Satellite receiver Skyway Nano 3 (reviews)

The Skaway Nano 3 satellite receiver is the brainchild of a joint production of a Korean company FORTIS Inc and Russian Skyway RUSSIA. The Nano 3 model supports modern HDTV and outdated digital SD format. The device is a supercompact one-tuner receiver of a budget class, however, in its functionality and capabilities, it is practically in no way inferior to its analogs - Classic 4 and Droid.

Receiver design

The configuration and appearance of Skyway Nano 3 almost completely repeat the previous model of Nano 2. The only exception is that the Nano 3 receiver is not equipped with a USB hub. It simply is not necessary due to the presence of three separate USB-inputs.

On the front panel of the Skyway Nano 3 receiver is a digital display and controls: buttons for turning on the equipment and scrolling through channels. On the rear panel there is a card reader, an LNB IN antenna input, supporting CI modules + CI slot, HDMI, LAN, COM port, three USB ports, RCA outputs, optical SPDIF and outputs through which a power supply unit and an IR sensor extension are connected.

skyway nano 3

Receiver processor

Like the other two models in the lineup, Skyway Nano 3 is based on the new STiH237 Cardiff high-performance processor, which has minimal power consumption, low heat dissipation and wide multimedia capabilities. The receiver is equipped with high-speed DDR3 random access memory of increased volume, so that its speed is increased several times in comparison with similar devices of other brands and models.


Three high-speed USB 2.0 ports let you connect any media to your Skyway Nano 3 receiver. Support for additional equipment and devices is via USB ports: for example, connecting a Wi-Fi adapter makes it possible to access the Internet without laying a network cable. Surfing in the global network is greatly accelerated and simplified when you connect a mouse.

The connection via the Ethernet port allows you to turn on the Skyway Nano 3 receiver in your home LAN and exchange files between devices. The powerful processor of the new model provides high speed data exchange. The LAN port allows you to not only connect to the Internet, but also perform Skyway Nano 3 firmware: an integrated Internet browser provides the ability to quickly search the Internet network without accessing a personal computer. Syncing with the YouTube service allows you to view video files on a TV.

skyway nano 3 receiver

Distinctive features of Skyway Nano 3 receiver

The Nano 3 model can rightfully be considered a unique device on the market for such satellite electrical equipment due to its features that distinguish it from its analogues:

  1. The power supply unit of the receiver is moved outside the case and is designed as a 12V adapter. The convenience of such a solution is obvious. In case of breakdowns, the power supply can be bought at any electronics and home appliance store without resorting to repairing or replacing the receiver itself. An additional advantage is a decrease in the heating of the device and a decrease in the probability of its failure in the event of power surges.
  2. The ability to place the receiver anywhere in the room due to a special extension cord that comes with the remote control. The signal from the remote control will pass through any obstacles, including furniture.
  3. A special holder is supplied with the Nano 3 receiver, thanks to which the device can be attached to the back of the TV.

Flexible configuration of Skyway Nano 3 sharing and software created on the basis of the Linux operating system provides ample opportunities not only for users, but also for programmers who can create a variety of plug-ins for managing and activating hidden device capabilities.

satellite receiver skyway nano 3

Key Skyway Nano Specifications

  • Multimedia processor STiH237 Cardiff.
  • 1.4a version of the HDMI output.
  • Support for CI + Conditional Access Module.
  • Linux ensures the receiver is compatible with most devices.
  • Support for the popular Internet service YouTube.
  • Built-in internet browser.
  • Vesa Mount allows you to install the receiver on the back of the TV.
  • Time Shift Function.
  • Universal card reader.
  • USB 2.0 ports
  • Reading files of various formats.
  • Convenience and simplicity of the user menu.
  • Multi-satellite search and smart blind search for HD and SD channels.

skyway nano 3 firmware

Receiver Options

  • Skyway Nano 3 Receiver.
  • HDMI cable
  • RCA cable.
  • Remote control.
  • Infrared receiver.
  • Two batteries for the remote control.
  • Special fasteners for the TV.
  • Russian-language instruction manual for the receiver.

Skyway Light 2 Receiver

The Light 2 model among all receivers of the Skyway HDTV line is the youngest and is a compact single-tuner device of a budget category. In its functionality and additional features, it is practically in no way inferior to Skyway Nano 3 and Classic 4.

The main difference of this model is a half-reduced memory (compared to other Skyway receivers). The power of a similar STiH237 Cardiff processor is enough for file sharing.

skyway nano 3 sharing setting

Skyway Classic 4

The Classic 4 model, like both the previous ones (Nano 3 and Light 2), is equipped with a high-performance STiH237 Cardiff processor with wide multimedia capabilities, which were noted by users in reviews of the Skyway Nano 3 receiver. The standard RAM capacity is 512 mb, so the device can process files at high speed.

The Ethernet port allows you to connect the Classic 4 receiver to a local network and exchange files between devices. Opening and sharing files is performed at high speed thanks to a powerful processor.

Separately, it is worth noting the support function of CAM-modules equipped with a CI + interface. Given the requirements made by content owners and television channels to operators and affecting the protection of multimedia products from interception and pirated use, it is not surprising that providers began to impose restrictions on the installation and operation of familiar and convenient CAM modules. The new CI + modules allow you to create a secure channel between the digital TV receiver and the CAM decryption module, which is encrypted using special certificates. In fact, on the receivers of the Skyway HDTV line, you can watch all the TV channels by first installing the necessary CAM-module with a card.

skyway nano 3 receiver reviews

Such receiver models that support the innovative CI + interface open up wider perspectives for users (compared to the expensive and famous Enigma2 receivers, which, unfortunately, do not have the CI + support function).

The combination of a powerful processor, support for the unique CI + interface, a modern media player and a wide range of possibilities for programmers make the Skyway Nano 3 satellite receiver one of the most multifunctional, interesting and popular devices for satellite TV lovers. The affordable cost of the device, which is 6,500 rubles, allows you to purchase a fast, powerful and reliable device. The manufacturer guarantees long-term operation of the receiver and the minimum risk of breakdowns.

In reviews of the new receiver model, consumers write about its improved qualities - higher speed, the possibility of placement in a convenient location, high-speed OP. It is also noted that the price is quite affordable.


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