Traveling around Russia by car, routes. The best travel car

Do you like travel? Modern man does not imagine how it is to sit at home and not go anywhere. But for a car trip to be comfortable and enjoyable, you need a good car to travel, you need to know the best routes, and of course, plan everything in advance.

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Travel Preparation: A Technical Question

If very soon there is a vacation, which is planned to go by car, you need to carefully prepare everything. The first thing to do is find out if your car is ready for travel. It will not be superfluous to carry out technical diagnostics of the car, its chassis, engine, check the level of antifreeze and brake fluid.

How to determine if your car is suitable for travel? First of all, you need to think about how well you know all of his "sores." For example, if some serious breakdown occurs along the way, can you fix it yourself or can it be fixed in the simplest service station? On the other hand, it is important to choose a car based on its reliability rating. Therefore, we move on to another question: which car to choose.

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Minivan - a car for the family

If a person likes traveling by car, reviews about a particular car will help to make the right choice.

To decide which car is lucky on a trip, you need to think with whom you plan to go. For example, when planning a trip with children in a car, it is important to remember that you will need to take a lot of things with you. So in this case, you need a big trunk. Which cars to consider? Many will agree that a minivan will become universal in this case. It allows you to conveniently organize the space in the cabin and arrange a lot of things in the luggage compartment.

What if you plan to travel by car in Russia? Then remember the quality of our roads. So you need a car that will allow you to ride comfortably through bumps, and at the same time your back will not feel like after a beating. Most likely, it will be logical to choose a car with wheels of at least R-16, since they will better work out the bumps in the road.

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Subcompact hatchback or frame SUV?

In general, the debate about which car is better is probably being conducted as long as the automotive industry exists. However, there are typical city โ€‹โ€‹cars, for example compact hatchbacks, there are also off-road cars, frame SUVs. Most likely, neither one nor the other will not deserve the title of "Best Car for Travel". Although often traveler reviews are found specifically about such cars, so it is not worth worrying about it much.

In the first case, the car is very small, and it will only be comfortable in the front seats, which means you can go on a trip together. In addition, it has a small weight and can be "thrown" along the highway. But on such a car you can not be afraid for your wallet, since it consumes quite a bit of gas, and the trip will turn out to be quite budget.

As for frame SUVs, these are very large, dimensional cars, they perfectly cope with the quality of our roads, which means that traveling by car in Russia can be planned in those places where an ordinary passenger car will not pass. Also, such a car is respected on the road, it is not scary to drive it with oncoming wagons, and there are usually plenty of places in it. But there are disadvantages in them. Since the car is "imprisoned" off-road, you can not expect strong comfort from it. However, as with significant speeds - the car is not for the autobahn. Yes, and you need to call at gas stations if not more often, then obviously more expensive - after all, the tank is rather big, and sometimes such cars consume 14 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers.


Recently, the crossover segment has been in great demand - subcompact, compact, medium and full size. These cars, in the presence of high ground clearance and all-wheel drive, are controlled like an ordinary passenger car and allow you to feel very comfortable on the road. In addition, there is also enough space in them, so for a small family this is probably a good option.

Most crossovers come with an automatic transmission, which makes it easy for even novice drivers to drive this car. These large cars allow you to more confidently make overtaking, thanks to the length they better hold on the track.

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Practical sedans, roomy station wagons

Many middle-aged motorists do not even have a question when buying a car: of course, a sedan. This car has a fairly long wheelbase, which gives an advantage on the highway, as well as a roomy trunk. Noise from the rear wheel arches will hardly be heard in the cabin, since not just an acoustic shelf, as in a hatchback, but a layer of noise insulation separates from the trunk. On the other hand, it is not convenient to load things into the sedan - the hinges of the trunk lid often interfere. Then another travel machine comes to the rescue - the station wagon.

This car is very convenient to load various luggage. Now there are even station wagons with 7 seats. True, if you go in full, then there will be no space for luggage at all - the trunk remains like that of the baby โ€œOkaโ€. But there are also disadvantages to this car - if you plan a trip to a big city, there may be a problem with maneuvering and parking due to the length of the car.

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Of course, there is another type of transport - it's minibuses. And now we are not talking only about the Gazelle. Many manufacturers of foreign cars decided that these are very practical cars. What are their advantages? A lot of space for passengers, does not take up space in the trunk. Moreover, the luggage can be stacked between the seats. Many modern minibuses have many shelves, drawers in the cabin, which is especially appreciated by young parents. Well, if you suddenly were left without an overnight stay, you can always remove, move the seats and lay out a double mattress.

Passenger training

Undoubtedly, it is important to include passenger care in the preparation. Everyone needs to collect the necessary documents, medicines, travel pillows - those that fit the neck and allow you not to strain muscles while holding your head. Take care of comfortable clothes and shoes.

Route selection

In addition, it is important to consider the travel route by car. It will most likely be difficult to overcome more than 1000 km per day. Therefore, overnight places must also be taken care of in advance so as not to be in the middle of an unfamiliar city without rest. Of course, if traveling together, you can spend the night in a car, but what kind of vacation is this?

So, let's say a person loves traveling around Russia by car. Routes in this case will help to lay the good old "Yandex". However, now we will consider some of the most popular options and figure out what exactly is worth thinking about.

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Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

It is logical that during the onset of vacation time people seek at sea. And in connection with the latest events and jumps in exchange rates, itโ€™s not getting to foreign countries. Therefore, in the summer, many go on trips around Russia by car. The routes to such settlements as Dzhubga, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi, etc., have been studied by many a long time ago. Is it difficult to get to the Black Sea coast?

Suppose someone is planning a car trip from Moscow. Probably the hardest part of the road is the exit from Moscow itself. It's no secret that traffic jams are very common on the Moscow Ring Road, so it seems logical to drive out late at night to pass everything quietly. It is best to travel along the tracks in daylight. And you want to sleep less, and the headlights of oncoming cars do not blind, and indeed - at night a person should sleep. The distance to Anapa, for example, is almost 1,500 km; it is quite difficult to drive them in a day. Therefore, it makes sense to get to Rostov-on-Don, where to spend the night. It is important not to forget to reserve a place in a hotel in advance, since now it is not a problem to do it via the Internet. And in the morning, with a fresh head, the driver who slept and rested will be able to continue his journey and safely bring his family to the long-awaited sea.

Russia, Golden Ring

What ring are we talking about? Yes, this is exactly where many tourists seek at any time of the year, even foreigners. These are cities such as Rostov the Great, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Sergiev Posad, etc. These cities impress with their architecture and cultural heritage. Such a trip by car is suitable even for those who, not so long ago, are driving and afraid of long distances. Someone thinks that you can visit them on the bus from a travel agency. Of course, however, how much better it is to be independent from anyone, watch only what is interesting to you, and spend as much time in each city as you want.

This route has a very developed infrastructure, which means there will be no problems with gas stations, hotels, cafes. And even if suddenly what happens to the car, help will not have to wait long.


That's really where the beauty of the wild! The famous White Sea, icy mountain rivers and, of course, fishing! Itโ€™s good to go to Karelia by car with a high ground clearance, preferably four-wheel drive. If you go in the warm season, then enjoy nature, landscapes will be especially nice. A crossover will take you to places near the water, a tent and other camping equipment will enter its trunk, there will be a place for fishing rods. And now, in the evening, beautiful sunsets, and in the morning great fishing!


To get to these amazingly beautiful places from Central Russia, you need to thoroughly prepare. After all, this is not a few hundred kilometers, but a few thousand! Here you must not forget to thoroughly check your car, take a can of gasoline, engine oil, antifreeze, a set of tools with you. And of course, be especially careful about planning. Indeed, the closer to the East of Russia, the less infrastructure, roads do not differ in their quality, and the distances between settlements are greater. It is not surprising that the dream of many motorists traveling by personal transport to visit Lake Baikal.

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Of course, do not list all those places where you should go in your own car! And the choice for the next vacation always remains with everyone. As well as the question, which travel car is better. You can talk a lot about this topic, but the best one is yours.


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