Ideas for design "Broken glass" on the nails (photo)

You can emphasize your individuality with the help of a beautiful and high-quality manicure. For this, many representatives of the weaker sex use various techniques for applying varnish and all kinds of its shades. Recently, interest in a very unusual manicure has increased. Increasingly, you can see the “Broken glass” on the nails. It looks impressive and original. It is worth noting that this style came to us from South Korea. Girls of this country used pieces of foil for modeling. And so a completely new nail design appeared - Broken Glass.

broken glass on nails

Design idea

“Broken glass” is a completely new direction in decorative nail modeling, which appeared relatively recently, but has already won many fans around the world. This can be explained by the originality and extraordinary nature of such a manicure.

When it is performed, stylization of the nail plates for pieces of broken glass is carried out. This effect is achieved by applying holographic fragments of special cellophane or foil. Such material is available not only in various types, but also in shades. This allows you to create a bold but beautiful manicure.

broken glass on nails how to do

Manicure Features

Broken glass on nails can be done in several ways. It is worth considering that the desired effect is achieved due to the refraction of the light reflected from such a manicure. The material allows you to create a bold, but at the same time unique nail design. Light refraction occurs due to a combination of material. Cellophane or foil can be applied to the entire area of ​​the nail plate, or use only its pieces to place accents that only emphasize the stylistic decision.

Design benefits

“Broken glass” on the nails looks spectacular. Such a manicure allows you to emphasize the individuality of any woman. The main advantage of this design is that there are no restrictions when applying the pattern. If desired, nails can be coated only with transparent varnish, without using colored substrates. Such a manicure looks impressive, but not defiant, but unobtrusive and easy.

A large selection of material allows you to experiment not only with forms, but also with shades of source codes. In this case, you can play in contrast, or perform all in one tone. “Broken glass” on nails of dark shades looks good. Shards of orange or red color on white-painted plates will look no less spectacular.

nail design broken glass photo

What is needed for such a manicure

Broken glass on nails can be recreated at home. This technique is quite young. However, there are many materials that greatly facilitate the process of coating the nail plates. The following tools will be required to work:

  1. A transparent base or varnish of any shade, which will become the base tone. It is on him that the pattern will be superimposed.
  2. Foil. It must be finely chopped. To make “broken glass” on the nails, the photo of which is presented above, you should use gold or gray material. Holographic polyethylene can also be used.
  3. Transparent varnish, which is required to create the finish layer.
  4. Tweezers or a thin brush.

What material to choose

Film or foil should be prepared in advance. The material must be carefully cut into slices of different sizes. It is best to cling to cellophane or foil with a thin brush or tweezers. The main thing is to choose the right shade. For work, you can use dry mica. Its shade should match the base. If the varnish or gel is green, then the mica should be emerald.

As for transparent polyethylene, it will look beneficial on a dark or black background. However, to create a broken glass nail design, whose photo is impressive, it is possible on a light basis.

broken glass on nails photo

Nail preparation

Before starting work, carefully prepare the nail plates. Manicure should be neat. And this is difficult to achieve if the nails are groomed and messy filed. To begin with, it's worth figuring out the cuticle. After this, the nails should be filed, giving them the same shape. In other words, it is necessary to do everything that you do by conducting a daily procedure of hygienic manicure.

“Broken glass” on nails: how to do?

When all the materials are prepared, you can begin to create an original manicure. First of all, a base coat should be applied. To do this, you can use clear varnish or color. The background should be uniform. The basis should lay down in a thin layer.

Until the base on the nail plate has dried up, it is necessary to lay out pieces of foil or holographic cellophane in a chaotic order using ordinary tweezers. This will create a more natural manicure and achieve the proper effect. Pieces of material can be both large and small. The most important thing is their erratic placement. After application, the elements can be gently pressed down so that they lock in place.

In conclusion, the nail plates must be coated with a transparent varnish. It will allow you to create a protective film that will not allow decorative fragments to fall off.

broken glass nail design

How to make a manicure with gel polish

To make “Broken glass” on the nails, it is necessary to remove the upper gloss with a buff, and then clean with a napkin, which has a degreasing effect, and apply a primer. Now you can apply the base coat and dry in the lamp, while the end of the nail must be sealed.

After that, you need to overlay the background. To do this, you can use color gel. It will take several layers. That will be quite enough. Now a thin layer of topcoat should be applied. It does not need to be dried. It is on it that cellophane or foil is attached. Pieces of material should be slightly buried in the gel. The edges of the cellophane should not protrude beyond the nail plate. Otherwise, the manicure will not last long, and it will look messy. If desired, you can lay out the original pattern.

In conclusion, it is necessary to apply another layer of top coat, and then dry everything in the lamp. Extraordinary manicure is ready.


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