only in that the weights are attached to the ends of the bar by means of a chain, which creates a simple pattern: the lower the athlete holds the bar, the weaker the load on the muscles. Such an exercise actively increases the volume of the triceps and rectus muscles of the chest.

Bench press

The huge advantage of this exercise is that it does not require any sports equipment to complete it. Also, the floor surface, in contrast to a flat bench, creates additional discomfort, and the athlete has to focus on working out the triceps, biceps and pectoralis major muscles.

French bench press with barbell

The difference between the French bench press and other types of barbell work is manifested in the use of a shell with a special neck. To complete this exercise, use a bar with a W-shaped, curved bar. The athlete stands up straight, bends his back and with sharp jerks picks it up for himself.

This exercise not only develops triceps and trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, but also significantly affects the tension of the abdominal muscles, positively affecting its shape.


You should not perform the bench press exercise lying on a horizontal bench, if you have medical contraindications for strength training. Also, diseases in which serious physical exertion is undesirable can cause refusal of power loads.

The correct bench press requires a lot of effort from the athlete, so before you start training in the gym, you should consult your doctor and then begin to exercise, uniformly and gradually bringing your body into the desired shape.


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