Do-it-yourself wooden shelving: step-by-step instructions, manufacturing and installation features

In order to make a wooden rack with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions for assembling and installing this design. For this, it is not necessary to have special tools in the arsenal, since the cut of the material can be ordered from professionals.

Preparation of materials

DIY wooden bookcase

To perform the work, you can use calibrated standard materials, the largest of which is chipboard with a thickness of 16 millimeters. The back walls can be made of hardboard, and the color will be universal - white. You will need to prepare the side parts of the cubes in the amount of 20 pieces. They will have a square shape with a side of 300 millimeters. Large and small shelves should be cut, they are needed in the amount of 10 pieces each. In the case of large ones, the size will be 700 x 300 millimeters, while small shelves will have dimensions equal to 500 x 300 millimeters. You will need 5 pieces of fiberboard blanks with the following dimensions: 695 x 295, 495 x 295. Do-it-yourself wooden shelving can be done using a good circular saw like Robland, but if you donโ€™t have such a tool, you can qualitatively cut the chipboard using the help of professionals. Otherwise, do not get to work, as the material will be spoiled.

Preparation of fittings and fasteners

how to make a wooden rack with your own hands

Accessories for the described construction will be the melamine edge, the color of which should be selected in accordance with the adhesive base. It is quite simple to glue it on your own, for this an edge is glued to the end of the part with an adhesive layer down. First you need to heat the iron, which should not be hot. Its working surface should be drawn several times along the edge so that it adheres to the end. Its edges should be pressed as tightly as possible. Until it has time to cool, the master should iron it with a dry cloth. You can get rid of the excess with a sharp knife, after which it is necessary to grind the ribs with fine-grained sandpaper.

In order to make a wooden shelf with your own hands, you need to prepare fasteners, for this you need confirmations 5 x 70 millimeters, furniture nails 1.5 x 25 millimeters, as well as self-tapping screws with dimensions 4 x 30 millimeters. For each cube, 8 confirmations are needed, which indicates the need to purchase 80 such fasteners. You can nail the hardboard with furniture nails, and the cubes should be pulled together with self-tapping screws. These elements are optional, but desirable.

Tool preparation

DIY wooden shelving in the garage

If you decide to make a wooden rack with your own hands, you should prepare the aforementioned iron, drills with sizes of 5 and 8 millimeters, a tape measure, a hammer, a screwdriver, bits for a screwdriver, and also a pencil. A screwdriver will be needed for drilling 8 mm holes. One bit must be hexagonal for confirm. After the parts are ready, as well as all the tools and fasteners are assembled, you can begin assembly work.

Rack assembly

DIY wooden bookcase drawings

If you are thinking about how to make a wooden bookcase with your own hands, you should remember that the work will not be more complicated than those when a regular bookshelf is executed. The side of the shelf cube will be square with a side of 300 millimeters, so you can simplify the task. On it, the master marks the trailing and leading edges, as well as the lower and upper. On the plane, it is easiest to make letters for orientation. 40 centimeters should be measured from the trailing and leading edges. If we are talking about the lower and upper edges, then from them the master measures 8 centimeters, where he puts crosses. On this, we can assume that the sidewall for installing 4 confirmations is marked. In the marks you need to drill through the 8 mm holes.

Specialist advice

do-it-yourself wooden shelving scheme

If you decide to make a wooden rack with your own hands, it is recommended to consider the drawings of this design. They will allow you to understand that when drilling chipboard into the plane of the part, some unnecessary piece or even board should be placed. This will prevent the drill from tearing out a piece of laminate from the wrong side.

Assembly procedure

DIY wooden shelving

The shelves of the product will have different lengths, but their width is the same. Holes should be drilled into this width. In thickness, that is, at the end, with a 5 mm drill, you need to go deep by 60 millimeters. The holes should be drilled 40 millimeters from the rear and front edges so as not to mark each time, it is best to use a template. In the process of drilling the end of the part, the tool should be held strictly perpendicular to the machined plane. If the drill cuts in one of the sides, the part will be hopelessly damaged, as the laminate will break out from one of the sides.

Design installation

do-it-yourself wooden shelving in the barn

It will be very convenient to use such wooden racks in the garage, you can do them yourself without resorting to outside help. At the next stage, you can proceed to the installation, for this, shelves with sidewalls are pulled together by confirmations until you can get a cube. Using nails, nail the hardboard to preserve right angles. You can check how correct the geometry is by measuring diagonals, which must be the same. Confirmation hats should be decorated with white plugs, which are sold in hardware stores. It is very convenient to use wooden shelving at home, any master can do it with their own hands.

From the resulting cubes, you can assemble the design as you like. Elements can be installed in a row horizontally or vertically, everything will depend on the availability of free space. When the rack โ€œtakes rootโ€ in a certain configuration, the elements can be twisted together with self-tapping screws 4 x 30 millimeters.

Alternative shelving

Sometimes wooden racks in the barn with their own hands are performed according to another principle, which provides for the presence of a frame rigidly fixed to the wall. The work begins with fixing the square bars with a side of 50 millimeters. Their fastening is carried out in pairs, on each pair one tier of the rack should be laid out. The step between these elements determines the height of the shelves, after the shelves themselves are laid on them, they are fastened. If you want to create a U-shaped rack, then for a start you should choose the same bars for boards, as in the above version. Their length may be 40 centimeters less than the height of the room, on the top of the rack you can equip another shelf. If necessary, the bars are installed in the center so that the shelves rest on them and do not sag under the influence of the load. The span should be selected taking into account the expected load. Most often, one meter is enough.

Wizard Recommendations

When a wooden shelving is made with your own hands, the scheme can be performed by the master yourself. This is nothing complicated. Speaking of the above, it can be noted that jumpers should be installed on the sides of the bars, it is on them that the shelves will rest. Their number depends on the estimated number of shelves. If you fix the shelves to the jumpers, then the design will turn out to be quite strong. If necessary, it can be strengthened additionally, as well as to form sides from the side parts of the rack, this can increase the functionality of the structure. Shelves are made of wooden boards, but if you want to use chipboard, then the plates will not be very resistant to moisture.


In the manufacture of shelving it is best to place shelves below that will have a large height. This is because things of large dimensions are more convenient to store and remove from the bottom of the rack.


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