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Several hundred construction companies are operating in Moscow and the region, from the smallest to the largest giants. Among this abundance, it is important to choose the one you can trust. Today we’ll talk about the largest company called Fodd. The objects of the developer are large-scale housing estates of the capital. The company’s office is located at the following address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 113/1, Park Place, office A 402. But first things first.

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Description of Activities

The main business of the company is a general contract. Moreover, extremely large-scale objects are selected. Fodd is not involved in the construction of private mansions, but managers can recommend who it is worth addressing with such requests. The company operates in the market of high-quality construction, so it is turned to its services when they want to get something grandiose and durable.

First of all, customer interests.

And these are not empty words, this is how they take up new objects here. “Fodd” is not the first day on the market and knows well that mutual understanding is the basis of relations. Therefore, all employees are competent specialists who regularly undergo additional training. All these measures are aimed at understanding from the first word what the customer wants and working on the result until the completion of the finished object. The task of the company is to take care of your business, increase its competitiveness. It is precisely this view that forms the basic principles that guide the specialists of Fodd. This allows you to build long-term relationships with customers, works for a reputation and makes the business more stable.

Fodd company objects

Company benefits

What stands out from the rest of the construction company "Fodd" (Moscow)? The objects are delivered on time, the quality is impeccable, although the cost of services is not the lowest.

But the most important thing is reliability. The company has been on the market for more than 10 years, while it actively cooperates with leading developers in Moscow, with the best architects. This gives invaluable experience, which is then used in the implementation of customer projects.

But that is not all; the company has its own production resources. This is a design bureau and logistics department, construction and engineering divisions. All this allows you to maintain the dynamics of production processes.

Long-term relationships with partners play a decisive role because they give predictable results. These include leading manufacturers of equipment and materials, delivery and storage services.

Among the advantages are financial discipline and a professional team.

Fodd facilities


Below we list the objects of the Fodd company, but for now a few words about the latest achievement that characterizes the company as a responsible developer, with better conditions in the capital. This is evidenced by the fact that LLC Rechnikov Invest, the developer of the Comfort Park city quarter of the comfort class River Park, chose it as the general contractor for the second and third phases of the project.

The main selection criteria were compliance with deadlines for delivery of previous projects, cost of services, production culture and quality of work. Thanks to the professionalism of the Fodd team, as well as the modern German equipment that they use in their work, they are trusted by the largest facilities.

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The new face of the capital

To date, the scope of the company includes a general contract and an engineering contract, the implementation of investment projects, management and construction consulting. The company’s portfolio includes the implementation of amazing projects that really create a new look for the city. When listing the objects of the Fodd company, it is necessary to mention the LCD Theater House, the Atlas Park shopping center, the Volga complex, and many others.

Complex in Gorokhovskiy Lane

Relatively recently, the Fodd facility was commissioned by the company. Where is he, almost all realtors know. It is located in Moscow, in the Basmanny district, Lane Gorokhovsky, d. 12, p. 5. This is a monolithic-brick building of different floors. That is, some have six, while others have seven floors. This is a luxury apartment with business class apartments. The area of ​​apartments is from 50 to 200 m 2 . On the ground floor are the dining room and lobby, as well as commercial property. The upper floor will be occupied by household facilities.

In the LCD are a conference room and exhibition and demonstration. The complex involves everything that is necessary for a comfortable life. Nearby is the metro station "Red Gate", from which you can get to almost anywhere in the city. Judging by customer reviews, this is an ideal option for a stay. Spacious and bright apartments are built using modern technology.

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LCD "Park Residence"

Cozy, low-rise elite house. The housing complex is located in Moscow, at Yakimanka, 1-st Golutvinsky Lane, building 7. The number of floors is from three to four, built in 2008, today is fully populated. The technology of construction is cast-brick. In total, the house sells 15 apartments with two, three and four rooms. The total area of ​​residential premises is from 30 to 330 m 2 . Judging by the reviews, these are cozy and comfortable apartments, which were provided with an elite interior decoration, which greatly facilitated the tenant's task. He could only place personal belongings.

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LCD "Bulgakov": reviews

This Fodd facility was erected near Patriarch Ponds; the construction of an elite house was completed in 2014. The project involved the construction of an eight-story building and underground parking. The apartments have a free layout, but the most important thing is located on the top floor. This is a luxurious penthouse with panoramic views. On-site video surveillance is carried out around the clock, which is very pleasant for incoming residents. Permanent security organized, access control system installed.

Before buying a property you need to think carefully about the future. The lower apartments are equipped with terraces, which really help out when guests arrive or want to sit in the fresh air. The apartments on the upper floors can be easily connected together, so if there is an expansion in the plans, then this is ideal for investing money.

Judging by the reviews, an ideal place to stay, although the apartments are expensive here. The infrastructure and transport accessibility of the area are very well developed. But the main thing is the unique decisions of designers that make life in the complex beautiful and comfortable.

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LCD "House on Nikitskaya" ("Fodd")

The object (the photo clearly demonstrates greatness and beauty) is worthy of the attention of buyers. It was commissioned in 2010. It is located on Malaya Nikitskaya street, 15. It offers 12 species penthouses with an area of ​​up to 500 m 2 . The apartments are located from the fourth to the seventh floor, and surrender is possible with or without decoration.

The house was built by the famous architect, it is brick-solid, reliable, with exquisite exterior decoration. It has panoramic French windows that provide a unique view. Ceiling height 3.5 meters, a gallery is provided. The most demanding residents will enjoy the exclusive decoration in the halls. In general - a beautiful, elite housing, which will become a cozy corner for your family.

In addition, I want to emphasize the attention paid to the safety of residents. The building has ventilated facades with marble brickwork, and the glazing is made of bulletproof and fireproof windows.

Instead of a conclusion

The Fodd company is today one of the largest and most reliable developers in the Moscow market. The largest objects trust him, each of which becomes a real masterpiece. Customer reviews emphasize that no problems were discovered over the years of operation. The walls do not freeze, the windows do not sweat, the ventilation works, the tiles on the floor do not crack. That is, the building is really high quality and reliable, and in addition, it is also very aesthetic, beautifully designed. It's nice to go into the finished buildings, and even more so live here. Of course, the price of apartments in such houses is quite high, but this is understandable based on the fact that they belong to the business class. Otherwise, there are no complaints against the developer.


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