Nail design "sweater". How to create a stylish knitted manicure?

The newest trend for manicure in the style of patterns is the design of the sweater nails. With the onset of cold weather, girls put on cozy and warm sweaters, sweaters and vests. Many people want to complement the image, make it more harmonious and stylish. A winter knitted manicure is perfect for this .

nail design sweater


Knitted manicure is the application of a volumetric pattern in the form of knitted patterns on the nails. It looks especially attractive on short nails. Not all women, for various reasons, can afford to grow their nails. And most modern manicure techniques are designed specifically for them.

For knitted nails, delicate pastel tones are usually taken, which harmoniously complement the female image with lace and viscous.

Nail design "sweater" has the following features:

  • It is better to perform a sweater ornament on a plain background.
  • The color scheme of the coating should be similar to the tone of the nail itself.
  • For applying a knitted ornament, you can use not only gel polish, but also ordinary varnishes.
  • To make the picture look more impressive, it is covered with velvet sand or acrylic powder on top.
  • Knitted nail coating can be supplemented with rhinestones, sequins, spikes.

Knitted manicure with shellac

To simulate a sweater, it is better to take one color of gel polish. Such a voluminous manicure looks great in pale pink, blue, beige or white. You can use two or three colors.

voluminous manicure

Application Technique:

  • First, prepare the surface of the nail, remove the gloss and degrease the nail plate. After such manipulations, the surface of the nail will become smooth, the gel polish will lie on it well.
  • A shellac base layer is applied to the nail and dried under a lamp. Then you need to apply a second coat and also dry. The second layer needs to be dried more thoroughly, otherwise the ornament may β€œfloat”.
  • The next step is to choose a pattern. The simplest and most stylish option is a pigtail.
  • The knitted pattern is applied with a thin brush, and then dried well.
  • The nail is coated with a shellac topcoat. This will give the manicure a gloss. You can use a matte finish, it will give the pattern a "natural". The effect will be as if the pattern was knitted from woolen threads. The marigolds will have a spectacular and elegant look if, when creating a knitted manicure, sprinkle ornaments with velvet sand.

Knitted manicure with simple varnish.

Nail design "sweater" can very easily be done with ordinary varnish. To do this, you need to prepare two or three shades of varnish (preferably similar in color), velvet powder or glitter "snowball".

How to make winter manicure varnish:

  • First you need to cover the nails with a base foundation, this will help make them more even.
  • Then, different shades of varnishes are applied to the nails (you can apply them in two layers).
  • The next step is to take a thin brush and, choosing the tone of the varnish in accordance with the background, draw patterns. To make a voluminous manicure, you need to select dried varnishes for the picture.
  • Until the coating has time to dry, you can sprinkle it with velvet sand.
  • Now the varnish should dry to the end, in the case of ordinary varnish, you will need to wait longer.

winter manicure with varnish

The easiest way to create a knitted manicure with a regular varnish is to apply a pattern with a varnish of a different color.

Possible patterns

Of course, you can easily find many patterns for knitted manicure on the Internet without any problems. Creative personalities or girls who want to have a creative manicure can fantasize and come up with their unusual knitted patterns.

You can look at things from your winter wardrobe and simply duplicate your favorite ornaments on your nails. It can be pigtails (double or triple), checkers, rhombuses, wavy or just vertical lines, strokes, dots, etc. The main thing is not to be afraid and turn on the imagination.

Tips for creating a knitted manicure

Perhaps creating a sweater nail design yourself for the first time will be a little difficult. But you should not despair, as in the future the technique will improve, and the result will only improve.

knitted manicure is

This will help small tricks that need to be adopted:

  • If all nails are covered with a multi-colored base, then the pattern is best applied with light varnish.
  • You can make a gradient using several shades, and then apply a pattern to it.
  • For drawing a picture, sometimes not only acrylic but also acrylic powder is chosen . She looks very impressive.

These tips will help you create a knitted manicure yourself. The main thing is not to be afraid, turn on imagination and not be afraid to experiment.


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