Cold porcelain without cooking. Manufacturing methods

cold porcelain without cooking

Fresh flowers are so beautiful that they practically do not leave anyone indifferent. Wonderful bouquets are made of them and presented as a gift or just to cheer you up. But a cut plant cannot live forever. Many people grow flowers, but not everyone does it. Therefore, man came up with artificial flowers. They are made of plastic, beads, clay, paper, etc. Today, more and more interest is shown in such material as cold porcelain.

A bit of history

Cold porcelain appeared recently, in the middle of the 20th century. There are several versions about where this material appeared. Most often called Argentina and Japan. However, there is a lot of information about the fact that cold porcelain was invented in different countries at about the same time. This surprising fact is explained by the fact that it is not at all difficult to make the material . It was based on PVA glue and starch. Gradually, florists began to add other ingredients to the composition, trying to improve the properties of cold porcelain. But where does this name come from? The fact is that the material, after drying, looks like porcelain. Its main difference is that the material dries quickly and does not need to be burned in furnaces. Cold porcelain is cooked without cooking in 2 ways. In the first case, the ingredients are mixed and heated. The mixture must be constantly mixed, but it is difficult to do because of its density. Therefore, this method causes difficulties. Another method is much simpler because it does not require heat treatment. They call it that - cold porcelain without cooking.

Recipe number 1

Making cold porcelain without cooking does not cause any difficulties. Even a novice can handle this. First you need to take dry clean dishes, put in it 2 tablespoons of starch with 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly. The components must be mixed thoroughly. Add a little soda to the resulting mass (on the tip of a teaspoon). Then mix again. After that, PVA glue must be added to the mixture. It is poured in parts, stirring the mass until it reaches the desired consistency. The mixture is quite sticky. To work with it, hands must be lubricated with cream or petroleum jelly. Store the mixture in the refrigerator, pre-lubricated with oil and wrapped in polyethylene.

snow-white cold porcelain without cooking

Recipe number 2

To make cold porcelain, you can use another way. He will need wallpaper glue, water, baking soda. All ingredients should be taken in 1 tablespoon. Often, a few drops of detergent are included in the composition. To all the components you need to add a little Vaseline, then mix. The result is a snow-white mass, perfect for sculpting. Store cold porcelain in the refrigerator.

making cold porcelain without cooking

Small tricks:

  1. Corn starch is more suitable for the preparation of the mixture. Thanks to this component, you get snow-white cold porcelain without cooking. Potato starch gives a yellowish tint to the mass. It can be used if the product does not require white color, and it will be painted in dark colors.
  2. When buying glue (PVA or wallpaper), you need to pay attention to the presence of a plasticizer. Otherwise, the mass will not be elastic.
  3. To add flexibility to the product, you can add car plasticizer to the mixture.
  4. If cold porcelain without cooking does not hold well, then starch must be added to it.
  5. Instead of petroleum jelly, glycerin or petroleum jelly can be used.
  6. Modified starch must be part of wallpaper glue .
  7. If the mixture cracked and began to crumble, then you can return to its original form by adding glue.
  8. By adding a few drops of perfume to the mass, you can get flavored cold porcelain without cooking.

Master Class. Cold porcelain flowers

Rose is the queen of flowers. Make it easy. For manufacturing you will need:

  • cold porcelain;
  • Toothpicks
  • PVA glue;
  • paints;
  • polystyrene (can be replaced with a dishcloth)

First you need to make cold porcelain color. For this, oil or watercolor paints are suitable . No need to paint all the material at once. Better to take a small piece. Add a little coloring matter to it and knead well. If necessary, you can mix shades. The color intensity depends on the amount of paint. Before you start sculpting, it is recommended to dry a piece of cold porcelain to look at the final version. Often the color gets darker. Another way of coloring is applying paint to the finished product.

cooking cold porcelain without cooking

Having decided on the color, you can begin to sculpt. During operation, cold porcelain, without cooking, should be kept in polyethylene so that it does not dry. First you need to roll a small ball and make a drop out of it. The resulting part is mounted on a toothpick dipped in glue, so that the sharp end looks up. This will be the core of the rose. Dry the workpiece. In order not to hold a toothpick in their hands, they stick it into the foam. After drying, you can begin to sculpt the petals. You need to make another drop, put on the palm of your hand and flatten with your finger. Make the edges thin. Then spread the base of the petal with glue and attach to the flower blank. He should “hug” the core of the rose. Each following petal overlap the previous one, but only after it has dried. To make the product more similar to a real flower, you need to make a pin in the middle of each petal and give the edges a rounded shape. From a large number of such roses, you can make beautiful jewelry or topiary.

cold porcelain without cooking master class

Flowers made from material such as cold porcelain without cooking are beautiful and very similar to living ones. But this does not mean at all that the material is suitable only in ceramic floristry. From it you can create animal figures, dolls and other products. The main thing is to show imagination, because it is precisely on it that success in creativity partially depends.


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