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Strengthener for nails is necessary not only for those who grow their natural, but also builds up. After all, their condition is gradually deteriorating due to household chores, stress, malnutrition. But for the built-up, such a tool is simply necessary, since under the dense structure its own nail plate does not breathe, and therefore does not receive the necessary substances. To make the nails healthy and attractive, consider the advantages and disadvantages of two popular in the domestic market remedies for their strengthening.

Horsepower nail polish strengthener

A popular product that has won the trust of customers due to its efficiency and natural composition. The volume of each bottle of funds of this cosmetic line is 17 ml, so that the cost-effectiveness of the product can be added to the number of pluses. When applied, the product not only thickens the nail plate, but also protects it from breaking and delamination.

β€œ Horsepower” (nail fortifier) ​​has the only drawback: the lack of colored coatings, which could not only benefit the general condition of the nails, but also participate in the creation of fashionable designs.

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Mega Strengthener

One name of the tool indicates that it is able to restore even the thinnest and weakened nails under the influence of harmful procedures. When developing the product, the specialists used the following useful components:

  • diamond chips used for coating. Thanks to this component, the nail plate is covered with a strong film and becomes more resistant to various kinds of damage;
  • vitamin complex - accelerates plate regeneration, heals and enhances metabolism;
  • potassium. Needless to say, how necessary is this component for the growth and strength of nails.

Apply nail hardener to dry and clean nails as a base under colored varnish.

smart enamel nail polish reviews


Almost an analogue of the previous means of action, only more active. With regular use, even the smallest cracks and exfoliated zones are restored. It is not worth using as a base for varnish, since the main task of the product is to urgently restore the damaged nail plate. It is also undesirable to mix resuscitator-reinforcer for nails with other cosmetics. This may reduce its beneficial effects.

The Strength Nail Strengthener (as it is popularly called) is based on the following components:

  • chitosan made from crab shells. It fully protects the stratum corneum from negative external influences;
  • Vitamin F is an active ingredient that nourishes and moisturizes nails. Gives them a healthy look and significantly accelerates their growth.

Ultra enamel

The product was developed specifically to give strength and thickness to the nail plate. The composition is based on unusual components:

  • pearl protein - gives shine, healthy shine and protects from UV rays;
  • silicon - its task is to make the plate durable.

A nail hardener is applied, both in pure form and as a base for varnish. However, in both cases, the surface of the plate should be clean and dry.

nail hardener reviews

Smart Enamel

American brand of cosmetic products designed for nail care. There are a lot of analogues of this company, but the most popular in the domestic market is French. The choice is so great that even the most demanding woman can choose the best option for herself. Let's take a closer look at the features of the tools.

Product benefits

"Smart enamel" is a nail hardener, reviews of which are increasingly found on thematic forums. The popularity of the product lies in the natural ingredients that make up the product: calcium and a complex of vitamins that prevent the separation of the plate and protect them from negative influences from the outside.

Features of cosmetics "Smart Enamel":

  • saturation with vitamins;
  • while the nails are covered with the product, they remain stronger and thicker;
  • irregular in use;
  • successfully used as a fixer for varnish;
  • protect against burnout of the coating and the negative effects of detergents;
  • evens out irregularities in the nail plate (waviness).

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The use of varieties of funds

Before applying the product, it is advisable to steam the handles in a soapy, warm bath. Carefully remove or move the cuticle, grease the cotton pad with solvent and carefully walk it over the surface of the nail plate. This procedure will cleanse and degrease the nail well, which will ultimately allow any product to absorb well.

The purpose of the hardener is to heal damaged areas. Therefore, the composition is based not only on a transparent basis, but also the number of components includes proteins, vitamins B5 and A.

The latest ingredients make the nail plate beautiful, smooth and strong. Due to this, they acquire elasticity, and after some time accelerated growth begins.

Strengthener Nail Strength

Strengthener from the American brand "Smart Enamel" is selected for each type of nail. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before use.

Complementary Smart Enamel Nail Care Products

If your nails crumble, peel and break, then another popular remedy from the American brand will come to the rescue - a reducing agent. It contains alpha-fruit acid and natural vitamin A. Regular use of the reducing agent makes cracked nails shiny, strong and, most importantly, elastic. Usually it is applied to a dry plate with an even and thin layer.

Another tool that will make your nails healthy and beautiful is Smart 3-in-1 Enamel. The product is used to prevent drying out, cracks, exposure to harmful components of detergents and to prevent the most common nail disease - fungus. The composition of the product includes vitamin B5, corn oil and saturated ginseng extract.

horsepower nail fortifier

For instant smoothing of roughnesses and irregularities, a diamond enamel base is ideal, which should be applied with an even and thin layer. There are no restrictions on use, so you can apply it whenever you want, and in a pure form, that is, without an additional layer of varnish.

The last female assistant in the fight for beautiful nails is a gel with a thickening effect. It contains collagen (has a positive effect on horn tissue), calcium and B vitamins.

Smart Enamel (Nail Strengthener): Customer Reviews

Like any product, Smart Enamel has its minuses and pluses. What is the main advantage of nail polish strengthening? Customer reviews say that in just 2 weeks of regular use, the surface of the plate has noticeably changed. Nails have become more elastic, flexible, strong and shiny.

In addition, their growth accelerated. The advantage pleased the girls whose nails were not fast growing. The advantages of "Smart Enamel" can also be considered budget and affordability. You can buy the funds of this brand in any pharmacy.

The only drawback was a quick thickening of the consistency. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the product accurately and quickly.

Summing up, it should be noted that the products of both brands are high-quality and efficient.

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