Adelaide: meaning of the name, origin, translation

The incredibly elegant and gentle name Adelaide came to our language from Germany. There in ancient times, the original version of this name was called girls born in a noble family. To call baby Adelaide means to choose a special fate for her. Which one? Read on!

adelaide meaning of the name

Adelaide: meaning of the name, origin and translation

The name with German roots is an already extinct version of the ancient German name, which sounds like Adelheid. Consisting of two words - adal (noble) and heid (gender), it had the meaning of "of the noble family." The name Adelaide, whose origin and meaning does not differ from the name Adelheid, has other related names: Adele, Adeline, Alice.

Adelaide in childhood

Little Adelaide is a quiet girl, but rather persistent. Sometimes her perseverance becomes stubborn. From the moment of birth to the first birthday, Adelaide literally does not allow parents to relax for a minute. The girl grows uneasy, often confuses night and day. The baby develops faster than peers, begins to walk and speak earlier. Distinguishes the girl and some isolation. This is not to say that Adelaide, whose name can be translated as "highly born," eschews people, she just does not need a company. It is much more interesting to spend time at needlework and playing with dolls or to help mom with the housework. Growing up, Adelaide will enter the social environment, but this can lead to dependence on the opinions of people around.

Adelaide name Origin and meaning

A special imprint leaves a girl named Adelaide with the meaning of the name. The feminine in its owner is developed from a very young age. The baby loves children, takes care of plants and animals, reads a lot, and prefers scientific or fantastic literature. There are modesty and constraint in the character of the girl.

Another feature is the presence of musical talent. Adelaide sings well, has a musical ear. These abilities allow the girl to study at a music school and even connect her life with art. In a regular school, Adelaide is also making progress. In primary school, they can be negligible. But if a girl is interested in objects, she will achieve good results.

Little Adelaide's Health

Parents of a girl wearing this name can be glad that the baby is sick much less often than other children. Adelaide's health does not cause special problems, but she also has some difficulties. For example, there is a tendency to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Experts note that in this case, the relationship between posture and lung volume is extremely important.

Adelaide meaning feminine name

Adult Adelaide

With age, the character of Adelaide changes significantly. True, this happens barely noticeable, without drastic changes. The little shy turns into a sociable girl. Adelaide begins to appreciate all the advantages of public popularity, skillfully impresses others. And her refined style and sense of tact help her in this.

Characteristics of girls named Adelaide

Ada is a real beauty, while she knows how to look after herself, closely follows fashion, but also has her own style. A girl can spin for hours in front of a mirror, admiring herself. In addition, Adelaide leads an active lifestyle, she simply loves traveling, communicates a lot and often meets new people.

The analytical mind and the ability to be ironic acquired with age helps the girl find a way out of non-standard life situations. By the way, these qualities allow her to behave more confidently with people. Growing up, Adelaide becomes self-confident, tough. Irritability and even aggressiveness may appear in the character.

Adelaide Career

Adelaide can work in almost any field. The girl is extremely responsible and purposeful. Wherever she worked, order will prevail everywhere, all projects will be completed efficiently and on time. At the same time, she can find compromises, avoid conflicts. It is for this reason that colleagues respect Adelaide, listen to her opinion. But Adelaide, the meaning of the name of which we have examined above, is not a careerist. She is not particularly interested in leadership positions. Where it is better to be a responsible executor.

adelaide meaning of the name and interpretation

Personal life

An important role in the life of Adelaide is played by the family. The girl takes marriage seriously, she can search for her soul mate for a long time. In order for Ada to agree to marry, she needs to meet with her chosen one for a long time. She is extremely compliant and usually acts as a slave. But even these qualities do not help to save the marriage for a long time. Often the owners of this name do not marry at all or change several spouses.

Adelaide: the meaning of the name and interpretation for girls born at different times of the year

Girls with this name, born in winter, are sociable. True, it is easiest to find a common language with representatives of the opposite sex. β€œSummer” Hells, on the contrary, very hard converge with people. Adelaides born in the spring have developed intuition. Almost everything that these girls predict comes true. "Autumn" Adelaide can not sit still. She is distinguished by her developed imagination and exceptional memory.

Name day

The name day of Adelaide can be celebrated on February 5 - the day of the abbess of St. Adelaide. She is venerated by Catholics and is the patroness of all widows, adoptive parents, women who remarry, and brides. According to Orthodox clergy, girls bearing this name can celebrate name day on December 16.

Now you know what the history of the name Adelaide is, the meaning of the name, its main characteristics.


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