DIY tire crafts for the garden

Old tires are considered by many landowners as waste to be disposed of in landfills. But in vain. After all, these seemingly unnecessary things can be used to profit and create from them real masterpieces. Crafts from tires can be different. If desired, even furniture can be built from them. The main thing is to turn on imagination, to have the right tools and materials at hand.

Interesting ideas for using old tires

Why is it worth using old tires on the farm

When used once for their intended purpose, old tires decompose in the atmosphere, polluting the environment. If you use old tires, which have become unusable for the car, a second time, you can make a significant contribution to preserving the ecology of the planet. This is if we think about the global issue.

Also, crafts from old tires will make it possible to realize the most daring ideas that can only come to mind. This will allow you to show creativity and show your creative abilities.

What materials will be needed for the โ€œnew lifeโ€ of old tires

In order to assemble a product from old tires (a garden item, accessories for children's fun), the following tools and materials may be required:

  • Paint for coating the surface of the tire.
  • Screws or nails.
  • Old pieces of fabric that are also asking for a bag prepared for shipment to a landfill.
  • Various plastic parts, broken glass or tile remains.
  • You may need a hammer to work.
  • Pliers.
Funny crafts from old tires
  • A sharp cutter to create the right shape.
  • A screwdriver may be required to create complex structures.

These are just some of the tools and materials that should be at hand when creating crafts from tires. The list of these items may vary depending on the complexity of the work and the ideas of the land plot owner.

Benefits of Using Old Tires

There are many positive aspects that indicate that it is worth making crafts from tires with your own hands. The main ones are:

  • The ability to create unique designs that will not be similar to those that are sold ready-made.
  • Saving money on the secondary use of raw materials. After all, by creating different crafts, furniture items with your own hands, you can significantly save the budget.
  • On your own, equipping the site with the help of old tires, you can fill the territory with mood and comfort.
  • There is also the advantage that a person who has done something with his own hands will be able to satisfy his pride, because he will receive many praises from relatives and friends who have seen the result of the labors.
What to make from old tires

These are only the main advantages that indicate that it is worth undertaking such an unusual mission as the creation of crafts from tires. The photos in the article suggest that they can be truly unique and significantly change the appearance of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on imagination and give a second life to tires unsuitable for operation for their intended purpose.

Crafts from tires for arranging a garden

In the matter of organizing a plot on which fruits, flowers and trees grow, all methods are good. Crafts for the garden of tires will allow you to properly organize the space and make the site look neat and well-groomed. From old tires you can do:

  • Flowerbed for flowers. To do this, you can leave the tires in their usual form, painting them in the desired color. Then, in the empty space of the tire, the earth is poured and flowers are planted. If you choose the right shade for painting a rubber product, then the flowerbed will turn into a real decoration for the garden.
  • Also, fencing for trees or beds can be made from tires. To do this, consider how high the fence should be. Then cut the pieces to the right size and paint them. After drying, it is enough to simply deepen the prepared elements into the ground.
  • For the garden and for the garden, crafts made of tires, the photos of which are surprising, can be intended for growing fruit crops. For example, the high design assembled from three, four or five tires will look great for cucumbers. In addition to decorating the plot, the fruits can grow in the right conditions. You can connect the buses in several ways:
  1. Twist the rubber elements with screws.
  2. Glue the tires together with hot melt adhesive.
Useful tips for working with old tires

In the case of heavy and bulky tires, it is better to give preference to the connection of parts with screws. When the elements are assembled, you can proceed to decorate the surface. You can paint the product, or you can upholstery it with plastic to give uniformity.

Such crafts from tires for the garden and garden will help organize the space of the plot with fruit crops and create the right conditions for plants. And also, show imagination and decorate the territory as a whole.

Crafts from old tires for arranging a outdoor resting place

Many owners of private houses spend a lot of money on furniture to organize a recreation area. For those who have old tires in the bins, there is a great opportunity to save a budget and turn their fantasies into reality. Crafts from tires for arranging outdoor space for recreation can be as follows:

  • Puffs. They can be created without much effort. It is necessary to prepare plastic or wooden squares with a diameter like a tire in order to close the free space. It is best to fill the empty space in the tire with something solid. Then a piece of soft material is taken, which will serve as the interior for the seat. From above, it is covered with fabric or leather, which are stitched or fastened with the help of a construction stapler. The seat is attached to the tire with heat glue or with brackets, the sharp part in the tire.
  • A little table. To create it, you need a tire cut into two parts. One of the pieces is installed on a piece of a wooden stand or previously prepared metal legs. The rubber coating can be pre-wrapped in a fabric of the selected color. The tabletop itself can be made of plastic, wood, metal. It all depends on the preferences and fantasies of the land owner. You can screw the countertop to the tire with a screwdriver. Another option for table design is to install in three rows at a distance from each other tires of three or four pieces in each row. The first tire needs to be fixed on the ground. To do this, a mixture of concrete is poured into it and it is expected until it hardens. Then the following tires are mounted on top with a screwdriver. They can also be poured with a mixture for stability. A wooden plank is installed on top of the tires, which will serve as a worktop. It must also be pre-painted. Fix it with screws or liquid glue.
Tables and chairs from old tires
  • Chairs. This is an amazing solution for saving money and imagination. Legs for a stool can be made from pieces of wooden beams or untreated branches, which will give a feature and sophistication to the product, merging it with nature. Top mounted tire, pre-fitted and painted. And you can assemble a chair completely from old tires. To do this, you need to fix one on the other, make a back from the half of the tire, and build handles from the segments.

These are just some of the do-it-yourself DIY tire crafts. A photo of such products indicates that it is worth the effort and time. But items for relaxation are really beautiful and unique.

Crafts for organizing space

Of the old tires, you can make a kind of chest for storing various trifles and household supplies. Depending on the height of the products that you want to hide, and their quantity, the size of the storages is determined. To assemble them does not require much time and effort. Simply connect the required number of tires to each other and attach the opening mechanism to the top of the product. You can paint parts before or after assembly.

What can be done from old tires for children

In caring for the younger generation, you can also use tires that have lost their useful qualities. For kids from tires there is an opportunity to do:

  • Sandbox. You can make it from one wheel, fixing it on the ground with a mixture of concrete or cement. Then pour sand. Such a place for summer games will help the child, without leaving the site, have fun. After installation, the wheel must be painted in bright, rainbow colors, and also, install the roof, assembled from wooden beams.
Garden decoration with old tires
  • Swing. Unusual swings can be made from a solid rubber wheel, which will give many pleasant minutes to boys and girls. To do this, you must first make a seat, you can not paint the tire itself. Holes are drilled in the tire into which the ropes are fastened. This process must be carried out with particular care. Indeed, the safety of the child depends on how securely the ropes are attached to the tire. Open parts of the tire must be closed by screwing a wooden or plastic board. You can also put a soft seat on top for added comfort.
  • Shop. In the children's play area there must be a place to relax. To do this, you can build a bench. Make it very simple. It is necessary to interconnect several tires, simulating a seat. Soft material should be placed in the inner space or a nailed board that will allow you to sit comfortably on a bench. Also, a back is created from the tires connected by the lateral sides.

Such interesting solutions for arranging a children's play area will be appreciated by boys and girls. It is worth working on creating a cozy corner for the younger generation.

Unusual fence from old tires

From the tires which have remained in the garage, which can no longer be used for their intended purpose, a fence can be made. It can protect the territory of the site or differentiate between different functional zones of the territory. The fence can be assembled simply by fixing the tires on top of each other. For stability, concrete or cement is poured in. Creates an unusual color combination in the design.

Home Furnishings from Old Tires

Crafts from tires for the garden - this is not all that can be done from such "unnecessary" parts. It is also possible to collect pieces of furniture from tires, which will be located in the country house itself. Spreading the tires one on the second and fixing them among themselves, you can build:

  • Sofa. On top of the base you will need to put a mattress or soft bedspreads.
  • Armchair. Covered with yarn in a circle or trimmed with a beautiful fabric suitable for the color scheme for the interior, a chair made of tires will create comfort and coziness in the premises of a country house.
  • A little table. The tire assembly procedure is standard, but the tabletop can be made unusual, for example, from glass or from a wooden structure, on top of which pieces of broken tile are glued.

Such ideas will help to significantly save on the purchase of furniture for the house and pour into the interior a feature and uniqueness.

Funny crafts for the garden from old tires

From old tires, you can make not only useful and functional objects, but also create fun crafts decorating the territory. From tires you can collect:

  • Cup-shaped designs. They can be just for beauty or serve as flower beds.
Home furniture from old tires
  • Tires swans can also be built. If imagination, time and space allow, then you can construct a whole lake with swans.

These are just some of the ideas. By including imagination, the owner will be able to design even the most seemingly complex decor items from tires to decorate the territory of the land.

Useful Tips

  • To make the tires easy to cut, you should wash them before starting work, get rid of dust, dirt, which make it difficult to cut the necessary elements.
  • It is necessary to draw a draft of the future design in advance. This will help you get the job done quickly and smoothly.
  • For painting, you need to choose waterproof materials that will not suffer from precipitation, temperature extremes.
  • To make the tires more stable on the surface, they can either be deepened into the ground or poured with a mixture of concrete and cement.

These secrets will help to create unique, special products from old tires.


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