Chariot of the Tarot: the meaning and interpretation of the card. Tarot hands

There are symbols that can signify changes in life. But there are signs that indicate that this is all waiting for you in the very near future. And one of these signs can be seen in the deck of Tarot cards. It's about Arkan called a chariot. What is this symbol?

What to expect from the Chariot?

tarot chariot

You decided to do fortune telling and you fell Chariot? Tarot pushes this card from the position of a significant leap forward. Shows that you can get rid of old interests or have already done so. A new path awaits you. The desire for freedom, the search for new hobbies, self-confidence, and ambition will act as engines for moving forward. In other situations, the Tarot Chariot speaks of farewell to old fears, with heaviness in the soul. Here and the desire to be successful, and perseverance with courage, and the desire to use their own forces, without fear of risk. However, you should know that you do not need to show excessive self-confidence. There should be no dizziness from success. The Tarot Chariot is the only card that can combine a breakthrough with joy, confidence.

Success in work

The card can demonstrate to you that a significant step forward is needed. And he may be the only one on the path to independence that you needed. The card says that your desire for success can be crowned positively. You just need to show persistence, courage, readiness for action and risk. The Tarot Chariot symbolizes the confidence with which you will embark on a new path of your life. Accordingly, new major tasks and responsibilities will appear. However, overestimating, abusing one's own resources is not recommended.

Will consciousness change?

tarot card chariot

The Tarot Chariot card indicates that consciousness will be renewed. But, regardless of the fact that it will become new, its power will not be low. You will free yourself from other people's opinions and ideas, start building your own pictures of the world, and boldly take on the most difficult tasks. However, it is necessary to overcome the internal contradictions that will necessarily arise between the emotional state and the mind, between will and attraction, between imagination and reality.

Changes in personal life

What is the Tarot Chariot talking about? There may also be changes in the relationship. You will find an impulsive jerk "to freedom", getting rid of old interests. Perhaps a new union will help relieve fatigue with a routine that has accumulated. In any situation, be prepared for new experiences and emotional manifestations.

What else can the card talk about?

What else do you need to know if the Tarot Chariot has fallen? The combination of this card with others may also indicate that you are able to master new levels of your skill. But for this you will have to show education, discipline and organization. Without responsibility, success will also fail. In some cases, a card may have special meaning. In modern life, it can mean a car. If you are going to purchase it, the card will approve this desire. The chariot is also able to predict the journey that you simply need to take. Interpretations will fully depend on certain life circumstances.

Inverted card

inverted tarot chariot

What does an inverted chariot mean? The tarot in this case interprets this card differently. Everything will depend on the situation. In some cases, such a card means that you donโ€™t have to strain too much, you need rest. You can get an advantage if you move with the flow, entrust your life to fate. An inverted card can also indicate a refund. You may need to go back to something by changing direction. Also, the card may say that energy carries you in the completely wrong direction. It is necessary to leave the crew.

In addition to the Chariot, you can meet other hands during divination on the Tarot cards. There can be a lot of them. It should be briefly listed so that there is an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what they mean by themselves.

What future awaits?

Tarot hands

There are tarot cards that can tell the future. They are as follows:

  1. Three cards. This layout is suitable in order to find out about any situation for the future.
  2. Small cross. This layout is able to provide answers to any questions. It is characterized by simplicity. It can even be made using a mixed deck.
  3. The jester. Similar arrangements of the Tarot will help determine at what stage of development a particular area of โ€‹โ€‹life is located. It is characterized by simplicity.
  4. Zodiac circle. This alignment is astrological. Most convenient for beginners.
  5. Identification of opportunities. It will help you make a choice, find prospects for future discoveries, breakthroughs.

Analysis of the situation

  1. Celtic cross. This layout will help answer a specifically formulated question. You can use it to read the future. However, the best result will be obtained if you need to clarify any situation.
  2. Way. This layout will tell you what behavior to choose in a particular situation. He predicts the event.
  3. The confrontation. Using this scenario, you can figure out what is going on in life not as we would like.

Relationship and love

tarot chariot combination

  1. The oracle of love. This layout will help to understand whether the feelings are responsive.
  2. Relationship With the help of this alignment, it is possible to reveal the relationships that arise between people in different fields of activity.
  3. Wedding arrangement will help to understand the seriousness of the relationship. It should be used if it was decided on a wedding or cohabitation.
  4. The alignment on a transparent Tarot is able to show the prospect of improving relations. It is interesting in that during the analysis it can be viewed from different angles, while combining Arcana.


  1. Health status. With this arrangement, you will learn about your physical and spiritual condition.
  2. Inner space. This alignment will help determine fears. They may be unconscious or conscious.
  3. Destination The authorโ€™s alignment, which will help determine what you want from this life, what you need to strive for and what you should achieve. With it, you can understand if you have any purpose or not.

What are the nuances you need to know?

If you decide to make a deal using Tarot cards, then remember one simple thing: to get an answer, you need to completely relax. Thoughts should be devoted only to the issue that torments you. The remaining thoughts must be released. Do not look forward to the result. It is not recommended to think about which Arcana will fall.

Before the situation, it is worth writing down your question, taking the deck and, mixing the Arcana, present the situation for which a solution needs to be found. Remember all the nuances, say the question out loud or to yourself. After that, release all thoughts and extend the Arcana for alignment.

tarot chariot in a relationship


This review described the meaning of the Tarot Chariot. Some popular layouts have also been described that will help answer a variety of questions. You can find the answers only if you approach the process carefully, avoiding unnecessary thoughts. Otherwise, the layouts may not say anything.


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