Mail services and step-by-step instructions for setting - Outlook

The epistolary method of communicating over the years from a paper form has turned into an electronic one. On the Internet, there are 200 email services through which users communicate and send data via e-mail. Each online mailer has its own structure and individual interface, but along with this, programs have been developed that work with mail without a browser. The question is how to create an external email address in a computer program. setup example - Outlook will help to answer it.

Local email client

On the Internet, computer programmers offer users a choice of software that acts as an electronic client. Each local mailer has an individual interface and useful features. But is it worth it to load a computer with programs if mail services are available for browser use? Yes! Proof of this is Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook Express customers. Setting up mail in Outlook itself usually does not take much time for users.

A person usually has two or three email addresses that he regularly uses, but these accounts are registered on separate online services. Of course, it is allowed to operate with one mailer, setting up personal mailboxes on it. But in this case, an external service does not guarantee that a letter with a foreign domain name will be sent correctly.

The "Outlook" interface is created for users regardless of the level of computer skills, therefore, setting up an online resource is considered on it. An example of an external service will be the online mailer

What you need to configure - Outlook

Before proceeding directly to work, it is worth checking:

  1. Account registered on the site
  2. The installed Outlook program.

If previously there is an MS Office package, the mailer can be found among the list of standard software. Outlook 2013 or Outlook Express can be downloaded as a separate component

Configure mail in Outlook 2013

  1. We launch the Microsoft Outlook 2013 program, we agree to the terms of the account.
    mail ru outlook settings
  2. In the account indicate:
  • the name displayed by the recipients;
  • email address registered on;
  • mail password.
    mail ru outlook settings

3. Select a connection protocol.

mail ru outlook settings

4. Specify user settings and server information.

mail ru outlook settings
mail ru outlook settings

It is worth considering that for IMAP the incoming mail server is; for POP3 -

Next, you need to configure additional parameters.

mail ru outlook settings
mail ru outlook settings
mail ru outlook settings
mail ru outlook settings

mail ru setup in outlook

Instructions for configuring Outlook Express -

1. In the “Service” tab, go to “Accounts”.

outlook express mail ru

2. Button "Add", then "Mail":

  • Enter the name displayed in the letters from the recipients;
  • email address registered on
    outlook express mail ru
    outlook express mail ru

3. The data for the outgoing and incoming servers are indicated:

  • IMAP or POP3 protocol is selected;
  • the incoming mail server is indicated: - for IMAP; - for POP3;
  • outgoing mail server for two protocols -
    outlook express mail ru

4. Next, the name of the mailbox @ (, and others) is indicated. The password corresponding to the account is entered.

outlook mail account setup ru

5. When the setup of the Outlook - account is completed, you need to open the "Properties" of this account.

outlook mail account setup ru
outlook mail account setup ru

6. In the “Advanced” tab, enter the ports for receiving and sending letters.

outlook mail account setup ru

7. We allow downloading folders from the specified servers.

outlook mail account setup ru

8. The account is configured.

What nuances are worth paying attention to

When configuring - Outlook, you may encounter problems that can be easily fixed. The main thing is to observe some rules:

1. The account is indicated by its full name with the inclusion of the “dog” icon and domain (

2. The username that the recipient of the mail in the line “From:” may be different, this is not necessarily the name and surname of the sender.

3. Carefully check the input ports of the incoming / outgoing server.

4. For the information received by the local mail client to be copied to an external resource, uncheck "Delete a copy from the server ...".

By installing the local Outlook mail and configuring - Outlook, the user will be able to receive and send messages, as well as a number of additional functions.

1. It will become easier to manage the account of an external mailer.

2. Message filtering is set by individual sender; on the subject of the letter; single word or subject line.

3. Archiving messages and further processing is much faster.

4. The contents of the folders are sorted according to preference.

5. Creating mailing lists will be easier.

6. A local mailer will help organize and plan a working day thanks to the calendar. This function allows the user to create a schedule and set reminders.

7. Outlook Address Book can be synchronized with mobile operating systems by transferring contacts to or from the phone. In addition, in the address book, business cards are created for each participant with information about the location, company, phone number and other things.

8. Outluk messaging system allows sending and receiving voice mail.


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