Manicure at home.

If you have free time to take care of your beauty yourself, and you are in no hurry, then it is quite realistic to independently look after your hands and make a beautiful manicure at home. This is not difficult at all, you just need a little diligence and a great desire to look attractive.

Manicure at home can be done in two existing ways:

- cut classic manicure

- Unedged, which can also be done in two different ways. I will talk about them below.

Not very long ago, all over the world they used the first way to care for nails, i.e. the cuticle that grows on top of the nail plate was simply cut with nail scissors, and, in principle, it looks quite neat and beautiful, but over time it turned out that this kind of manicure leads to the fact that after cutting the cuticle becomes coarser each time, appear on it burrs, and the skin around the nail bed thickens and becomes rough. In this case, the cuticle begins to grow even faster.

Today there are more loyal ways to make a manicure at home, for example, unedged manicure. As I said above, it can also be carried out in several ways. Firstly, this is an easy way to move the cuticle with a nail stick. This is completely painless and acceptable if you do a manicure at home.

But there is a new way of unedged manicure, this is the quick removal of the cuticle with the help of specially designed gels and ointments that dissolve the cuticle, and you just have to remove the cuticle remnants with a soft cloth. These ointments are rubbed into the nail plates and exfoliate the softened skin. This is a very convenient and quick way to make a manicure at home.

Do not forget that a beautiful manicure is not everything that gives hands a well-groomed look. In this matter, regular care for the hands and skin of the hands is of no small importance, since it always gives our age, it is necessary to put the pens in order.

To do this, you need to use emollient hand cream daily, and rub oils in the cuticle at night that prevent its growth and make the skin around the nail plates soft and neat.

Before starting a manicure at home, you need to make a relaxing bath with sea salt for your hands, and if you have dry skin on your hands, it is better to use herbal decoction, for example, a decoction of chamomile.

After that, it is good to grease the handles with a nourishing cream and proceed directly to the manicure.

How to make a French manicure at home?

The most common, but at the same time beautiful and aesthetic, is French manicure, which suits all outfits and any makeup. He is also very good in the business sphere, as he imitates the appearance of a healthy nail and is practically invisible on his hands.

In order to make up nails, you must first degrease the nail plates with a nail polish remover, only without acetone. Never use products containing acetone, it spoils the nail badly.

Surely, you saw on sale special sets for French manicure, which include three varnishes and strips, stickers. If you buy a kit, then you should give preference to a more expensive manufacturer, since cheap varnishes badly damage your nails.

So, you have started. First, apply a transparent base under the varnish, which, as a rule, nourishes the nail and protects it from the harmful effects of colored varnishes. Remember, under any colored varnish, the base is applied first. Then we stick the stripes so that the overgrown part of the nail is limited by the sticker, and paint it with white varnish, immediately remove the strip. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and paint with beige varnish on top, which gives a natural color. It is imperative that you apply a fixative in the conclusion so that your work lasts as long as possible.


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