Formula Profi gel polish: reviews, varieties, nuances

Many women do manicures for themselves, without going to the salon. Now it’s not difficult to buy everything you need for this. On the contrary, the choice is so great that it sometimes causes bewilderment: why can’t I combine some brands? By purchasing materials in shopping centers, markets or large Internet sites, it is hardly possible to obtain data on the composition and find out the details of the use of a product. Therefore, beginners are disappointed in gel polish, which is compressed in a lamp or chips off the tips of the nails.

Manufacturers are not always to blame for this. There are already so many types of gels that you can get confused. And each of them has its own characteristics, designed for some specific technique. If products of world brands were previously demanded, now very high-quality and inexpensive domestic gel varnishes are produced. One of the manufacturers is the company Formula Profi, whose gel polish reviews are worth considering in detail.

Reviews of the masters

Salons and private craftsmen work on Formula Profi brand products. A variety of gel polishes allows you to perform any, even very complex, design. The company's technologists explain in detail how a particular gel is applied, what features and nuances it has, and in which designs it will look most advantageous.

Nude shades

Reviews about Formula Profi gel nail polish are only positive. Private masters are pleased with the combination of high quality and low prices, salon masters with a wide range of colors and an abundance of design effects. The material is well applied, retains its integrity for a long time. Like all professional products, the gels of this brand are demanding to comply with the application technology. Compatibility of gels with American and European gels provides the ability to work on several brands.

Varieties of Formula Profi Gel Polish

The reviews of the masters are justified: the company produces seventeen lines of business-class gel polishes and two economic-class lines. Each has its own characteristics. In addition to digital marking, each bottle has a series name and often its own individual name. This facilitates the selection of colors when working and buying new products to replenish the assortment.

French with a pattern

Many business-class collections consist of 20 colors. To create a french jacket, “Provence” is used, for beautiful gradients - “Ombre”. The green-blue gamut, which is complemented by pink-sand shades, is represented by the Marine mood collection. The Chocolate series has twenty-four shades: from hot to cold, from milk to bitter, plus white chocolate. The dress code series has beige, pink pastel and nude neutral office colors. The average price of a bottle is 300 rubles, the volume is 5 ml.

Economy Lacquer Gel Polish

The A-PRO line has one hundred and twenty colors, has a glitter, pastel and bright colors, all for performing French manicure. The cost of one bottle does not exceed 150 rubles.

Varieties of gel polish

The StarWay line consists of twenty colors, the price of the bottle is 170 rubles. The Cat Eye series has twenty shades and the same price.

These gel polishes "Formula Profi" reviews are not bad. All running colors are, if necessary, you can always create a new shade by mixing two or three colors on the palette. If you want to add a little shine to your favorite tone, add a dry shimmer. It can be purchased in small boxes from a company in an online store. Or use one of the ten gels of the Cabaret collection - very shiny business-class glitter shades.

Common designs

“Vanilla treat” is another interesting collection consisting of forty flowers. All of them are inspired by sweet desserts. Here you can find the most “delicious” shades of raspberry, strawberry, pistachio, mint and blueberry ice-cream. The company "Formula Profi", according to reviews, produced gel varnishes of this series to create designs in pastel colors. Therefore, along with creme brulee, it has grayish tones. They are ideally combined with the skin of the hands and shade pink.

Masters love to make “knitted nails” with these gel polishes. On the palette, the selected color is mixed with acrylic powder and applied with an orange stick, imitating a knitting pattern. If you sprinkle the surface of the nail with velor powder, you get an imitation of a mohair sweater. In the summer, delicate rainbow streamers and a pattern of "crochets" with colored balls are relevant.

formula prof product reviews

"Red collection" consists of forty shades of red. Hues range from a calm pink to dark cherry, almost black. There are cold and warm shades, pastel and bright colors, provocative bloody, brick, burgundy, wine shades of Malaga and Burgundy. Designs use several gels from the Red Collection to create a gradient or highlight accent nails with a different color.

Base "Formula Profi" and "Profi"

I must say that the company "Formula Profi", working since 2007, is constantly evolving. One gel is being replaced by another. Slow-moving colors first go on sale, and then disappear from the shelves of the warehouse, as their production ceases. The same can be said about the first phase of the gel polish system - the base gel. Why is this happening?

In the application of gel varnishes, the era of ice gels has begun, which polymerize under an ice lamp. Now drying one layer takes thirty seconds instead of two minutes. Those products that were produced for polymerization under ultraviolet rays, left the arena. They can still be seen in small professional shops, but are no longer in the company directory.

Two types of base

Do not confuse gel polishes and modeling gels. Often, the bottles differ only a few words on the label. Polymerizing a large volume of material is not yet under the power of LED lamps. Therefore, along with the latest innovations, the company catalog also contains good old UV gels that will not dry under ice-radiation. Some, having mixed up the base for building with the base for Formula Profi gel polish, then leave unflattering reviews. For gel polish there is a new rubber base, similar in characteristics to the famous “Cody”. It is now used by masters. In addition, it can be applied as a rubber top.


Positive feedback on Formula Prof products is left by professionals and those women whose nail plates allow you to wear any gels. In order to find your way with the company “Formula Profi”, you need training. It's completely free, technology instructors teach at online seminars that are available to everyone.

Many negative reviews are caused by misunderstanding. Unlike well-known foreign brands, domestic gel polish is still developing. This entails a constant change in the product catalog. Applying each coating should be given due attention: there are nuances, neglect of which will negate the result.


Technologists of the company constantly conduct master classes, participate in professional exhibitions and are always online. For masters, this is just a godsend. It may be difficult for beginners to work on this brand due to the many features of products that are constantly changing.

Nevertheless, careful adherence to technology guarantees an excellent result.


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