Colored gel for nails: an overview, types and application techniques

Nails are an important component of the appearance of any girl. They show whether the lady is caring for herself, whether she is neat, which has a sense of style. Now to make a manicure is not a problem: there are salons on almost every corner. You can buy a set for manicure or, in extreme cases, make it yourself.

Any woman will find a design to her taste. Someone loves classic French manicure, someone prefers nails in pastel colors, someone, on the contrary, stands for brightness and color saturation.

color gel polish

Coating products

Before choosing a manicure design, it is important to decide on the tool that will be used for staining. There are several of them.


This is a standard product that is sold in every cosmetic department. The price of varnish varies depending on the volume of the bottle and the manufacturer, but, in principle, you can buy it for 50 rubles. It does not last long: from three to five days. A huge number of varnishes are presented on the windows: ordinary, therapeutic, matte, magnetic, with additions in the form of a shimmer and sparkles.

Gel polish

This tool is the middle between a standard varnish and gel for building. This is where the name came from. The gel polish was created with the aim of providing long-term coverage and a rich palette of colors. Outwardly, it is no different from ordinary varnish, but in fact, for the product to freeze, you need to hold your hands for two or three minutes under a special ultraviolet lamp. The coating lasts about two or even three weeks. But gel polish has its drawbacks: the complexity of the application and the monetary costs of equipment.


Outwardly, shellac is similar to ordinary varnish, but in order to create a manicure, you need to use several means. One for the base, another for degreasing, one for color and the last as a fixation. Another difficulty is that each shellac layer must be dried under the same ultraviolet lamp.

Colored nails: gel polish

Initially, the gel was created to strengthen and lengthen nails. Then it was completely transparent. Technology is advancing, and now there is a color gel for nails. The product lasts for three weeks, is protected from exfoliation, environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies. This is currently the most popular nail polish. We’ll talk about him in more detail.

color gel for nails


So, you have purchased a colored gel for nails. How to use it? The answer to this question will please every girl with its simplicity. Coating the nails with colored gel is carried out as a regular varnish.

Please note that the gel should be evenly distributed over the entire nail plate. It is better to apply it with a thin layer, in order to avoid unevenness, clearance, swelling and the appearance of air bubbles. Therefore, the question of how to apply colored gel on nails should no longer be scary.

Some girls compare the use of gel with building. In fact, they have in common only as a result, and the application technique is completely different.

color gel for nail design

Cons of colored gels

Any tool, even the most wonderful and popular, has its drawbacks. This vice did not go around and gel polish. The main disadvantage is the weakening of the nail plate. This happens due to the fact that the product is applied in too much, which makes the nail less strong. Some women have to treat nails for a long time after gel extensions. In addition, they may begin to break off and peel off.

How to apply

Before applying, the skin around the nails should be treated. Rub special oils into the cuticle to soften and moisturize it. After that, degrease the skin with a wiper. Give the nails the necessary shape, pushing the cuticle away with a nail file.

Colored gel for nails should be applied using a special technique. This technique depends on the color chosen.

Pastel shades are recommended to be applied in two layers to create a beautiful, pleasant color.

Dark tones are best applied in three very thin layers. It is important to ensure that each of the layers is absolutely even - otherwise the so-called waves will appear on the nails, and the gel itself will not last long.

The number of layers required for application is usually indicated in the packaging instructions. Color gel for nail design needs to be dried for two minutes under an ultraviolet manicure lamp. The finish is also dried under the lamp. But instead, you can use the usual transparent varnish. No technique is needed here - you just need to wait until the varnish dries on its own.

After the procedure, it is recommended to fix the colored gel for nails with the help of special cosmetics, which are applied in a thin layer on the nails. For example, cosmetic oil.

color gel for nails how to use

How to remove

In order to remove the coating, it is not necessary to saw off the entire length. The composition of the gels includes chemicals that allow you to remove it using cosmetics. Acetone will do. They need to lubricate a cotton pad, attach to the nail, and after the nail is saturated with liquid, seal it in foil and wait about ten minutes. After that, it will become noticeable that the colored gel for nails has split into many parts and each of them can be carefully removed.

This procedure is carried out if you urgently need to change the color of the coating, and then apply a new varnish.

colored gels for nail extensions

Color gels

There are many companies that include in their range of colored gel for nails. Let's consider some of them.

Very popular are colored gels for nail extensions from OPI .

Judging by the reviews, they last at least two weeks, have a rich color palette in which each girl will find a shade to her taste. A small life hack: get a regular varnish that matches the color of the gel that you are going to use, and tint it with the place of an already grown nail. Thus, the life of the manicure is extended. And if the shade is chosen pastel (milk, sand, lavender, soft pink), then the border between the coating and the new length is not at all evident.

how to apply color gel on nails

COCO Color Gel is another color gel popular among ladies.

In the reviews, the girls report that the smell of the drug is almost not felt. The consistency is excellent: not liquid, but not too thick, not fluid. The instructions say that the gel must be kept under an ultraviolet lamp for only a minute.

It is very convenient that a strip showing the color of the product itself is drawn on top of the jar. A useful feature that saves a lot of time when finding the right shade. The COCO Color Gel color palette is truly rich: it has dark, heavy shades, light and summer, as well as pastel.

Girls report that the gel is easy to apply, lasts for three weeks, does not give chips. As a little trick: you can mix colors, creating interesting, unique shades. The gel is also suitable for French - the white color does not look artificial, but rather is close to the natural shade of the nail.


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