Arbor: building with your own hands is not so difficult

Many have their own summer cottage, which I would like to make better and more attractive. And in this matter the arbor plays a considerable role. Do it yourself is much easier to build than it might seem at first glance. As they say, the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. In addition, the magnificent view that your site will subsequently acquire is worth all the costs.

It is very important to choose a place

do-it-yourself arbor

First of all, you should choose a place for the future design. And only then to proceed directly to the creation of a masterpiece. To do this, you need to decide on the purpose of your construction. Do you want to retire to the gazebo for relaxation? In this case, it is better to choose hidden shaded corners of the garden plot for this architectural structure, and as far as possible from the road. If you are going to settle down in it with the aim of holding feasts, it is advisable to arrange a gazebo near the kitchen.

It is worth deciding on the design of the future gazebo

As mentioned earlier, building a gazebo with your own hands is not so difficult. But first you need to decide on the design of the future element of your site. Fortunately, there are a lot of options. Everything will depend on how wide your imagination is. It is worth deciding what design your gazebo will be: you can build with your own hands both permanent and collapsible. In the first case, it will stand all the time, and in the second you will collect and disassemble it depending on the time of year. Each species has its pros and cons, the choice is yours.

Foundation for a permanent gazebo
build a gazebo do it yourself
very important

In the event that a permanent gazebo is chosen, you can build it with your own hands only after creating the foundation. Its thickness directly depends on what the soil is on the site. If the sandy type of land predominates, then the base of the gazebo is enough to deepen by half a meter. If groundwater is present and their level is high enough, then pillars will be required.

Do not forget about the material for the future gazebo

Now is the time to think about the appearance that your gazebo will have. You can build this design with your own hands from a variety of materials, the choice is again yours. However, let's look at the most optimal options. Wood is excellent for coating. If you want to make something more original, you can make a floor from a tile - ceramic or paving.

how to build a gazebo do it yourself
Walls in a permanent gazebo are best built of brick, metal or coniferous wood. If the option with wood is chosen, it will need to be treated with a special solution. The roof is best covered with tiles or polycarbonate. You still have not figured out which design to choose or how to build a gazebo with your own hands? A photo is what helps to make a choice. Pictures with images of various kinds of gazebos can be found in abundance on special resources devoted to construction topics. And on the forums there will probably be an answer to your questions. The main thing is not to forget that construction must be approached with all its responsibility and love. Having put your soul into your creation, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result. Otherwise, the architectural ensemble may not last long, but will fall apart in a couple of months. Agree that this factor will not add to a good mood. Good luck in your construction!


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