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Today we will talk with you about what employment is. This is such a concept that everyone has heard about, but in practice not everyone can implement it. Who should employ the population - special organizations for the selection of personnel or is it an individual task for each person? In fact, a successful job search depends on many factors and the coordinated work of all interested parties, which are both citizens, employers and the state itself.

employment is

General concepts

So, employment is a process consisting of a series of activities aimed at finding a job for a specific person. This task consists not only in finding a suitable vacancy, but also in preparing a candidate for the desired position, sometimes in his retraining with subsequent recommendation to a new place of service.

The legislation of our country leaves every person with the right to a free choice of work. Today, its implementation has become a natural and even everyday process, but a few decades ago, the employment of citizens took place in different directions. The number of jobs created on the basis of state orders was several times higher than the number of open vacancies.

According to economic and legal literature, two main forms of employment should be distinguished:

  • self
  • intermediary.

In the first case, we are talking about those situations where the applicant privately addresses the employer in order to get a job. The second form is employment with the assistance of special structures. This may be a public employment service or private, commercial exchanges for the selection of vacancies and specialists.

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Diverse work

This term is directly related not only to the person who is looking for work, but also to the type of activity initiated by different parties in the labor market. It should be noted that these processes are actively taking place both with the help of entrepreneurs and commercial organizations, and at the state level, where the employment of the population is being established comprehensively and with the assistance of many structures.

These are legal measures, and the social, economic work of officials, and a dialogue with public organizations aimed at popularizing certain types of activities. At the expense of state programs, courses are organized with subsequent employment, retraining of people whose specialties are not in demand in the existing conditions of market relations.

In this aspect, the thesis under discussion has a rather narrow semantic load, because it concerns an individual approach to specific people. When employment concerns broad groups of the population, this is a whole system and one of the directions of the state apparatus.

courses with subsequent employment

Without leaving the machine

Employment is not only the search for a new job, but also the process of moving from one position to another within the same enterprise or organization. There can be several reasons for this rotation.

Most often, this is a reduction in staff due to the partial liquidation of the enterprise or reformatting of its activities. Dismissed personnel have the right to apply to the state employment service, which will pay compensation for the loss of a job.

Also, translation with subsequent employment is possible in such cases:

  • when the level of knowledge and skills of the employee does not meet the requirements stated for the position;
  • for health reasons (if this impedes the performance of work duties).

Sometimes, an employee of an enterprise himself may initiate his transfer from one department to another, it can also be career growth or registration for a position in a subdivision or organization engaged in an adjacent field.

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How to find a job?

Employment in Moscow, as in any other major administrative or economic point of the country, is less problematic than finding a job in depressed regions, on the periphery, but it still often causes difficulties. It is especially difficult for specialists with a narrowly targeted profession.

Employment must be done independently, while it makes sense to raise your own skill level or get additional education. This recommendation applies not only to young professionals, but also to people who already have work experience.

Employment of youth for personnel officers is becoming less of a problem due to the fact that this category of the population is easier to retrain and learn. In many ways, special courses and trainings contribute to this. They can be organized on a private basis or at the state level, have different themes and duration.

Who is involved in the employment of the population?

First of all, these are labor exchanges and employment centers. They are located in all regions of the country, their work is based on uniform principles and rules. State employment centers operate on a free basis, they pay their customers a monthly allowance.

There are also commercial organizations. Their main activity is employment in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia, they also help those who wish to conclude an agreement on work with foreign employers. Note that their services are often paid.

The base of vacancies in such institutions is quite extensive, in addition, firms with a good reputation are working with the best employers and can choose really good work with favorable conditions and high pay. Many recruiting companies lead the client until they find the right place for him.

employment of the population

Into the workplace

The problem of student employment was not as acute as it is now. The modern educational system works more for applicants, satisfying their need for the desired profession. Although earlier it was focused on the needs of the state, it covered the shortage of specialists in specific areas of the economy.

In many respects this was facilitated by the state order, when student tuition was paid from budgetary funds, for which the student was obliged to work a certain amount of time in a particular place after finishing his native alma mater. Now, this practice also exists, but in isolated cases, and referrals to work are not mandatory. Former students have to look for a job on their own, applying for recommendations to an employment center or recruiting company. However, as practice shows, the presence of a diploma of higher education does not guarantee simple and quick employment after graduation.

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Work after courses - does it happen?

Another option for obtaining a demanded education, and therefore a guaranteed workplace, is to take special courses. These are, as a rule, short-term educational seminars and trainings, the program of which involves in-depth study of one or two disciplines. Courses with subsequent employment train specialists in the following areas:

  • PC user;
  • programming and IT;
  • Accounting;
  • design;
  • construction specialties;
  • cooking courses;
  • Beauty - hairdressing programs, courses for manicurists, makeup artists, masseurs, cosmetologists.

Classes are organized both on a paid and free basis, in the latter case it is the prerogative of public employment services.

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