Peacock: symbol and meaning

The peacock is a proud and beautiful bird, the image of which has been actively used in art and literature for more than 3000 years. He was domesticated in India, for many centuries bred in different countries of the world. Peacock is a symbol whose meaning is of interest to everyone who is fond of the art of Feng Shui. What can be said about this?

History of Domestication

What does peacock mean as a symbol? To understand this will help knowledge of the history of domestication of this bird. For the first time this happened in India. In many regions of this country, a peacock is considered a sacred bird, is under the auspices of priests. It is dedicated to the god Krishna, and on top of it is often depicted the Buddha. In 1963, the peacock was declared the national bird of India.

white peacock

Mention of bird breeding is found in the history of many ancient states, among them Egypt, Arabia, Assyria, Rome, Babylon, Greece and others. The inhabitants of the ancient world did not doubt that the peacock is a symbol of power, wealth, prosperity. In Greek mythology, he is called the favorite bird of the goddess Hera. The Romans also revered it, which did not stop them from eating peacock meat and enjoying its exquisite taste. It was from Rome that the bird came into Europe many centuries ago. For early Christians, the beautiful peacock served as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. Around the 12th century, it was introduced to China and Japan, where it also gained great popularity due to its spectacular appearance.

In ancient times, preference was given to males. They were considered to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth, a talisman of good luck and luck. The choice was due to the fact that the females are smaller in size, they have a more modest color. It is also worth noting that they do not have elongated feathers of the suprapole.

Beautiful legend

How did a peacock become a symbol of wealth and prosperity, a talisman of good luck? There is a beautiful legend explaining the metamorphosis that happened to him.

Once the most beautiful bird was met by a sage on the shore. He admired the way her feathers shimmer in the sun. The sage approached the peacock and tried to speak with him. However, the bird did not pay attention to this, as it was busy. She admired her reflection and could not take her eyes off him.

peacock figurine

The sage was outraged by such impoliteness. He shielded the sun with his palm, and the onset of darkness finally made the peacock distract from the contemplation of his own beauty. The bird called its name and announced its desire to bring people good. She also mentioned her kindness and generosity. The sage wanted to admire this, but then the sun rose again. The bird immediately forgot about her interlocutor and returned to admiring her reflection.

The sage got angry and decided that the narcissistic and insincere peacock should be punished. Since then, the bird lives only in order to bring people luck, prosperity, wealth.

Peacock - a symbol of wealth and prosperity

The image of a bird is considered one of the strongest talismans. Feng Shui peacock - a symbol of prosperity and wealth. This talisman is useful for careerists who dream of career advancement, getting an increase in wages. It will also be useful to businessmen, will help in concluding profitable contracts and finding reliable partners.

which means peacock as a symbol

According to Feng Shui, magical power lies in the peacock's tail. A large number of "eyes" located on it symbolize wisdom.

Good luck in love

This talisman can attract success in the life of its owner not only in monetary matters. Peacocks are also a symbol of happiness and love. The image of this bird helps lonely people to arrange their personal life. Those who have already found their soul mate, the talisman protects against conflicts, quarrels. The marriage union will be strong and happy; spouses will certainly have children if they dream of them.

How to ensure that the peacock attracted just luck in his personal life? To do this, use a couple of birds, which symbolizes a love idyll.

Material, color

According to the art of Feng Shui, what does the peacock bird symbolize? This talisman attracts luck, wealth, prosperity and love. Its effectiveness directly depends on what materials it is made of.

image of peacock

It’s great if the talisman is made of gold, silver, precious stones. However, other materials are also relevant: crystal, clay, glass, metal, paper. Instead of a peacock figurine, you can use his image for your own purposes. It can be pictures, embroidery and so on.

What colors should be preferred by those who try to create a talisman with their own hands? Particular attention should be paid to the tail of the bird. It’s great if it will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. The riot of colors in this case is not only not condemned, but even welcomed.

Another possible solution is the white peacock. This bird serves as a symbol of peace of mind, balance, wisdom. White should be preferred to those who feel physically and mentally exhausted. With the help of a talisman, a person will quickly recover his strength, will be capable of new achievements.

How to activate the mascot

The meaning of the symbol “peacock” is described above. How to make the talisman work, to attract wealth, prosperity and love into the life of its owner? To do this, you need to take care of its activation.

peacock couple
  • So, what first of all should a person know who has decided to put an image or a bird figure in the house? Peacock needs regular care. It is necessary to ensure that this powerful symbol always remains clean, has an attractive appearance.
  • Fire is an element that enhances the effect of the talisman. Great if the house has a fireplace. In this case, it is worth placing the symbol on the mantelpiece or putting it there from time to time. It is also useful for the talisman to be near a burning candle. If the peacock is made of wax or plasticine, just keep it indoors with a fireplace.
  • A treat is the best way to turn a proud and beautiful bird into an ally. You need to pour in the saucer nuts, seeds or cereals, and then put a plate next to the image or figure of a peacock. This will help strengthen the effect of the mascot.
  • Peacock is a great connoisseur of affection and praise. From time to time, the owner of the talisman should talk with him, extol its beauty. It is also useful to stroke the figure or image of the bird. In gratitude, the peacock will bring prosperity and good fortune to the life of its owner.

If the owner of the mascot will adhere to these simple recommendations, then he will work in full force. A man will receive everything that expects of him.

Goal - career, fame

It is already mentioned above that the peacock is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. However, the effectiveness of the mascot directly depends on where it is located. Where to put a figurine or image of a bird to a person who dreams of getting a well-paid job, career advancement? The best place for a mascot is the northern zone. Here it is worth placing the peacock to entrepreneurs who are faced with problems in business.

How to achieve maximum effect? The colors of the northern zone are black, blue and blue. Great if they will dominate the colors of the bird.

Where to place the mascot for those who want to become famous, to gain a good reputation in society? Such people should give preference to the southern zone. The power of the mascot will be enhanced by the presence of fire. This can be achieved with candles, lamps, and a fireplace. The dominance of red in the coloring of the bird is also welcomed.

The goal is love, family

Wealth is far from the only meaning of the symbol “peacock”. The mascot helps lonely people to meet a soul mate, create a family. However, its strength directly depends on the correct placement. The sector of love and partnership is considered the southwest. It is best to place the figures of two peacocks here, that is, create a pair. It will serve as the personification of happy family ties, harmony in relationships.

In the western sector, it is better not to hold the talisman. A bird, being in this zone, can provoke the development of a tendency to bragging in a person, cause him to give excessive importance to his achievements.

Peacock feathers

People use not only images and figures of a proud and beautiful bird as a talisman. What is the symbol of the peacock feather according to the teachings of Feng Shui? First of all, this talisman is used to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Feathers are a symbol that can not only improve a material situation. They protect rich people from envious eyes, thieves, ruin. Feathers reliably protect ordinary workers from dismissal, the disfavor of the bosses. The ideal place for this talisman is the study.

Peacock feathers

Why else might peacock feathers be needed? Lonely people can acquire this talisman for the sake of attracting love into their lives. He will certainly help them meet their soulmate, find family happiness. For couples, this magic symbol is also useful. Feathers protect from treason, conflict.

How to choose where to get it

The meaning of the symbol “peacock feather” is revealed above. We must not forget that the effectiveness of the talisman depends on whether it is correctly selected. Feathers must be from a live bird. Drawing in the form of an eye should be brilliant and bright, have clear contours.

It’s very easy to get peacock feathers these days. Private poultry farms are breeding these birds precisely for their magnificent feathers. You can purchase them both directly on the farm, and on the Internet. The cost depends on the length and quality of the pen.

How to "appease" the mascot

Peacock feathers - a powerful talisman. However, simply buying them is not enough. A person must take care to “appease” them. The magic feather must constantly hear words of appreciation and admiration. It must be picked up from time to time, stroked. Only in this case, the talisman will provide exactly the effect that the owner expects from it.

Alternative opinion

There are peoples who do not believe in the magical property of peacock feathers. Moreover, negative qualities are attributed to this symbol. It is believed that he attracts misery, trouble, failure, betrayal. Drawing on the feather in some nationalities causes associations with an envious and evil eye.

peacocks - a symbol of happiness

For example, the inhabitants of England are convinced that feathers pulled out of the peacock's tail should never be kept in a house with daughters. Girls never know family happiness. Also in this country it is believed that this "talisman" can cause serious illness or even death of one of the family members.

Each person independently decides whether to consider peacock feathers as a magical talisman or a symbol that attracts troubles and misfortunes.

It is impossible

The Feng Shui teachings contain references to the fact that in no case should you keep a stuffed peacock in the house. The same applies to the skin and parts of the body of the bird. These attributes create negative energy. They negatively affect the health of family members, destroy the positive aura of the house.


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