How to make a ceiling with your own hands: ideas, photos

Agree that the home-made interior details in the house add more warmth and comfort to the nest. Things done independently are unique, personal designer things. By independently creating a panel, rug or vase, we know exactly what we want and what we lack in the situation. The main plus of the handmade is that you can create incredible things from simple materials that you will not find in anyone else.

If you are one of those who like to craft a little, then this article is for you. The article is not deprived of the attention of chandeliers. Yes exactly. After all, sometimes it’s so difficult to pick up something interesting, suitable, special in a room. Here are some ideas for you how to make a ceiling with your own hands, and we will be happy to share them with you.

Let's start with the upper light. With a chandelier.

Indoor light

To begin with, light is a wizard, correctly selected light can influence our sensation and perception. Many designers recognize the importance of choosing the lighting in the room, since it is worth tilting the lamp in the other direction, as the corners of the room play quite differently. Light can be emphasized and hidden by light, light expands and corrects the space. What can I say, the light can cause feelings and emotions in people. How subdued light looks romantic, just imagine.

That is why a chandelier is an equally important attribute in the interior. And a correctly selected chandelier in a room is really capable of working wonders. Its shape refracts and directs light. So, mastering the ceiling with your own hands, you should at least have an idea of ​​what style it will be in, from what material and how it will look. And secondly, the purpose of the light: this is a night light, a table llama or a main chandelier.


If you decide that your room needs something new immediately, then why not? Let's change it yourself, with our own hands.

You yourself understand that things made by hand are appreciated at all times. Is it worth repeating that manual work is uniqueness, originality and uniqueness. In addition, home-made interior details are a great way to express yourself and creativity.

Idea for a makeshift chandelier.

Variety of materials

Speaking specifically about chandeliers and shades for them, the creator has an infinite number of ideas and material options in his hands, from which you can make a new shade for your chandelier with your own hands. Most often, as a material for a home-made lampshade are:

  • threads
  • paper;
  • wire;
  • wine bottles and cans;
  • lace.

Perhaps, while updating the interior, you are faced with the problem of the chandelier. It is not always possible to find the very thing that appears. In such cases, ideas with homemade shades are very timely. A few tips in the article will prompt you to update the lights. What could be better than updating an old chandelier, turning it into a unique design object?

The article provides several examples of self-made lampshades and photos. Get inspired and create.

Glass shade

Glass, as a material for a shade, is the most familiar to us all. Therefore, we start with glass ideas.

Inspired by the idea of ​​creating a ceiling with your own hands, we begin to study step-by-step instructions.

Bottle light

It sounds a little strange, but the result is a great design decision.

Do not throw bottles out from under the wine, and in general the bottles are beautifully shaped, they will come in handy.

Chandelier from the bottles.

The first step in creating bottle shades is to trim the bottom. Use a glass cutter. First, mark with a marker a straight line on the bottle. Of course, if your idea is not to cut bottles at an angle.

Take care of your hands. In order not to cut yourself, grind with emery.

If necessary, add pictures at this stage. There are many ways to decorate a bottle.

Pull the wire through the neck and connect the cartridge.

All that remains for you is to place the bottles on the main frame and enjoy your work.

Cup chandelier

This is a great solution for the kitchen. In addition to bottles, you can also use cups and saucers. Just imagine what interesting compositions you can make.

And besides, a chandelier from cups or glasses is very practical, if necessary, you can simply remove the cup.

Beautiful and practical.

Thread lamp

If you prefer something airy, light, then this version of the ceiling is what you need. Now you will learn how to make thread shades with your own hands . This is the easiest way and one of the most beautiful. The process and materials are extremely simple. So, for the chandelier you will need:

  • Threads. Woolen, cotton or twine. Choose a color to your taste.
  • PVA glue.
  • Balloon.
  • Vaseline.
Ceiling lamp.

The process is simple. To start, inflate the ball. Be careful: as you inflate, this size will be your ceiling.

Using the marker, draw two circles on the ball (bottom and top). So you mark where the threads should not go. On the one hand - this is a place for a cartridge, on the other - for replacing bulbs. Measure the diameter of the cartridge in advance so as not to make a mistake and not to make the circle too wide.

Take a small container, such as a saucer, and pour in PVA glue. Unwind a little thread and lower in glue. Do not soak all the threads in the glue at once; do this as necessary.

Lubricate the ball with Vaseline.

Considering the areas beyond which it is impossible to go, wrap the ball to the density you need.

Leave the ball to dry for at least a day. And then boldly pop. Insert the cartridge and you're done. In addition, a ball of threads can be decorated with artificial flowers, butterflies, dyed, sprinkled with sparkles - whatever your heart desires.

Try to make several balls of different sizes, it will turn out great.

Lace cover

A lacy shade requires much more time, but in the end, the result is worth it. The lace option is a great solution how to make a do-it -yourself lampshade for a table lamp or floor lamp.

Lace ball.

The principle of creation is similar to the previous one. First you need to decide whether you will use homemade lace or purchased.

If the first option, then start by tying a couple of lace napkins.

Pour into a container of glue and thoroughly blot a napkin there.

Put an inflated ball, for example, in a pot, so that it stands firmly and place lace on a future ceiling napkin.

Leave to dry for a day. Pop the ball as soon as everything dries. You can also decorate your own made ceiling using artificial butterflies, flowers or made by yourself.

Paper shades

Paper is the most affordable material for any creativity. It is flexible, easy to fold, cut and holds paint. The correct approach to the material and woo-a-la - in your hands is a lamp of unprecedented beauty, unique and interesting.

Further, for you, several master classes and tips on how to make a ceiling with your own hands out of paper or cardboard.

Lampshade with butterflies

Make it very simple. In the process of work you will need:

  • Thin cardboard or thick sheet of paper.
  • Thin twine or fishing line.
  • Glue.
  • Wire or old hoop for the frame.
  • Stationery knife.

Before starting work, process the frame. Twist from wire or hoop the desired hoop.

Measure out three identical pieces from a fishing line or twine of the length on which your chandelier should be hung.

Take the required number of sheets of cardboard, on the back side yourself, or use a stencil to draw butterflies and cut with a clerical knife. Try to cut them carefully, as they will find use.

Roll and staple cardboard with a stapler or glue.

Fix the upper part of the lampshade to the frame with glue. It is best to use a glue gun for these purposes.

If necessary, paint, for example, from a can of gold or silver. The joints on the ceiling can be decorated with the remaining butterflies. Among other things, butterflies can be tied on the fishing line below, the chandelier will instantly come to life. And to add a fabulous atmosphere to the room, several paper butterflies can be placed on the walls. This will complement the overall picture and correctly fit the chandelier in and the interior.

As already mentioned, paper is a very malleable material, just look what a miracle can be created from a couple of sheets of paper. It looks fragile, but the work is commendable.

Paper fish.

Shabby chic

Do you know this style? Not? Then it’s time to get acquainted, then it’s described how to create a do-it-yourself lampshade for a lamp, floor lamp or chandelier.

Check out the list of materials:

  • Wireframe. The frame can serve as a cache-pot, old wide hoop or any other circle.
  • Chains and threads, strong, consistent with the overall style.
  • Cartridge.
  • Beads and beads.
  • A thread.

From the outside it may seem that it is very difficult to make such a ceiling with your own hands, but in fact it is nowhere easier. And although it seems formidable and massive, difficult and difficult to create, the process is simple, the main thing is to figure it out.

The essence of shabby chic is the presence of several levels. Levels are rings for which threads with beads cling. Now you will understand everything.

Before you begin, prepare the frame. Process and paint if necessary.

Let's proceed to the very creation of the ceiling for the chandelier with our own hands.

If you have one ring, you will need 15 beads of 16 mm per thread for the bottom. And 32 beads for the top level with a diameter of 12 mm.

When weaving a lampshade, or rather a whole chandelier, do not forget to fix the thread on the ring.

Plastic spoon shade

The most common way to decorate shades at the moment is the work of plastic. If you support high-tech or modern style indoors, then it will not hurt you to make a do-it-yourself lampshade for your lamp made of plastic spoons. He does not need a lot of material. As a result, the work does not look cheap and fits perfectly into the calm interior.

Stock up:

  • Hot melt adhesive.
  • 5 liter plastic bottle.
  • Cartridge.
  • Plastic spoons.

Before starting work, it is necessary to cut the bottom of the bottle, and to break off the handles of the spoons, leaving a small stalk.

Using glue, attach the spoons with the convex side out. For the best effect, follow the direction or sequence. Neat rows are the key to success.

If desired, the finished chandelier can be painted with spray paint, not a very bright color will benefit.

Note that the ceiling is very dense, which means that in order to achieve good lighting in the room, you will need several similar home-made chandeliers or a couple of additional lamps.

Homemade sconce

In addition, everything can be used for hand-made. Anything, for example, twigs.

With the help of twigs, an old sconce can be radically changed by breathing new life into it. You can make a shade for your sconces with the help of hot glue and a bunch of dry branches. They can be varnished or gold painted. It looks very comfortable. Just look at the table lamp made from twigs. Very cozy, like a bonfire. The lamp evenly scatters the light and inspires an atmosphere of relaxation, relaxes vision.

Table lamp made of branches.


In addition to a sconce made of wood, you can make a ceiling of leaves in order to maintain the style of nature in the room. To do this, you need a couple of green plastic bottles and a small brown one. Cut out leaves of different sizes. After making small holes in the bases of the leaves, combine them with wire and shape the overall composition. Nature lovers will love it. A pleasant green tint cannot but please the eye.

Green chandelier.


Here's how to make do-it- yourself ceiling lights for the chandelier , diversify your interior, add a little care and comfort to it, because no matter how things made with a soul for the home will bring so much warmth and comfort into it?

Paper shades.

The article lists only the simplest ways to create shades. Perhaps you will come up with much more original ideas and be sure to bring them to life. After all, how many different materials the needlewomen have, how many different forms you can think of for shades.


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