Do-it-yourself interesting things. Useful homemade products (photo)

In almost every house there are many old and unnecessary things that are often a pity to throw away - whether it is worn, but once beloved jeans or a plaid, a lampshade for a lamp or a table inherited from my grandmother. With a little imagination and patience, these items can be used to make interesting things with your own hands, which will advantageously decorate the interior of your home. In addition, the completed craft can be an original and exclusive gift for your friends and family.

Open the cabinet

You can start your search for old gizmos for needlework with a wardrobe. Surely somewhere on the far shelf is an old favorite T-shirt or a worn sweater. Do not litter your closet with those things that you do not use. Just give your rarity jeans or blouse a new life!

Pants turn ... into elegant shorts!

do-it-yourself interesting things

Do-it-yourself things will create a unique image and emphasize style. Shabby jeans can easily be converted into summer shorts. For this you will need:

  • scissors;
  • rhinestones;
  • lace;
  • a bit of imagination.

Measure the length of the jeans and mark the border at which you will cut off the excess material. Try to gently cut the fabric dotted. Do not discard the legs themselves. They will come in handy for the next craft. Now decorate the bottom of the shorts with lace, gently sweeping it. Pockets can be decorated with rhinestones. Thus, learned a new and exclusive thing.

Denim crafts. Master Class

From the remaining pants you can make one of the following things:

  • mini handbag (you will also need a cream-colored strap);
  • a pillow for a sofa;
  • hot stand;
  • case for mobile phone;
  • cover for e-book.

These do-it-yourself things will be very useful in everyday life. To create a hot stand, we need:

  • 20 identical jeans strips (15-20 cm each) cut from the leg;
  • lace;
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

All denim strips are placed in a wicker pattern. Each horizontal row is flashed (only 10 times). The subsequently obtained square is cut off at the edges to make them more even. In order for the craft to look neat, sew lace or lace around the perimeter. Unusual stand is ready!

We take care of the printed word

crafts master class

If you are an avid reader and used to keeping your books in order, make a denim cover for them. Despite the fact that this craft requires a minimum of effort, you will get an amazing result!


  • leg (better with a back pocket);
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • needle with thread;
  • book.

Measure the amount of material needed for the cover. To do this, lay out the opened book on jeans and outline the dotted line for the cut, leaving 5 cm as an allowance. Wrap the book in a cut blank, sew the edges well. Decorate the cover with a jeans pocket, sequins, rhinestones - everything you want. Fill the edges of the cover with lace or braid.

Unusual decor

You can also do interesting things with your own hands and profitably change the interior of the room, giving it originality. Those who have accumulated many buttons can be advised to do simple, but very creative things for the home, such as:

  1. DIY home stuff

    Interior curtain. A cute curtain made of buttons will look very nice in the country or in the children's room. To do this, you need a fishing line and a lot of buttons. In addition to the unusual curtains, you can decorate the photo frames with buttons or paste a bead panel onto the wall.
  2. You can also create a chic gift in the form of home-made watches from buttons! It is only necessary to prepare 12 bright and large elements of different colors, a clockwork (can be removed from the old alarm clock), threads with a needle, fabric (preferably linen), a wooden base (you can take the usual hoop - round or square). On the canvas fixed to the base, buttons are sewn in a circle, having previously fixed the clockwork in the middle of the craft.
  3. If, in addition to buttons, you have many beads and large beads, try making a candle holder. You can buy a finished one as a base, and then decorate it, or take a small jar and work with it already. Buttons choose translucent, the same size.

You can also make new interesting crafts with your own hands from disks that have become unusable. It can be either Christmas toys, which can be easily made even by a child, or household items: chandeliers, curtains, caskets, and much more. A lamp made of compact discs looks very stylish and unusual. In order to fasten them together, you need to stock up with brackets or metal rings. The holes in the discs must be done with a screwdriver.

DIY stuff pics

These items made by yourself from old things look very beautiful and unusual.

In the shop for craftswomen

You can do interesting things with your own hands using a special material that is sold in any needlework store. This can be yarn, a basis for embroidery with a pattern, special paper, etc. This material is intended for certain types of needlework: macrame, patchwork, decoupage, quilling, etc. Knowing the basics of working in this area, you can perform unusual crafts. A master class of this kind of activities is presented below.

do-it-yourself things

We collect on a shred

An interesting and very popular type of needlework has recently become a patchwork (translated from English means β€œwork with a patch”). From scraps of fabric, skilled needlewomen create real masterpieces of art: blankets, rugs, carpets and even curtains. In order for the work to turn out really high-quality, it is necessary to select fabrics that are similar in texture. It is also desirable that the patchwork pattern is in harmony with each other. Cut pieces of fabric, taking into account allowances - from 0.5 to 1 cm. Cutting of the material is carried out along the shared thread. Pre-wash and iron the fabric to prevent shrinkage. The material can be drawn only with soap, pencil or chalk, but not with a pen - there is a risk of traces on the front of the product.

Blanket "Spring mood"

For the manufacture it is necessary to prepare:

  • fabric of green, pink, yellow, orange and blue;
  • soap, chalk or pencil, ruler;
  • pattern - square 6 x 6 cm, rectangles 24 x 6 and 12 x 6 cm;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • a piece of fabric 111 x 83 cm (for the wrong part of the product);
  • synthetic winterizer.

do it yourself from old things

Prepare the fabric: wash, dry and iron. Lay out prepared cardboard templates on the material. Cut out 12 pink, blue, green and yellow squares, not forgetting the 1 cm allowance. In addition, you will need 60 squares of the same size but different color. With them you will sew a blanket around the perimeter. Prepare 24 strips 24 cm long and 6 cm wide from different fabrics and 24 strips of 12 cm in the same width.

Start stitching: take 4 squares of 6 cm in different colors and stitch them together. Then wash 4 strips of the same color along the perimeter of the product: 2 short ones on the sides, 2 long ones on the top and bottom. Collect all other squares in the same way. Sew the received products among themselves. You should get 4 large squares in length and 3 in width.

The next step is a patch of squares (60 pending) on ​​the perimeter of the blanket. The order of their arrangement in color depends entirely on your imagination. It is now necessary to sew a fabric measuring 83 x 111 cm (3 cm per allowance) to the blanket. Connect the 2 sides to each other with the front side inward. After you have sewn 3 sides, twist the product and stuff it with padding polyester. Then gently connect the 4th edge (typewriter or manually). Soft and beautiful blanket is ready!

In exactly the same way, you can sew tacks and rugs. Creative things (do it yourself), photos of which are presented in this article, bring warmth and comfort! Try to do them yourself.

Crafts ... from food

new interesting DIY crafts

You can even make things yourself at home with food: various cereals, pasta, dough, and even sweets. By turning on a little imagination, you can make paintings, pendants, and even watches! Buckwheat or rice should be glued to PVA glue on a pre-prepared template. Grain can be painted - and the picture will sparkle with all the colors. Encourage the child to work - this will help him develop fine motor skills and imaginative thinking. In order to create a panel for the kitchen, you can use coffee grains. You can also make other interesting things with your own hands from this material, for example, a gorgeous bonsai tree that will delight you and others with its original look.

Part of the East

To create a bonsai tree you will need:

  • balloon;
  • PVA glue;
  • brown threads (slightly thicker than kapron);
  • thick branch;
  • flower pot;
  • pebbles.

The balloon should be tightly wrapped with thread dipped in glue, set aside. The workpiece must dry for at least 4-5 hours. Next, the balloon must be pierced and carefully removed. On the remaining base, planted on a harvested branch, you need to glue coffee grains. The branch should be strengthened in a flower pot using pebbles. The beautiful tree is ready!

Now you know that making things for your home with your own hands is interesting and useful!


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