Number name to calculate: step by step instruction. How to determine the number of a name?

All people know that there are lucky numbers that can help a person in a given situation. Some simply know them from their own observations, while others are able to calculate them. Now I want to talk about how you can arm yourself with this knowledge - to calculate the number of name and surname.

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A bit of history

A science such as numerology has existed for a long time, and people even in ancient times knew how to correctly recognize their code. But at that time in the Hebrew, Arabic and Ancient Greek alphabets, each letter had its own numerical value and definition. However, Pythagoras decided to simplify this task somewhat, reducing the table to nine numbers, to which he assigned certain letters.

How did he manage to do this? Everything is simple: using the method of simply transforming complex numbers into simple ones by adding their components. Here's what it looks like: for example, the number 123 will end up giving six by adding (1 + 2 + 3 = 6). Such numbers in numerology are called vibrating.

Why is this needed?

Why does a person need information on how to determine the number of a name? This is necessary in order to know better yourself, to find out your certain type, your hidden capabilities and nuances. In any case, such knowledge will never be superfluous, even if a person does not listen to the findings. An interesting fact is that each of us has two of its vibrating numbers, which can be calculated not only by name, but also by date of birth. If everything is very clear with the second option, then in order to find out the number of a name and calculate it, you need to have some tables in which a certain number will be assigned to the letters.

how to determine the number of a name


Finally, the moment has come when it is already possible to present certain ciphers, thanks to which you can find out your name number. Calculate it will help the component letters of the full name, i.e. full name. This will be the official number, which will turn out to be the human code. What numbers are assigned what letters?

1 - a, u, th, b, s, b.

2 - b, f, c, l, p, w, i.

3 - g, s, c.

4 - d, m, t.

5th, e, n, x.

6 - c, y, e.

7 - s, o, h, s.

8 - p, f.

9 -

It is worth noting that you can count not only by the name that the parents named the child on the passport. They also practice calculation by the name by which the person is called by others. If the boy’s name is, for example, George, and he is called Jura, then it’s better to calculate the two numbers of the name and choose what suits the character and temperament of the person. It will still be more reliable. Again, it is important to recall that if a person has a two-digit number, he needs to be reduced to a single-digit one by simply adding up the adjacent numbers (as was done for the example somewhat higher). Having your own number of names, which can be easily calculated, you can now learn something new about your character and your personality as a whole.

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1. The sun

If a person eventually received a unity, his planet is the Sun. This is the beginning of all living things, all things. The same applies to people: these are luminaries, leaders by nature, and people with excellent managerial and business qualities. They are able to lead the crowd, being for them a pointer. However, if you do not correctly use all your qualities, a person may have a conflict with the outside world. You need to be open. Moreover, individuals are people who are generous, kind, but with a keen sense of justice and honesty.

2. The moon

Two is the next number of the name, which can be calculated quite simply. So, these are people of the moon who are characterized by openness and emotionality. These people often seek independence, while trying to stand behind the back of a stronger person. It is important to say that deuces are often creative personalities, these people have well-developed intuition. If you do not correctly take advantage of all the opportunities, then such persons turn into closed, alienated people who try not to show themselves to others at all.

3. Jupiter

Three people are optimists to the roots of hair. They are cheerful, open, always positively attuned and able to find something good in any situation. It is not surprising that others are always drawn to such people, trying to get infected with their positive attitude. It is important to say that these people often delve into themselves, trying to find what else needs to be improved and developed. They are always in some kind of search, gaining more and more new knowledge in various fields.

But beyond all of the above, triples are usually indecisive. They are not able to defend their point of view in the dispute, they do not go into conflict at all, and when they are witnesses to such, they try to resolve everything peacefully as soon as possible.

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4. Uranus

What can the following number of the name tell us - the four? These are wayward people, with non-standard thinking and decisions. Such persons never live by the rules, they need them only in order to violate them. These are excellent reformers and revolutionaries. They are strong in spirit, have a sense of justice, are always ready to compromise and communicate with the team. The fours are always with everyone in good relations, even with people who, it would seem, should be enemies. These are good organizers and hard workers. A negative trait is excessive nervousness.

5. Mercury

These are definitely people of the mind. Living persons, initiators in any situation. They are ready to take risks and do everything to just achieve their goal. However, often over time they can lose interest and not bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Fives are able to quickly and competently make decisions, cope with problems, and seek solutions to difficult situations. From failures can fall into gloom and even depression. Get along well with everyone, but not too economic.

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6. Venus

Six is ​​the next number of the name. Numerology says that people of this type are sensual, they are always loved by everyone. Perhaps, thanks to this, they can easily get around all the pitfalls that happen on the path of life. The problems of the sixes resolve as if by themselves. However, these people need to be careful with money, this is their biggest weakness.

Sixes are players, they are capable of losing everything in an instant. But even so, they always have something to live on and, by the way, it’s not very poor. Often, six are married to a financially secure partner. As for character, these are enterprising, peace-loving people who always get along with everyone, as they simply are unable to notice various stupidities and “uncomfortable” details.

7. Neptune

These are people of fine mental organization. Often they are religious or philosophical. They think a lot, have a huge number of great ideas, but very rarely give them life and bring everything to its logical conclusion. As for the financial situation, then in sevens it is most often deplorable. They are also mainly physically weak people who simply do not accept quarrels or conflicts.

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8. Saturn

Knowing how to calculate the number of a name, you can finally get a figure eight. What kind of people are these? So, these are people who are often alone, although in the soul they desire love and warmth. All blame their coldness and inaccessibility. As for prosperity, such people achieve everything by honest labor, respecting the rules and laws. By old age, they are often financially secure, but all the benefits are obtained solely thanks to their own strengths. These are pragmatists, people who love order in everything. They are hardworking and basically achieve their goals by stubbornly following the dream.

9. Mars

Nines are conquerors by nature. They are ready to achieve everything by force and their strong-willed qualities. Do not tolerate objections, are often tyrants. But thanks to these qualities, they also reach the desired heights and mainly occupy high positions. These are excellent organizers, leaders. Being subordinate to the nine is simply impossible; in such a situation, these people become unbearable and often lose their jobs. They are proactive and energetic, but they do not get along with everyone.


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